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Links are being built that will map an individual's burial information to a Cemetery file.  Also, I now have the capability to "hotlink" from an individual record to the "Find-a-Grave" memorial record for that individual.  Users are encouraged to send me links to the FAG memorials for their family members, as well as images of headstones.


 Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
William G. Amburgey family
William G. Amburgey family
Amburgey, William G.
Amburgey, Susannah Boggs
Phebe Jane Huff (aka Amburgey) 1860-1938
Abel Amburgey 1867-1930
Silas Amburgey 1869-1941
Henry Amburgey 1874-1917
Jesse Amburgey 1876-1876
Rachel Amburgey 1878-1957
Jasper Amburgey 1881-1973 
  2 Jan 2023
Joseph Thomas Stidham family
Joseph Thomas Stidham family
Mary Elizabeth Hensley Stidham
Wade Stidham 1893-1968
Oliver Stidham 1895-1967
Arlin Stidham 1898-1972
William Morris Stidham 1904-1962
Worley Stidham 1909-1981 
  2 Jan 2023


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Location   Last Modified 
Wampler, Ida 
b. Abt 1926  Scott, Virginia, United States  16 Jan 2023
Wampler, George Beecher 
b. 9 May 1924  Scott, Virginia, United States  16 Jan 2023
Hodges, Henry H. 
b. 10 Jan 1795  Virginia, United States  16 Jan 2023
Morris, Bertha 
b. 15 Aug 1896  Jackson, Kentucky, United States  12 Jan 2023
Collins, Ronald Reed 
b. 12 Oct 1925  Tillie, Letcher, Kentucky, United States  12 Jan 2023
Adkins, Fred A 
b. 2 Jan 1927  Floyd, Kentucky, United States  5 Jan 2023
Catherine Rosanna 
b. 1 Feb 1755  Guilford, North Carolina, British America  5 Jan 2023
Amburgey, William G. 
b. Mar 1835  Perry (Now Knott), Kentucky, United States  2 Jan 2023
Stidham, Worley 
b. 17 Jan 1909  Dorchester, Wise, Virginia, United States  2 Jan 2023
Stidham, William Morris 
b. 30 Jun 1904  Glamorgan, Wise, Virginia, United States  2 Jan 2023

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I236761  Stidham, Joseph Thomas  I272122  Hensley, Mary Elizabeth  16 Jun 1892  2 Jan 2023
     I379956  Harriet    1 Jan 2023
     I321678  *Unknown, Elizabeth    1 Jan 2023
     I384381  Adams, Tempa    1 Jan 2023
     I360360  Akard, Nancy    1 Jan 2023
     I20442  Akers, Sarah Jane    1 Jan 2023
     I337603  Alfred, Matilda    1 Jan 2023
     I355076  Allen, Polly    1 Jan 2023
     I365335  Anderson, Martha    1 Jan 2023
     I331498  Armistead, Sarah    1 Jan 2023