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Tennessee, United States


[1796 - present]

Tennessee was established as a state in 1796.

Parish : Latitude: 35.7502806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lorena  1818Tennessee, United States I392645
2 Martha J.  Abt 1809Tennessee, United States I396040
3 Mary  1818Tennessee, United States I400358
4 Mary  1824Tennessee, United States I387360
5 Mary Jane  Jan 1861Tennessee, United States I374400
6 Nancy  Abt 1795Tennessee, United States I381748
7 *Unknown, Ada Margareta  18 May 1846Tennessee, United States I310547
8 *Unknown, Alice  1837Tennessee, United States I376947
9 *Unknown, Ann  1806Tennessee, United States I396047
10 *Unknown, Belinda  1809Tennessee, United States I393360
11 *Unknown, Catherine  1822Tennessee, United States I399057
12 *Unknown, Elizabeth  1800Tennessee, United States I362042
13 *Unknown, Elizabeth  1801Tennessee, United States I365010
14 *Unknown, Elizabeth  1803Tennessee, United States I321678
15 *Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt 1821Tennessee, United States I310800
16 *Unknown, Elmira  1835Tennessee, United States I392537
17 *Unknown, Esther  1818Tennessee, United States I359166
18 *Unknown, Kiziah  1790Tennessee, United States I358502
19 *Unknown, Louisa  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I358294
20 *Unknown, Lucy  1805Tennessee, United States I326256
21 *Unknown, Lucy  1886Tennessee, United States I118176
22 *Unknown, Mae  1903Tennessee, United States I391668
23 *Unknown, Malinda  1824Tennessee, United States I272144
24 *Unknown, Margaret Elizabeth  Abt 1807Tennessee, United States I359045
25 *Unknown, Martha  Jan 1872Tennessee, United States I270468
26 *Unknown, Mary  1805Tennessee, United States I241583
27 *Unknown, Mary  1819Tennessee, United States I395165
28 *Unknown, Mary Ann  1833Tennessee, United States I291215
29 *Unknown, Mary Tennessee  1860Tennessee, United States I289505
30 *Unknown, Nancy  1814Tennessee, United States I342258
31 *Unknown, Nancy Adeline  1850Tennessee, United States I340152
32 *Unknown, Polly  1795Tennessee, United States I359991
33 *Unknown, Polly  1814Tennessee, United States I396581
34 *Unknown, Rachael  1817Tennessee, United States I362914
35 *Unknown, Rachel  1808Tennessee, United States I310494
36 *Unknown, Rebecca  5 Jan 1792Tennessee, United States I360345
37 *Unknown, Rebecca  1822Tennessee, United States I379411
38 *Unknown, Sally  1811Tennessee, United States I360679
39 *Unknown, Sally  1841Tennessee, United States I281977
40 *Unknown, Sarah  1791Tennessee, United States I375500
41 *Unknown, Sarah  1831Tennessee, United States I360206
42 *Unknown, Sarah  1859Tennessee, United States I355286
43 *Unknown, Sarah B  1821Tennessee, United States I362705
44 *Unknown, Sophronia  1824Tennessee, United States I395716
45 *Unknown, Tabitha  1795Tennessee, United States I341580
46 Able, Doran Clyde  Abt 1912Tennessee, United States I309012
47 Ables, James  1864Tennessee, United States I115870
48 Ables, Margie Louise  9 Jun 1919Tennessee, United States I235699
49 Ables, Walter J.  13 Oct 1892Tennessee, United States I394246
50 Ables, William  1884Tennessee, United States I253693
51 Abner, Thomas L.  1806Tennessee, United States I235702
52 Abrams, James W.  11 Sep 1904Tennessee, United States I354997
53 Absher, Cornelia Francis  Dec 1870Tennessee, United States I314343
54 Absher, William  17 Jan 1888Tennessee, United States I291230
55 Adams, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Tennessee, United States I379308
56 Adams, John Washington  1805Tennessee, United States I250188
57 Adams, Mary Q  1828Tennessee, United States I290590
58 Adams, Rose  1911Tennessee, United States I384399
59 Adams, Susan  7 Sep 1841Tennessee, United States I86262
60 Adkins, Adeline  1829Tennessee, United States I339209
61 Adkins, Elijah B  1872Tennessee, United States I336148
62 Adkins, Fayette  1832Tennessee, United States I339210
63 Adkins, James Preston  1843Tennessee, United States I283242
64 Adkins, Jefferson  1844Tennessee, United States I318337
65 Adkins, John  1838Tennessee, United States I318338
66 Adkins, Lee Henderson  Abt 1862Tennessee, United States I356458
67 Adkins, Meredith  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States I236039
68 Adkins, Nancy Melvina  2 Oct 1872Tennessee, United States I303411
69 Adkins, Perlina  1842Tennessee, United States I318339
70 Adkins, Seth  1845Tennessee, United States I318340
71 Adkins, William Sterling  10 May 1868Tennessee, United States I380013
72 Agee, Alexander  1843Tennessee, United States I360814
73 Agee, Henry C.  24 May 1852Tennessee, United States I360551
74 Agee, John Wesley  1833Tennessee, United States I291071
75 Agee, Mary Ruth Lucy  20 Jan 1809Tennessee, United States I278566
76 Agee, Samuel Henry  13 Aug 1872Tennessee, United States I288429
77 Ager, Louise  26 May 1904Tennessee, United States I369799
78 Aiken, Orpha J  17 Sep 1887Tennessee, United States I360610
79 Aiken, William Arthur  5 Jul 1884Tennessee, United States I360611
80 Ailshie, Martha Ella  12 Feb 1863Tennessee, United States I292447
81 Akard, Adam  1807Tennessee, United States I360333
82 Akemon, Ellen  Sep 1879Tennessee, United States I309976
83 Akers, Nellie Marie  4 Jun 1925Tennessee, United States I311245
84 Akers, Walter  3 Mar 1900Tennessee, United States I355393
85 Akers, Zilpha Jane  1806Tennessee, United States I274930
86 Akins, Howard E  1918Tennessee, United States I285859
87 Akins, Lee A  1920Tennessee, United States I285861
88 Akins, Paul N  1922Tennessee, United States I285860
89 Akins, William  2 Feb 1837Tennessee, United States I360541
90 Akins, William J.  1890Tennessee, United States I285855
91 Alder, Peter  1788Tennessee, United States I357300
92 Aldridge, Ernest H. Jr.  2 Sep 1937Tennessee, United States I118174
93 Alexander, Clara  1887Tennessee, United States I392894
94 Alexander, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1893Tennessee, United States I274727
95 Alfred, Matilda  1836Tennessee, United States I337603
96 Alfred, Sarah  1827Tennessee, United States I373497
97 Allen, Emily Jane  Abt 3 Dec 1838Tennessee, United States I371705
98 Allen, James William  1 Sep 1897Tennessee, United States I355050
99 Allen, Marion Daniel  1 Aug 1870Tennessee, United States I313416
100 Allen, Nancy Louise  30 Apr 1820Tennessee, United States I246536
101 Almany, David D.  1855Tennessee, United States I385171
102 Almany, James Paul  1849Tennessee, United States I385172
103 Almany, Martha Margaret  1846Tennessee, United States I385166
104 Amos, Ruth Nell  1904Tennessee, United States I108799
105 Amos, Sarah  1820Tennessee, United States I285451
106 Amos, William Samuel  17 Mar 1876Tennessee, United States I354481
107 Amy, Lucinda  1800Tennessee, United States I282397
108 Amyx, George  2 Jul 1844Tennessee, United States I286320
109 Amyx, Sarah E.  25 Apr 1846Tennessee, United States I105556
110 Anderson, Almeda  1829Tennessee, United States I376679
111 Anderson, Catherine  15 Apr 1830Tennessee, United States I270594
112 Anderson, Clara Adeline  31 Aug 1877Tennessee, United States I354946
113 Anderson, Epperson George  25 Nov 1822Tennessee, United States I302068
114 Anderson, Lula  1909Tennessee, United States I373180
115 Anderson, Margaret  1792Tennessee, United States I343502
116 Anderson, Margaret Adaline  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States I398593
