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Report: Report of Vietnam War Service

         Description: Veterans of the Vietnam War in U.S. military forces.

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# Person ID Full Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Military Military: Date
1 I287604  Adams, PFC Emmitt Colon  21 Sep 1942  Letcher, Kentucky, United States   20 Feb 1966  Bình Định, Vietnam   as a PFC, 13th Sig. Bn., 1st Cav. Division, U.S. Army, Vietnam War  1965–1966 
2 I355070  Allen, Sgt. Samuel R.  2 Jan 1935  Kentucky, United States   16 May 1967  Vietnam   as Sgt., Co. D, 5th Special Forces, Korean War and Vietnam War   
3 I8700  Ashley, Samuel  21 Sep 1951  Scioto, Ohio, United States   5 Jan 1970  Scioto, Ohio, United States   with the U. S. Army during the Vietnam War   
4 I1435  Blair, Jackie Rogers  20 Jun 1948  Fleming, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   Oct 2000    as a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War   
5 I307967  Caudill, Billy Frank  3 Jan 1947  Letcher, Kentucky, United States   24 Jul 2018  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States   in the U.S. Army, Vietnam War   
6 I257606  Caudill, James Dorsie  24 Aug 1917  Flemingsburg, Fleming, Kentucky, United States   20 Sep 2014  Poway, San Diego, California, United States   as a YNCM, U.S. Navy Reserve, World War II, Korea and Vietnam  From 1 Nov 1943 to 26 Apr 1953 
7 I351786  Caudill, Mack  18 Dec 1922  Letcher, Kentucky, United States   12 Feb 2001  Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, United States   as a PFC, U.S. Army in World War II and SFC, U.S. Army, Vietnam War   
8 I363955  Gibson, Stevie Ray  23 Apr 1948  Roxana, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   15 Mar 1967  Bình Thuận, Vietnam   as a PFC, Co. A, 7th Cav. Regt., 1st Cav. Div., U.S. Amy, Vietnam War   
9 I359432  Hall, Arlice Owen  29 Sep 1930  Kentucky, United States   15 Dec 1973  King George, Virginia, United States   as a Ssgt., U.S. Army, Korea and Vietnam   
10 I366458  Hampton, Larry Dwight  17 Jan 1949  Letcher, Kentucky, United States   11 Jun 2002    as an SP4, U.S. Army in the Vietnam Warr   
11 I108001  Harris, James E.  18 May 1938  Laurel, Kentucky, United States   23 Aug 1996  South Carolina, United States   in the U. S. Army as SFC in Korea and Vietnam   
12 I352430  Hatton, Sonny  10 Feb 1938  Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   14 Nov 2021  Findlay, Hancock, Ohio, United States   as a medic, U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
13 I72719  Johnson, Howard Ray  17 Jul 1942  Kentucky, United States   15 Oct 2013  Kentucky, United States   SP4, U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
14 I342748  Ott, Kenny Darrell  29 May 1945    30 Jun 2021  Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   in the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
15 I380335  Quillen, Donnie Wayne  11 Nov 1949  Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   28 Sep 2022  Fleming-Neon, Letcher, Kentucky, United States   inthe U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
16 I307234  Roberts, Arvid Edgil  16 Jan 1945  Pike, Kentucky, United States   29 Jul 2013    as a private, U.S, Army in the Vietnam War   
17 I107936  Rogers, Kenneth Richard Jr.  10 Jul 1947  Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States   6 Feb 2010  Washington Court House, Fayette, Ohio, United States   in the Atlantic Fleet during the Vietnam War era   
18 I345925  Sargent, Homer  11 Nov 1948  Brookside, Harlan, Kentucky, United States   30 Sep 2017  Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States   in the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
19 I298109  Spangler, Donald Ray  14 Jun 1943    14 Feb 2015    as a SP4, U.S. Army, in the Vietnam War   
20 I298098  Spangler, Johnny C.  22 Jun 1947    4 Feb 1986    as a corporal, U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
21 I355828  Spencer, Billy Grant  16 Feb 1948  Perry, Kentucky, United States   29 Apr 1971  Montgomery, Hamilton, Ohio, United States   as a private, U.S. Army in the Vietnam War   
22 I283927  Steele, Raymond Boyd  10 Mar 1926  Virginia, United States   31 Mar 1972  Falls Church, Fairfax, Virginia, United States   a Lt. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam   
23 I121977  Taylor, C. S. M. Ben B.  20 Jun 1928  Letcher, Kentucky, United States   12 Dec 2007    as a Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army Airborne Corps, serving in Korea and Vietnam   
24 I73076  Vanover, Wiley Gerald  23 Mar 1943    13 Sep 2005  Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States   as a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army in Vietnam