117 Anderson, Martha  Abt 1842Tennessee, United States I259962
118 Anderson, Martha Jane  8 Mar 1862Tennessee, United States I302063
119 Anderson, Mary Ann  Sep 1831Tennessee, United States I241459
120 Anderson, Mary Catherine  Jun 1843Tennessee, United States I291458
121 Anderson, Mary Martha  17 Jun 1853Tennessee, United States I313419
122 Anderson, Polly  1830Tennessee, United States I377468
123 Anderson, Suzanna  May 1850Tennessee, United States I376840
124 Anderson, William  1835Tennessee, United States I289803
125 Andes, Deborah  1808Tennessee, United States I335027
126 Angel, Gilbert Jackson  5 Jan 1880Tennessee, United States I334859
127 Armstrong, Willis Edgar  22 Oct 1867Tennessee, United States I249430
128 Arnold, Elizabeth  1837Tennessee, United States I307437
129 Arnold, Mary Lucinda "Polly"  16 Feb 1821Tennessee, United States I389021
130 Arnold, Stephen J.  15 Oct 1823Tennessee, United States I302166
131 Arrington, Mary Jane  22 Nov 1842Tennessee, United States I237361
132 Asberry, Elizabeth  Abt 1852Tennessee, United States I316616
133 Asbury, Crispin  1828Tennessee, United States I91820
134 Ashby, Lilburn  Abt 1862Tennessee, United States I321823
135 Asher, Dillon II  1797Tennessee, United States I119285
136 Ashlock, Carena  1837Tennessee, United States I375775
137 Baars, Atlas  11 Apr 1900Tennessee, United States I391414
138 Bagley, Enoch Maness  1816Tennessee, United States I270549
139 Bailey, George Washington  May 1833Tennessee, United States I325345
140 Bailey, John  1803Tennessee, United States I399168
141 Bailey, Mary  1842Tennessee, United States I397435
142 Baird, Elizabeth Tecumsah  1810Tennessee, United States I386309
143 Baker, George Washington  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States I6554
144 Baker, Joseph  1834Tennessee, United States I346490
145 Baker, Margaret E.  1906Tennessee, United States I309294
146 Baker, Martha A  1908Tennessee, United States I309293
147 Baker, Martha Elvira  May 1839Tennessee, United States I6555
148 Baker, Milam Jefferson  1902Tennessee, United States I309292
149 Baker, Milburn A  1898Tennessee, United States I287364
150 Baker, Nancy Caroline  25 Mar 1835Tennessee, United States I6553
151 Baker, Rebecca  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I32678
152 Baker, Sarah A  From 1818 to 1819Tennessee, United States I335833
153 Baker, William J.  1859Tennessee, United States I340480
154 Baldridge, Andrew Jackson  7 Apr 1844Tennessee, United States I301846
155 Baldwin, Clifford E  1900Tennessee, United States I365825
156 Baldwin, John William  5 Nov 1871Tennessee, United States I376270
157 Bales, Gilmore Morgan  27 Oct 1869Tennessee, United States I337481
158 Ball, Catharine  1820Tennessee, United States I362000
159 Ball, Clinton  1838Tennessee, United States I327639
160 Ball, Garfield  28 Jun 1900Tennessee, United States I345703
161 Ball, Glen  7 Aug 1929Tennessee, United States I20406
162 Ballard, Susan  1798Tennessee, United States I358365
163 Ballew, Della Mable  5 Oct 1889Tennessee, United States I274308
164 Ballew, George Frank  9 Jun 1894Tennessee, United States I337286
165 Banion, Margaret Jane  1829Tennessee, United States I327504
166 Banks, Ada Joan  15 Jul 1909Tennessee, United States I254465
167 Banks, Mary Elizabeth  30 Oct 1859Tennessee, United States I76069
168 Banks, William  1840Tennessee, United States I354058
169 Barber, Sarah Jane  Dec 1841Tennessee, United States I360905
170 Barlow, Helen  Mar 1872Tennessee, United States I340845
171 Barnes, Addie Mae  1920Tennessee, United States I351140
172 Barnes, Susannah Catherine  8 Jun 1824Tennessee, United States I362721
173 Barr, Margaret  1818Tennessee, United States I360519
174 Barr, Samuel M.  Oct 1844Tennessee, United States I360520
175 Barrett, Elizabeth  1797Tennessee, United States I359275
176 Barrett, John Campbell  24 Mar 1854Tennessee, United States I280548
177 Barrett, Lucretia  1834Tennessee, United States I359277
178 Barrett, Mary Ann  1845Tennessee, United States I301425
179 Bartee, James Madison  Feb 1837Tennessee, United States I327972
180 Bartee, Robert  1840Tennessee, United States I327973
181 Bartley, Jesse  1801Tennessee, United States I341831
182 Basham, Dorothy  1914Tennessee, United States I352956
183 Basham, Elmer  13 Jul 1907Tennessee, United States I118147
184 Bass, James C.  Mar 1851Tennessee, United States I15751
185 Bates, Susan  19 Nov 1833Tennessee, United States I78098
186 Bates, William  8 Aug 1832Tennessee, United States I247690
187 Bath, Bessie  22 Jul 1897Tennessee, United States I315028
188 Baumgardner, Jacob  Dec 1861Tennessee, United States I84943
189 Bausell, John Calvin  1827Tennessee, United States I324152
190 Baxter, Elizabeth  1844Tennessee, United States I364466
191 Baxter, John H.  1842Tennessee, United States I364465
192 Baxter, John P.  1817Tennessee, United States I364460
193 Baxter, Jonathan  1841Tennessee, United States I364464
194 Baxter, Nancy A  4 Dec 1838Tennessee, United States I364463
195 Baxter, Parmellia  Abt 1826Tennessee, United States I244452
196 Baxter, Richard  1846Tennessee, United States I364467
197 Bayless, Parthenia  Mar 1801Tennessee, United States I296542
198 Bays, Sena Malinda  1817Tennessee, United States I314902
199 Bays, William H  Jun 1823Tennessee, United States I274117
200 Beard, Harriett  19 Feb 1790Tennessee, United States I92779
201 Beard, Mariah  1807Tennessee, United States I367132
202 Begley, Edward  1804Tennessee, United States I74003
203 Begley, Martha Ann  1849Tennessee, United States I276771
204 Belcher, Bartlett  Abt 1803Tennessee, United States I230117
205 Bell, George Anderson  14 Jun 1858Tennessee, United States I111573
206 Bell, Lillian  12 May 1902Tennessee, United States I391521
207 Bell, Malinda Jane  Aug 1865Tennessee, United States I240208
208 Bell, William Robert  22 Sep 1871Tennessee, United States I391528
209 Bellamy, Malinda  Abt 1815Tennessee, United States I359908
210 Bellamy, Margaret  22 Sep 1811Tennessee, United States I360039
211 Benton, Elmer P  1909Tennessee, United States I380707
212 Benton, John Robert  1878Tennessee, United States I357229
213 Benton, Pauline  1909Tennessee, United States I386624
214 Berry, Ann Marildia  7 Dec 1855Tennessee, United States I331633
215 Berry, Elizabeth  Abt 1778Tennessee, United States I330291
216 Berry, Mariah  1815Tennessee, United States I365011
217 Betterton, Robert F.  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I92652
218 Beyers, Edna  1902Tennessee, United States I128006
219 Biggs, Lucinda Marinda  1822Tennessee, United States I362664
220 Binion, Elizabeth  Abt 1814Tennessee, United States I306299
221 Birchfield, Charles C.  1835Tennessee, United States I324595
222 Bise, Samuel L.  11 Feb 1842Tennessee, United States I336030
223 Bise, Sarah C  2 Aug 1849Tennessee, United States I387532
224 Bise, William Elijah  15 Apr 1886Tennessee, United States I310486
225 Bishop, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1859Tennessee, United States I373101
226 Bishop, Francis  1 Jun 1817Tennessee, United States I295174
227 Bizzell, Elisabeth "Betsy"  1798Tennessee, United States I331864
228 Black, Edward Harmon  27 Feb 1880Tennessee, United States I381452
229 Black, Eta Jane  31 Mar 1873Tennessee, United States I381449
230 Blackburn, Daniel  1820Tennessee, United States I350284
231 Blackburn, James  5 Mar 1816Tennessee, United States I305652
232 Blackwell, Narcissa C.  1846Tennessee, United States I391989
233 Blair, Catharine Ellen  Feb 1849Tennessee, United States I358807
234 Blair, Francis Simpson  16 Nov 1839Tennessee, United States I390634
235 Blair, Isaac  1845Tennessee, United States I372268
236 Blair, Margaret Jane  4 May 1832Tennessee, United States I1749
237 Blankenship, E. A.  1837Tennessee, United States I130324
238 Blankenship, Henderson Canada  Dec 1852Tennessee, United States I98583
239 Blankenship, John  Abt 1805Tennessee, United States I130514
240 Blankenship, Joseph Lafayette  25 Jul 1844Tennessee, United States I130303
241 Blankenship, Sarah Emmaline  Dec 1864Tennessee, United States I130533
242 Blanton, Angeline  1830Tennessee, United States I234898
243 Blaylock, Sarah Annie  30 May 1850Tennessee, United States I327641
244 Bledsoe, Elias  1836Tennessee, United States I298501
245 Bledsoe, Isaac R  1795Tennessee, United States I331928
246 Bledsoe, Judy  1800Tennessee, United States I369325
247 Bledsoe, Mary  1818Tennessee, United States I331936
248 Bledsoe, Michael Anthony  1798Tennessee, United States I376745
249 Bledsoe, Nancy Kallen  1847Tennessee, United States I299952
250 Bledsoe, Sarah  17 Jun 1805Tennessee, United States I377519
251 Blevins, Abigail  1827Tennessee, United States I4417
252 Blevins, George Washington  1821Tennessee, United States I235569
253 Blevins, James  21 Apr 1818Tennessee, United States I354214
254 Blevins, Landon Clark  Abt 1828Tennessee, United States I330302
255 Blevins, Loretta Adeline  23 Jan 1925Tennessee, United States I117912
256 Blevins, Margaret H.  1865Tennessee, United States I289793
257 Blevins, Mary Ann  11 Apr 1836Tennessee, United States I120964
258 Blevins, Steve  Abt 1882Tennessee, United States I338065
259 Blevins, William Armistead  1778Tennessee, United States I31892
260 Blizzard, Mary A  1827Tennessee, United States I319401
261 Bloomer, Nehemiah  1804Tennessee, United States I339694
262 Bloomer, William  1810Tennessee, United States I376950
263 Blythe, Barbara  1833Tennessee, United States I395871
264 Bogal, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Feb 1872Tennessee, United States I303479
265 Bolden, Arch  Feb 1899Tennessee, United States I317180
266 Bolden, Dollie  29 Mar 1893Tennessee, United States I317181
267 Bolen, Cynthia Ann  15 Jun 1853Tennessee, United States I275068
268 Bolen, John Ransom  10 May 1844Tennessee, United States I339578
269 Bolen, Louisa  1820Tennessee, United States I316250
270 Bolen, Nathan B.  15 May 1857Tennessee, United States I97736
271 Bolen, Noah  16 Jun 1854Tennessee, United States I23600
272 Boles, Robert Lafayette  4 May 1883Tennessee, United States I313781
273 Boleyn, William Wheatley  1858Tennessee, United States I270508
274 Bolin, Daniel D  1848Tennessee, United States I272990
275 Bolin, John  1841Tennessee, United States I365965
276 Bolin, Matilda  Tennessee, United States I368635
277 Bolling, Andrew J Jr  1844Tennessee, United States I371014
278 Bolling, Dillard  Mar 1800Tennessee, United States I230019
279 Bolling, Harry Carl  1923Tennessee, United States I326862
280 Bond, Jane  1796Tennessee, United States I374636
281 Bondurant, Sarah H.  1826Tennessee, United States I376863
282 Booher, David Jr  1 Jul 1815Tennessee, United States I306105
283 Booher, Eli  1820Tennessee, United States I361404
284 Booher, Eliza Ann  Feb 1818Tennessee, United States I368165
285 Booher, James M.  1839Tennessee, United States I361408
286 Booher, Jonathan A.  3 Mar 1833Tennessee, United States I361375
287 Booher, Mary Ann  1812Tennessee, United States I361070
288 Booher, Samuel  6 Aug 1820Tennessee, United States I361433
289 Booher, Thomas P  1819Tennessee, United States I330614
290 Booher, William  1828Tennessee, United States I361377
291 Boone, George Riley  28 Oct 1855Tennessee, United States I391007
292 Boring, Samuel  17 Jun 1868Tennessee, United States I130446
293 Boring, Virginia A.  6 Dec 1874Tennessee, United States I86527
294 Boring, William Milburn  15 Oct 1850Tennessee, United States I230350
295 Bostain, Russell W.  24 Feb 1906Tennessee, United States I309576
296 Bostic, James Nathan  Abt 1817Tennessee, United States I374059
297 Botner, James J  1835Tennessee, United States I343692
298 Botner, Matilda Amanda  4 May 1846Tennessee, United States I364933
299 Bowen, Daniel E.  1855Tennessee, United States I395860
300 Bowers, Etta  21 Jun 1918Tennessee, United States I314208
301 Bowers, Francis Louvinua  23 Jan 1921Tennessee, United States I314207
302 Bowers, John Henry  Oct 1871Tennessee, United States I353869
303 Bowers, Lura Elizabeth  23 Sep 1920Tennessee, United States I311871
304 Bowers, Mildred  11 Sep 1924Tennessee, United States I274327
305 Bowers, Olive  1884Tennessee, United States I269907
306 Bowers, Ollie  1897Tennessee, United States I356567
307 Bowers, Sophia  Oct 1897Tennessee, United States I276234
308 Bowles, Eliza  Feb 1841Tennessee, United States I378319
309 Bowman, Barnett Alford  1839Tennessee, United States I337604
310 Bowman, Daniel  1822Tennessee, United States I399056
311 Bowman, Deborah  2 Feb 1790Tennessee, United States I299847
312 Bowman, Edward  25 Sep 1786Tennessee, United States I237547
313 Bowman, Margaret  1837Tennessee, United States I321679
314 Bowman, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1799Tennessee, United States I322216
315 Bowman, Peter  1815Tennessee, United States I329693
316 Bowman, Rosanna  1816Tennessee, United States I322409
317 Bowman, Samuel  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I326313
318 Bowman, Sarah  1808Tennessee, United States I236067
319 Bowman, William  1840Tennessee, United States I321680
320 Boyd, Clarence  Abt 1904Tennessee, United States I97499
321 Boyd, John Anderson  9 May 1857Tennessee, United States I103513
322 Boyd, Mary Evaline  Oct 1846Tennessee, United States I240200
323 Boyd, Thursey J.  1828Tennessee, United States I338361
324 Boyd, William Chester  1914Tennessee, United States I286685
325 Boyd, William Preston  Mar 1834Tennessee, United States I338358
326 Braden, Elizabeth  1796Tennessee, United States I362649
327 Braden, Sarah  1825Tennessee, United States I362651
328 Bradford, Mary  Abt 1763Tennessee, United States I377308
329 Bradley, Early A.  1851Tennessee, United States I395559
330 Bradley, Edward  12 Apr 1875Tennessee, United States I277415
331 Bradley, Elizabeth  1849Tennessee, United States I395558
332 Bradley, George Washington  1830Tennessee, United States I395555
333 Bradley, Grace  1883Tennessee, United States I347291
334 Bradley, James W.  1853Tennessee, United States I395560
335 Bradley, Rebecca  1832Tennessee, United States I387938
336 Bradley, William J.  1847Tennessee, United States I395557
337 Bradshaw, Lucinda Onida  Abt 1844Tennessee, United States I360200
338 Bradshaw, Margaret  1806Tennessee, United States I254074
339 Brandon, Martha  Abt 1788Tennessee, United States I368050
340 Branstetter, Elizabeth Jayne  1812Tennessee, United States I368825
341 Brashear, Sampson  21 Dec 1788Tennessee, United States I6891
342 Brawner, Robert L  20 Feb 1889Tennessee, United States I352630
343 Bray, Cynthia  27 Dec 1823Tennessee, United States I335552
344 Bray, Minnie J.  9 Apr 1884Tennessee, United States I89288
345 Bray, Stephen T.  1819Tennessee, United States I395715
346 Breeden, Pleasant S  1824Tennessee, United States I394564
347 Breeding, Byron C  1823Tennessee, United States I311017
348 Breeding, William P.  29 Jun 1819Tennessee, United States I134064
349 Brewer, Birdie  29 Apr 1897Tennessee, United States I267225
350 Brewer, Howel Thomas  Abt 1821Tennessee, United States I363141
351 Brigg, Westley  1874Tennessee, United States I380277
352 Bright, Theodore  28 Jun 1907Tennessee, United States I288366
353 Britt, Nora Lee  Jan 1886Tennessee, United States I385188
354 Broady, Sarah Ann  19 Apr 1813Tennessee, United States I288653
355 Brock, Loraine  1911Tennessee, United States I119211
356 Brooks, Delany  15 Jan 1812Tennessee, United States I133979
357 Brooks, Martha Emaline  1850Tennessee, United States I339549
358 Brooms, Mandy Elizabeth  24 Feb 1856Tennessee, United States I394771
359 Brooner, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I374441
360 Browder, James B  1846Tennessee, United States I361068
361 Brown, Albian  27 Oct 1874Tennessee, United States I382201
362 Brown, Alfred J  29 Jul 1859Tennessee, United States I382200
363 Brown, Amanda  1816Tennessee, United States I367898
364 Brown, Bessie T  1910Tennessee, United States I275522
365 Brown, Clarence E  1908Tennessee, United States I275523
366 Brown, Irene E.  1910Tennessee, United States I253405
367 Brown, Jane  1827Tennessee, United States I377589
368 Brown, Lee Deroy  1919Tennessee, United States I327210
369 Brown, Marietta  CA 1855Tennessee, United States I382198
370 Brown, Martha Jane  Between 1798 and 1802Tennessee, United States I30818
371 Brown, Martha Jane  1852Tennessee, United States I126682
372 Brown, Mary A E  1851Tennessee, United States I345311
373 Brown, Mary J.  1870Tennessee, United States I382194
374 Brown, Nancy Ann  21 Apr 1847Tennessee, United States I274639
375 Brown, Robert Lee  Abt 1865Tennessee, United States I382196
376 Brown, Thomas  1813Tennessee, United States I348387
377 Browne, Andrew J.  1838Tennessee, United States I328217
378 Bruce, Ethel Kathleen  6 Oct 1933Tennessee, United States I373474
379 Brumley, John  1823Tennessee, United States I264293
380 Brummet, Elizabeth  1795Tennessee, United States I380740
381 Brummet, Lucinda  1805Tennessee, United States I329697
382 Brummett, Arzella  1840Tennessee, United States I380722
383 Brummett, Elijah  25 Jan 1802Tennessee, United States I254073
384 Brummett, John M.  Aug 1869Tennessee, United States I127693
385 Brummett, Mary L  1843Tennessee, United States I340897
386 Brummett, Micajah  1798Tennessee, United States I329695
387 Brummett, Sarilda J  1849Tennessee, United States I340898
388 Brummett, William M  1838Tennessee, United States I380721
389 Brummitt, Albert  1880Tennessee, United States I343052
390 Brummitt, Nathan  1845Tennessee, United States I34112
391 Brummitt, Virginia Ruth  11 Nov 1908Tennessee, United States I288687
392 Bryant, Arthur  1885Tennessee, United States I269176
393 Bryant, David  Abt 1808Tennessee, United States I13618
394 Bryant, Earl Franklin  30 Mar 1908Tennessee, United States I34892
395 Bryant, Flora  1888Tennessee, United States I269177
396 Bryant, Isaac T  1837Tennessee, United States I384593
397 Bryant, Jane  1815Tennessee, United States I17734
398 Bryant, John Wesley  17 Jun 1873Tennessee, United States I384573
399 Bryant, Joseph  1815Tennessee, United States I269191
400 Bryant, Nancy  1795Tennessee, United States I336688
401 Bryant, Pless M  9 Apr 1861Tennessee, United States I384563
402 Bryant, Rebecca  3 Mar 1848Tennessee, United States I306265
403 Bryant, William  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I13601
404 Buckles, Edward L  1799Tennessee, United States I323382
405 Buckles, Louisa W  1844Tennessee, United States I322450
406 Buckles, Martha Caroline  Jul 1857Tennessee, United States I290180
407 Buckles, Rachel  1832Tennessee, United States I329346
408 Buckner, Gilbert Lafayette  28 Apr 1877Tennessee, United States I23246
409 Bullock, Henry  14 Feb 1807Tennessee, United States I383256
410 Bumbalough, Sarah  1810Tennessee, United States I341202
411 Bumgardner, Martha Margaret Elizabeth  5 Dec 1865Tennessee, United States I277851
412 Bumgardner, William Monroe  15 Feb 1861Tennessee, United States I13134
413 Bunch, Frances  25 Apr 1805Tennessee, United States I118892
414 Bunch, George Charles  11 Dec 1865Tennessee, United States I258907
415 Bunch, Malissa Seal  May 1867Tennessee, United States I101917
416 Burch, Sarah Kager  Jan 1847Tennessee, United States I387244
417 Burchett, Bayles Benjamin  1877Tennessee, United States I331200
418 Burden, Louisa  Oct 1826Tennessee, United States I392809
419 Burgess, Marie  1917Tennessee, United States I275384
420 Burk, Sarah  6 Apr 1876Tennessee, United States I319989
421 Burke, Irene  9 Jan 1894Tennessee, United States I289066
422 Burns Griffin, Ferbia Sue  1838Tennessee, United States I376536
423 Burress, Isabella  1877Tennessee, United States I120760
424 Burtis, Sarah Clyde  1817Tennessee, United States I384126
425 Burton, Elender Louvina  May 1850Tennessee, United States I256368
426 Burton, Jane  Abt 1819Tennessee, United States I301863
427 Burton, Mary Alice  Sep 1870Tennessee, United States I307469
428 Burton, Richard  1842Tennessee, United States I395895
429 Burton, Robert  1811Tennessee, United States I257465
430 Burton, William Isaac  13 Feb 1845Tennessee, United States I120459
431 Burwick, Lillian  1909Tennessee, United States I326673
432 Burwick, Minnie Ethel  22 Jun 1897Tennessee, United States I289452
433 Bussell, James Herdes  1845Tennessee, United States I313696
434 Bussell, James Pressley  1815Tennessee, United States I313698
435 Bussell, Mary Ada  3 Sep 1874Tennessee, United States I296403
436 Butler, Alma Grace  13 Jul 1895Tennessee, United States I384680
437 Butler, Serena Parthina  28 Oct 1841Tennessee, United States I268018
438 Byington, Margaret J.  1840Tennessee, United States I377535
439 Byington, Moses  1841Tennessee, United States I377536
440 Bynam, Dorcas  1825Tennessee, United States I398982
441 Byrd, Lydia  8 Feb 1825Tennessee, United States I363706
442 Byrd, Malinda Virginia  1848Tennessee, United States I376506
443 Byrd, Millie Catherine  29 Feb 1860Tennessee, United States I274724
444 Byrd, Mollie Jane  1 Jan 1881Tennessee, United States I306713
445 Byrd, Thomas  1820Tennessee, United States I270446
446 Cable, Emily Jane  20 Mar 1851Tennessee, United States I305261
447 Cagle, Ida Nora  4 Apr 1880Tennessee, United States I301351
448 Caldwell, Delila  2 Nov 1779Tennessee, United States I288273
449 Caldwell, Mary  18 Apr 1800Tennessee, United States I384033
450 Caldwell, William Brown  1896Tennessee, United States I262450
451 Calhoun, Mary Agnes  29 Nov 1859Tennessee, United States I360172
452 Campbell, Curtis Taylor  25 Mar 1918Tennessee, United States I399991
453 Campbell, Dactin C.  1843Tennessee, United States I249152
454 Campbell, Florence  12 Jul 1862Tennessee, United States I281376
455 Campbell, Frank Spiller Sr.  6 Jun 1890Tennessee, United States I370776
456 Campbell, Julia  1854Tennessee, United States I319332
457 Campbell, Minerva  1862Tennessee, United States I249157
458 Campbell, Richard Henry  1829Tennessee, United States I319276
459 Campbell, Robert G.  Aug 1856Tennessee, United States I249154
460 Campbell, Timothy  1846Tennessee, United States I249153
461 Campbell, William  1801Tennessee, United States I313815
462 Campbell, William  1860Tennessee, United States I319333
463 Campbell, William J. Jr  1817Tennessee, United States I303975
464 Campbell, William T  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I266901
465 Candle, Margaret Ellen  28 Mar 1871Tennessee, United States I389184
466 Cannon, Mary Jane  1807Tennessee, United States I238364
467 Cannon, Matilda  30 Apr 1810Tennessee, United States I240774
468 Cantrell, Kate  Abt 1879Tennessee, United States I357679
469 Capps, Leah Elizabeth  19 Apr 1817Tennessee, United States I379034
470 Capps, Sarah Elizabeth  1804Tennessee, United States I368591
471 Card, Mary P  1848Tennessee, United States I269195
472 Carey, Patsy Sharon  14 Dec 1932Tennessee, United States I376307
473 Carey, William Harrison  6 Jul 1837Tennessee, United States I358967
474 Carithers, Margaret Jane  1808Tennessee, United States I361023
475 Carlton, Thomas Pinkney  8 Apr 1889Tennessee, United States I72469
476 Carlton, William Emmett  12 Dec 1840Tennessee, United States I364673
477 Carmack, Lucy Ann  11 Aug 1848Tennessee, United States I358720
478 Carr, Caroline L  26 Dec 1838Tennessee, United States I330244
479 Carr, Catherine Malinda  1813Tennessee, United States I332857
480 Carr, Nancy  1812Tennessee, United States I73846
481 Carrell, Alzara  1836Tennessee, United States I325764
482 Carroll, Morton Lenord  19 Jun 1908Tennessee, United States I386601
483 Carroll, Nellie M  1871Tennessee, United States I262713
484 Carroll, Sarah  16 May 1869Tennessee, United States I386609
485 Carson, Emily J.  16 Jul 1854Tennessee, United States I235927
486 Carson, Nancy  1817Tennessee, United States I308920
487 Carter, Burtus  Aug 1893Tennessee, United States I279222
488 Carter, Charles K.  Abt 1874Tennessee, United States I279220
489 Carter, Edward  Sep 1890Tennessee, United States I393727
490 Carter, Elizabeth  Abt 1812–1818Tennessee, United States I336593
491 Carter, Harvey  1868Tennessee, United States I91870
492 Carter, James  Apr 1864Tennessee, United States I393724
493 Carter, Judge Morgan  10 Aug 1898Tennessee, United States I279218
494 Carter, Maria "Mary"  1843Tennessee, United States I377997
495 Carter, Mary  21 Dec 1791Tennessee, United States I31587
496 Carter, Orpha Hicks  1816Tennessee, United States I244721
497 Carter, Willie  Aug 1892Tennessee, United States I393726
498 Casebolt, John  Abt 1792Tennessee, United States I5783
499 Casey, Henry D  1823Tennessee, United States I334409
500 Casey, Mary Lou  1856Tennessee, United States I385892
501 Cash, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1856Tennessee, United States I267966
502 Casteel, Mary  Abt 1803Tennessee, United States I95288
503 Casteel, William Henry  Oct 1874Tennessee, United States I340078
504 Castner, Jacob  1751Tennessee, United States I246772
505 Cate, Malcena Narcissa  4 Dec 1842Tennessee, United States I311879
506 Cate, William  31 Mar 1811Tennessee, United States I367302
507 Catron, John  Abt 1802Tennessee, United States I240081
508 Catron, Martha Elizabeth  1842Tennessee, United States I240074
509 Catron, Rebecca  1836Tennessee, United States I360545
510 Catron, William Elijah  Abt 1804Tennessee, United States I240082
511 Caudill, Laura Frances  11 Apr 1909Tennessee, United States I350674
512 Caudill, Mary  Abt 1860Tennessee, United States I380695
513 Caudill, Nealia  25 May 1904Tennessee, United States I351112
514 Caulder, Dallas  Abt 1888Tennessee, United States I256584
515 Cawood, Rachel  Abt 1800Tennessee, United States I358307
516 Chaffin, Katherine Sinn  1775Tennessee, United States I348709
517 Chandler, Raymond M.  14 Jul 1905Tennessee, United States I254786
518 Chase, Jeremiah T.  27 Feb 1824Tennessee, United States I82762
519 Chester, Etta  Apr 1893Tennessee, United States I277116
520 Chester, John Calvin  14 Nov 1872Tennessee, United States I275475
521 Chester, William Thomas  1893Tennessee, United States I275473
522 Childress, Elmer  1909Tennessee, United States I286428
523 Childress, Rachel H  5 May 1807Tennessee, United States I396057
524 Chrisman, Stephen  12 Oct 1806Tennessee, United States I133928
525 Christian, Lewis Zebadia  Sep 1835Tennessee, United States I325165
526 Church, Nancy  May 1836Tennessee, United States I273595
527 Clark, Annie Elizabeth  1874Tennessee, United States I327289
528 Clark, Frank H. Sr  1918Tennessee, United States I340814
529 Clark, Hubert  1919Tennessee, United States I340812
530 Clark, Leanna  10 Nov 1810Tennessee, United States I82771
531 Clark, Martha  1832Tennessee, United States I294368
532 Clark, Martha A.  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States I313776
533 Clawson, Charles Foster  5 Feb 1899Tennessee, United States I350880
534 Clay, Elijah  30 Aug 1815Tennessee, United States I86719
535 Clay, Elizabeth  1810Tennessee, United States I81679
536 Clay, John B.  1807Tennessee, United States I86713
537 Clayman, David  1830Tennessee, United States I360499
538 Clayman, Elizabeth  1824Tennessee, United States I360138
539 Clayman, John Wilbur  1821–1830Tennessee, United States I360459
540 Claypool, Lavina  1832Tennessee, United States I333744
541 Clements, Anna B.  1908Tennessee, United States I388297
542 Click, Catherine  1836Tennessee, United States I360516
543 Click, Charley  8 Apr 1883Tennessee, United States I75682
544 Click, Eliza Crew  19 Jul 1826Tennessee, United States I366109
545 Click, Jesse L  23 Dec 1850Tennessee, United States I277371
546 Click, Rosannah  20 Apr 1839Tennessee, United States I366112
547 Cloud, Angerona C.  1828Tennessee, United States I374435
548 Cloud, Benjamin Franklin  7 Mar 1852Tennessee, United States I266570
549 Cloud, Charlotte Jane  29 Jun 1832Tennessee, United States I312428
550 Cloud, Henderson W  1795Tennessee, United States I380182
551 Clouse, James Albert  20 Apr 1877Tennessee, United States I16482
552 Clouse, Nettie Pearl  1911Tennessee, United States I298721
553 Coldiron, Ann Marie  3 Jul 1908Tennessee, United States I114203
554 Coldiron, Charles Clifton  16 Jan 1910Tennessee, United States I114204
555 Coldiron, Henry Fulton  18 Nov 1895Tennessee, United States I115524
556 Coldiron, Walter  1915Tennessee, United States I114205
557 Coldiron, William  1906Tennessee, United States I114202
558 Cole, James Emory  30 Aug 1891Tennessee, United States I379189
559 Coleman, Eula  24 May 1872Tennessee, United States I267364
560 Coleman, John A.  5 Feb 1863Tennessee, United States I267363
561 Coleman, Mary Irene  13 Jan 1867Tennessee, United States I119684
562 Collett, Sarah  1802Tennessee, United States I400570
563 Collette, Worley Gaines  1857Tennessee, United States I71243
564 Collier, Charles Estil  1918Tennessee, United States I258909
565 Collier, Gladys Irene  1923Tennessee, United States I258911
566 Collier, Levisa  1798Tennessee, United States I433
567 Collingsworth, Mossie  31 Jul 1896Tennessee, United States I242760
568 Collins, Alexander  1816Tennessee, United States I32089
569 Collins, Allen  Abt 1803Tennessee, United States I91821
570 Collins, Anderson  May 1825Tennessee, United States I23550
571 Collins, Anthony M.  1862Tennessee, United States I320230
572 Collins, Arminda  1879Tennessee, United States I302280
573 Collins, Augusta  Abt 1866Tennessee, United States I118914
574 Collins, Benjamin  1788Tennessee, United States I394893
575 Collins, Bertha  Dec 1893Tennessee, United States I101927
576 Collins, Burton  1865Tennessee, United States I282774
577 Collins, Carlos Stewart  18 Aug 1926Tennessee, United States I302244
578 Collins, Chaney  2 Oct 1868Tennessee, United States I313526
579 Collins, Charlie  6 Sep 1906Tennessee, United States I282620
580 Collins, Charlie Ross  26 May 1904Tennessee, United States I120872
581 Collins, Charlotte  Abt 1838Tennessee, United States I101941
582 Collins, Claiborn  Abt 1857Tennessee, United States I118911
583 Collins, Clarence  15 Feb 1900Tennessee, United States I370060
584 Collins, Conway  Jan 1831Tennessee, United States I75396
585 Collins, Delila  Abt 1833Tennessee, United States I101945
586 Collins, Dicy  25 May 1895Tennessee, United States I21120
587 Collins, Doctor  Abt 1857Tennessee, United States I231905
588 Collins, Duncan  Abt 1817Tennessee, United States I282607
589 Collins, Edward  May 1845Tennessee, United States I288079
590 Collins, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Tennessee, United States I299593
591 Collins, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Tennessee, United States I101948
592 Collins, Elizabeth  1860Tennessee, United States I394957
593 Collins, Erwin  Abt 1855Tennessee, United States I118910
594 Collins, Ethie  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I82266
595 Collins, Florence  1910Tennessee, United States I256762
596 Collins, Garfield  29 Jul 1883Tennessee, United States I363708
597 Collins, Harriett  Abt 1859Tennessee, United States I101921
598 Collins, Henry W.  Abt 1901Tennessee, United States I288076
599 Collins, Howard C.  21 Mar 1865Tennessee, United States I231904
600 Collins, Jane  1830Tennessee, United States I393845
601 Collins, Jane  1836Tennessee, United States I392944
602 Collins, Jane A.  Abt 1851Tennessee, United States I281995
603 Collins, Jefferson  1863Tennessee, United States I393846
604 Collins, Jeremiah  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I101946
605 Collins, Jestine  1818Tennessee, United States I272405
606 Collins, John Anderson  1843Tennessee, United States I259680
607 Collins, John Henry  12 Mar 1906Tennessee, United States I282309
608 Collins, Joseph  1830Tennessee, United States I259685
609 Collins, Joshua  1834Tennessee, United States I299707
610 Collins, Kana  1870Tennessee, United States I313527
611 Collins, Leatha  1831Tennessee, United States I33474
612 Collins, Letha  1831Tennessee, United States I368683
613 Collins, Letitia  1811Tennessee, United States I118899
614 Collins, Levicey  1807Tennessee, United States I97734
615 Collins, Lottie  Abt 1842Tennessee, United States I118893
616 Collins, Lula  8 May 1917Tennessee, United States I316478
617 Collins, Luvena  Apr 1848Tennessee, United States I270656
618 Collins, Malinda  1840Tennessee, United States I259683
619 Collins, Manila  1824Tennessee, United States I23564
620 Collins, Marinda E.  4 Feb 1871Tennessee, United States I124821
621 Collins, Martin C.  6 Feb 1875Tennessee, United States I313524
622 Collins, Mary  Abt 1816Tennessee, United States I90340
623 Collins, Mary  Abt 1817Tennessee, United States I290385
624 Collins, Mary  1830Tennessee, United States I32093
625 Collins, Mary Ann  1843Tennessee, United States I98623
626 Collins, Mary D.  1840Tennessee, United States I81063
627 Collins, Mary Edith  Abt 1912Tennessee, United States I282621
628 Collins, Matilda  1872Tennessee, United States I313525
629 Collins, Morgan  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I101939
630 Collins, Nancy Jane  1840Tennessee, United States I359993
631 Collins, Obedience  Abt 1805Tennessee, United States I91822
632 Collins, Patrick  1858Tennessee, United States I393847
633 Collins, Paulina  1832Tennessee, United States I101944
634 Collins, Prudence  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I91819
635 Collins, Richard D.  1841Tennessee, United States I232532
636 Collins, Riley  Between 1822 and 1828Tennessee, United States I32091
637 Collins, Robert  1815Tennessee, United States I313528
638 Collins, Roy  1908Tennessee, United States I339996
639 Collins, Rural  1834Tennessee, United States I394110
640 Collins, Sarah  17 May 1863Tennessee, United States I75392
641 Collins, Tanzie  Abt 1797Tennessee, United States I73959
642 Collins, Thursey May  Abt 1840Tennessee, United States I395013
643 Collins, Trena  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I335503
644 Collins, Willard  9 May 1896Tennessee, United States I91825
645 Collins, William  1810Tennessee, United States I282882
646 Colson, Mary  1800Tennessee, United States I397454
647 Combs, Athelia Hailey  Abt 1819Tennessee, United States I102591
648 Combs, Benjamin Henry  Between 1787 and 1793Tennessee, United States I14370
649 Combs, Bonaparte  1807Tennessee, United States I93447
650 Combs, Carson D.  30 May 1913Tennessee, United States I357633
651 Combs, Elizabeth  Abt 1815Tennessee, United States I102593
652 Combs, George  Abt 1798Tennessee, United States I15934
653 Combs, Grover Erwin  Jun 1891Tennessee, United States I102411
654 Combs, Haden  10 Jan 1917Tennessee, United States I100753
655 Combs, John  Abt 1792Tennessee, United States I4161
656 Combs, Lydia Taletha  1806Tennessee, United States I21817
657 Combs, Mahala  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I102587
658 Combs, Millie  20 Apr 1802Tennessee, United States I1228
659 Combs, Nancy  Abt 1812Tennessee, United States I102590
660 Combs, Nicholas  Abt 1792Tennessee, United States I4163
661 Combs, Roscoe  1899Tennessee, United States I359484
662 Combs, Samuel  16 Jan 1799Tennessee, United States I4268
663 Combs, Sarah Ann  1828Tennessee, United States I321424
664 Combs, Thursa  Abt 1814Tennessee, United States I102589
665 Compton, Mary L  26 Jan 1864Tennessee, United States I377881
666 Conder, Green Berryman  1828Tennessee, United States I282580
667 Conkin, Oma M  14 Oct 1909Tennessee, United States I400811
668 Conley, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1855Tennessee, United States I376092
669 Cook, Elmer Carl  1902Tennessee, United States I324539
670 Cook, Mollie  1887Tennessee, United States I324537
671 Cook, Vivian Edna  1897Tennessee, United States I280315
672 Cooke, Jesse James  7 Aug 1885Tennessee, United States I297580
673 Cooke, Sarah Mae  13 Mar 1840Tennessee, United States I311462
674 Cooley, Charlie  4 Jul 1889Tennessee, United States I380033
675 Cooley, James C  1882Tennessee, United States I386958
676 Cooper, Flora E.  1910Tennessee, United States I384709
677 Copas, Martha Ann  Sep 1841Tennessee, United States I335625
678 Cope, Elizabeth Sophronia  9 Jun 1840Tennessee, United States I341886
679 Cope, George  1843Tennessee, United States I341887
680 Copeland, Joseph  Oct 1836Tennessee, United States I298835
681 Cornett, Mary  Abt 1797Tennessee, United States I238956
682 Cornett, Nancy Ann  24 Dec 1803Tennessee, United States I4262
683 Couch, Lazarus  12 Dec 1822Tennessee, United States I321169
684 Couch, Nellie  1813Tennessee, United States I357338
685 Counts, Mary A.  Abt 1812Tennessee, United States I269194
686 Cowan, Martha McChesney  3 Feb 1812Tennessee, United States I238385
687 Cox, Caleb Jackson  16 Jun 1844Tennessee, United States I361385
688 Cox, David Yearsley  1819Tennessee, United States I361382
689 Cox, Deborah Jane  Oct 1878Tennessee, United States I399455
690 Cox, Flaura May  26 Nov 1897Tennessee, United States I291554
691 Cox, George B.  1901Tennessee, United States I315459
692 Cox, Harriet  1 Mar 1824Tennessee, United States I361399
693 Cox, James  Nov 1860Tennessee, United States I368629
694 Cox, James C  1836Tennessee, United States I361400
695 Cox, James Madison  31 Dec 1831Tennessee, United States I235881
696 Cox, Jane "Janie"  1862Tennessee, United States I360213
697 Cox, John B.  1805Tennessee, United States I397313
698 Cox, Leonard C.  Abt 1868Tennessee, United States I232320
699 Cox, Louiza  Aug 1833Tennessee, United States I361398
700 Cox, Margaret E  3 Nov 1847Tennessee, United States I361386
701 Cox, Mary Ellen  10 May 1852Tennessee, United States I378111
702 Cox, Nora  Sep 1872Tennessee, United States I368630
703 Cox, Susannah  1838Tennessee, United States I346534
704 Cox, William  1824Tennessee, United States I361397
705 Crabtree, Peter  1862Tennessee, United States I332929
706 Crain, Alice J.  Oct 1884Tennessee, United States I288364
707 Crawford, Charles W.  1837Tennessee, United States I360570
708 Crawford, Martha J.  1830Tennessee, United States I246209
709 Crawford, Mary Belle  23 Sep 1894Tennessee, United States I121895
710 Crawford, Mary Jane  24 Jan 1842Tennessee, United States I384851
711 Creech, Benjamin Abbot Jr  9 Aug 1870Tennessee, United States I330464
712 Creesman, Floyd Ray  29 Aug 1924Tennessee, United States I368655
713 Crew, Ayriane  Abt 1923Tennessee, United States I114356
714 Criscillis, Florence  10 Mar 1882Tennessee, United States I311358
715 Crockett, John Montgomery  28 Feb 1802Tennessee, United States I329937
716 Cross, Almira Mary Ann  4 Dec 1829Tennessee, United States I329780
717 Cross, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1875Tennessee, United States I118445
718 Cross, Harriet E.  12 Apr 1861Tennessee, United States I399007
719 Cross, Jacob Gross  1 Jan 1840Tennessee, United States I362391
720 Crow, Charles Elmer  Jul 1895Tennessee, United States I25716
721 Crow, James Erwin  May 1885Tennessee, United States I25720
722 Crow, Jane  1815Tennessee, United States I335550
723 Crow, Lonnie Hobert  Abt 1904Tennessee, United States I25719
724 Crow, Mary Jane  10 Dec 1849Tennessee, United States I290010
725 Crum, Jacob  Abt 1796Tennessee, United States I94625
726 Crumley, John Hammer  1843Tennessee, United States I383504
727 Crumley, Lydia  16 May 1836Tennessee, United States I376517
728 Crumley, Mary  26 Dec 1819Tennessee, United States I281416
729 Crumley, Susan Rebecca  29 Apr 1853Tennessee, United States I299366
730 Cruse, Nancy  1826Tennessee, United States I361166
731 Crutchfield, George Reubin  5 Dec 1880Tennessee, United States I267073
732 Cudor, Sarah  1800Tennessee, United States I4459
733 Cummings, Maud Lucinda  20 Sep 1866Tennessee, United States I297446
734 Cunningham, Elsie  1914Tennessee, United States I265661
735 Cunningham, Nettie B  1912Tennessee, United States I265662
736 Curnutt, Elizabeth  1828Tennessee, United States I232729
737 Curnutt, Mary  1818Tennessee, United States I232730
738 Curnutt, Phebia  16 Sep 1851Tennessee, United States I118438
739 Curtis, Katherine Katie E  1825Tennessee, United States I264713
740 Curton, Harriet A  1857Tennessee, United States I301764
741 Curton, Minnie Samantha Tennessee  19 Oct 1862Tennessee, United States I267106
742 Daffron, Phoebe Rose  29 Jul 1899Tennessee, United States I301494
743 Dagnan, Louise  19 May 1915Tennessee, United States I274600
744 Dale, Frances Ann  1796Tennessee, United States I132745
745 Dalton, Mary Jean  13 Feb 1945Tennessee, United States I288678
746 Dalton, Sarah Ann  1832Tennessee, United States I341892
747 Damewood, Tilman Howard  28 Dec 1843Tennessee, United States I375510
748 Daniel, Jane  1794Tennessee, United States I397379
749 Daniel, Margaret Ann  16 Mar 1816Tennessee, United States I369075
750 Daniels, Arbey  1886Tennessee, United States I391690
751 Daniels, December  1892Tennessee, United States I391691
752 Daniels, Mae Ella  16 Apr 1919Tennessee, United States I391688
753 Danner, Raleigh Hazard  29 Aug 1901Tennessee, United States I369970
754 Darnell, Glenn  1923Tennessee, United States I362033
755 Daugherty, Elizabeth Clay  Abt 1877Tennessee, United States I369572
756 Daugherty, Ezekiel Towson  1840Tennessee, United States I324290
757 Daugherty, James M.  1841Tennessee, United States I324291
758 Daugherty, Martha Elizabeth  2 May 1844Tennessee, United States I303880
759 Daugherty, Mary A.  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I320716
760 Daugherty, Mary Lucinda  22 Sep 1857Tennessee, United States I380939
761 Daugherty, Oliver Clinton  6 Jun 1890Tennessee, United States I392620
762 Daugherty, Phoebe Carolina  20 Jan 1844Tennessee, United States I360179
763 Daugherty, Ruth  May 1833Tennessee, United States I324289
764 Davault, Samuel  Abt 1807Tennessee, United States I130445
765 Davenport, James M.  Abt 1870Tennessee, United States I285315
766 Davenport, William Joseph  11 Apr 1848Tennessee, United States I396167
767 Daves, Mahala Jane  1811Tennessee, United States I364077
768 Davidson, Liddie E  Mar 1877Tennessee, United States I249216
769 Davidson, Luther  8 May 1892Tennessee, United States I302290
770 Davidson, Washington Clark  May 1840Tennessee, United States I282010
771 Davidson, William Hamilton  19 Apr 1926Tennessee, United States I369805
772 Davis, Albert  1889Tennessee, United States I276572
773 Davis, Clyde  1910Tennessee, United States I306956
774 Davis, Conley  21 Apr 1894Tennessee, United States I274372
775 Davis, Delilah  1815Tennessee, United States I334674
776 Davis, Elizabeth A.  1837Tennessee, United States I244617
777 Davis, Fannie  1881Tennessee, United States I355282
778 Davis, Grace  1920Tennessee, United States I306955
779 Davis, Hugh Card  8 Feb 1909Tennessee, United States I256776
780 Davis, Jesse  1825Tennessee, United States I397471
781 Davis, John W  May 1892Tennessee, United States I262727
782 Davis, John Wesley  Nov 1851Tennessee, United States I262681
783 Davis, Mattie C  20 Jan 1888Tennessee, United States I262729
784 Davis, Minerva J  Nov 1866Tennessee, United States I310334
785 Davis, Rhoda C.  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States I375385
786 Davis, Robert R  1853Tennessee, United States I360199
787 Davis, Rosannah Caroline  21 Sep 1823Tennessee, United States I359350
788 Davis, Samuel Carson  8 Feb 1890Tennessee, United States I262726
789 Davis, Sarah  1827Tennessee, United States I359326
790 Davis, Sarah A.  1828Tennessee, United States I321688
791 Davis, Thomas Franklin  18 Aug 1856Tennessee, United States I91885
792 Davis, William H.  1 Oct 1825Tennessee, United States I246610
793 Davis, William Sylvester  Oct 1829Tennessee, United States I280457
794 Dawn, Tennie Belle  1885Tennessee, United States I114201
795 Day, Albert Dewey  1898Tennessee, United States I297628
796 Day, Arthur F.  4 Feb 1901Tennessee, United States I274378
797 Day, George Washington  Apr 1865Tennessee, United States I91811
798 Day, Georgie O  Jul 1893Tennessee, United States I297633
799 Day, John J.  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States I288095
800 Day, Ollie M.  Dec 1890Tennessee, United States I297632
801 Day, Samuel W  1894Tennessee, United States I297630
802 Day, William Francis  6 Nov 1902Tennessee, United States I91809
803 Deal, Courtney Rose  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I297275
804 Dean, Dolphus Gurney  17 Jul 1916Tennessee, United States I398197
805 Deaton, Alfred Albert  9 Aug 1875Tennessee, United States I87211
806 Debusk, Ella  1878Tennessee, United States I372656
807 Deck, Susanna  18 Dec 1821Tennessee, United States I306138
808 Delp, Elizabeth  1824Tennessee, United States I269750
809 Delph, Frances Delia  3 Oct 1858Tennessee, United States I295201
810 Denham, Evaline  1817Tennessee, United States I235330
811 Denham, Fetney  1815Tennessee, United States I235331
812 Denham, Philip  1794Tennessee, United States I319839
813 Denham, Willoughby  1827Tennessee, United States I235333
814 Denny, Joseph James  1784Tennessee, United States I397724
815 Denson, Mary  20 Aug 1889Tennessee, United States I335396
816 DePriest, Millington DeLafayette  1 Dec 1850Tennessee, United States I391533
817 DeRossett, Martha  1788Tennessee, United States I315357
818 Derting, Abraham  Abt 1790Tennessee, United States I362087
819 Devers, Polly  Abt 1796Tennessee, United States I316577
820 Dickenson, Tabitha  15 May 1804Tennessee, United States I28539
821 Dickerson, Birdie Bell  12 Oct 1902Tennessee, United States I355051
822 Dickson, Matilda J  1860Tennessee, United States I376081
823 Dickson, Nancy Ann  May 1865Tennessee, United States I376082
824 Dickson, Samuel Pierce  8 Mar 1859Tennessee, United States I383464
825 Diets, James Emanuel  24 Aug 1895Tennessee, United States I355653
826 Dillon, Arthur L.  26 Jun 1891Tennessee, United States I288804
827 Dills, James Monroe  9 Nov 1841Tennessee, United States I322420
828 Dills, John W  14 Dec 1836Tennessee, United States I322410
829 Dills, Peter  1841Tennessee, United States I322411
830 Dingus, Margret E  Oct 1863Tennessee, United States I296007
831 Disney, Caroline  25 Dec 1824Tennessee, United States I399764
832 Dixon, Alexander  From 1833 to 1834Tennessee, United States I397643
833 Dixon, Lovisa Jane  Jan 1862Tennessee, United States I397708
834 Dobbs, Everette  15 Mar 1900Tennessee, United States I288943
835 Dockery, Mollie  Mar 1876Tennessee, United States I377183
836 Dodd, Thomas  1800Tennessee, United States I362874
837 Dodson, Alfred  Abt 1808Tennessee, United States I238569
838 Dollar, Ardna Atwell  4 Jan 1907Tennessee, United States I385259
839 Dooling, Mary E  10 Jun 1865Tennessee, United States I98373
840 Dorton, Evaline  1848Tennessee, United States I319009
841 Dorton, Mary Ann  Sep 1816Tennessee, United States I374660
842 Dotson, Artha Lee  24 Jun 1912Tennessee, United States I71568
843 Dotson, Elijah  May 1830Tennessee, United States I292484
844 Dotson, Elizabeth  1841Tennessee, United States I263215
845 Dotson, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1911Tennessee, United States I362584
846 Dotson, Joel  Sep 1830Tennessee, United States I292479
847 Dotson, Nettie Martha  19 Apr 1904Tennessee, United States I252380
848 Dotson, Rachel Emeline  30 May 1867Tennessee, United States I231012
849 Dotson, Rebecca A.  25 Jun 1856Tennessee, United States I346704
850 Dotson, Reuben  Jan 1820Tennessee, United States I374829
851 Dotson, Sally  13 May 1884Tennessee, United States I316473
852 Doyle, Maggie  Feb 1899Tennessee, United States I353167
853 Doyle, Maggie  28 Feb 1899Tennessee, United States I313000
854 Doyle, Uley  1905Tennessee, United States I353166
855 Drake, Sarah Murray  1795Tennessee, United States I369185
856 Droke, William Milligan  30 Mar 1878Tennessee, United States I354785
857 Duff, Maj. John Alexander  1801Tennessee, United States I22830
858 Duff, Melinda  1790Tennessee, United States I396337
859 Duncan, Campbell  1837Tennessee, United States I377478
860 Duncan, Frank  20 Nov 1882Tennessee, United States I355547
861 Duncan, James  1848Tennessee, United States I377485
862 Duncan, Mary  1844Tennessee, United States I377482
863 Duncan, Nancy Jane  Jun 1832Tennessee, United States I347025
864 Duncan, Sina  1835Tennessee, United States I377477
865 Duncan, William  1846Tennessee, United States I377484
866 Dutton, Catherine  1797Tennessee, United States I362071
867 Dutton, John  1820Tennessee, United States I362081
868 Duvall, Ambers Dayton  1908Tennessee, United States I117318
869 Duvall, Edna  1912Tennessee, United States I299931
870 Dyer, Granville  1822Tennessee, United States I127851
871 Dyer, Mary Jane  18 Nov 1890Tennessee, United States I291721
872 Dykes, John Netherland Jr  13 Mar 1812Tennessee, United States I340501
873 Dykes, Robinson  1841Tennessee, United States I340500
874 Dykes, Susannah  1833Tennessee, United States I291997
875 Earles, Candis Cornelia Rose  Mar 1822Tennessee, United States I22343
876 Early, James  Sep 1826Tennessee, United States I304754
877 Easterling, John  1800Tennessee, United States I363914
878 Eastridge, Andrew Jackson  1859Tennessee, United States I355285
879 Eastridge, George W.  1878Tennessee, United States I355281
880 Eastridge, Margaret  1879Tennessee, United States I355287
881 Eaton, Rebecca Elizabeth  1812Tennessee, United States I332240
882 Edens, Conna  1827Tennessee, United States I377101
883 Edens, Ruth A  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States I374517
884 Edens, Samuel P  1847Tennessee, United States I377400
885 Edgman, Nancy  9 Mar 1808Tennessee, United States I7121
886 Edmondson, Mary Moore  31 Aug 1909Tennessee, United States I379998
887 Edwards, Alfred  Tennessee, United States I267422
888 Edwards, John  1790Tennessee, United States I258157
889 Edwards, Katherine  26 Feb 1817Tennessee, United States I395406
890 Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth  27 May 1843Tennessee, United States I267335
891 Eldridge, Hugh  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I30442
892 Eledge, Ashley Wynn  25 Feb 1860Tennessee, United States I371391
893 Eledge, Lillie B  21 Jan 1885Tennessee, United States I371390
894 Eledge, Sarah Ann  1846Tennessee, United States I371396
895 Elkins, Floye  1921Tennessee, United States I348631
896 Elkins, Martha  1800Tennessee, United States I324287
897 Ellis, Betta J.  6 Nov 1868Tennessee, United States I396158
898 Ellis, Edith Mae  1934Tennessee, United States I391462
899 Elmore, James Montigue  1817Tennessee, United States I400357
900 Ely, Elias  1821Tennessee, United States I290988
901 Ely, Isaac Newton  1838Tennessee, United States I397392
902 Ely, Mark D K  1833Tennessee, United States I397319
903 Ely, Priscilla  1825Tennessee, United States I397419
904 Emert, Richard C.  1821Tennessee, United States I375956
905 Emmett, Charlotte Roberta  28 Dec 1874Tennessee, United States I384854
906 Emmons, Effie Tula  1878Tennessee, United States I356547
907 England, Mae  Abt 1917Tennessee, United States I114359
908 Engle, Frances  26 May 1798Tennessee, United States I96396
909 Epperson, Amanda M.  Abt 1849Tennessee, United States I359060
910 Epperson, Elbert S.  Jan 1850Tennessee, United States I359061
911 Epperson, John Reuben  1870Tennessee, United States I279142
912 Epps, Henry Wheeler  24 Sep 1899Tennessee, United States I298696
913 Erwin, Minnie Mae  Dec 1876Tennessee, United States I268336
914 Estep, Christopher  1818Tennessee, United States I336537
915 Estep, George Lewis  22 Jul 1841Tennessee, United States I336539
916 Estep, Jesse  Abt 1827Tennessee, United States I237246
917 Estep, John  1833Tennessee, United States I130278
918 Estep, Keziah Hannah  1836Tennessee, United States I358404
919 Estep, Nancy  1827Tennessee, United States I369413
920 Estep, Shadrack  1809Tennessee, United States I109804
921 Estridge, William Henry  1897Tennessee, United States I272066
922 Evans, Candacy  1866Tennessee, United States I340154
923 Evans, James A  May 1848Tennessee, United States I364285
924 Evans, John W.  1846Tennessee, United States I319231
925 Evans, Joseph  1810Tennessee, United States I360086
926 Evans, Lucinda C "Lula"  22 Aug 1880Tennessee, United States I322978
927 Evans, Malinda J.  1838Tennessee, United States I360092
928 Evans, Sally  Jan 1868Tennessee, United States I394995
929 Evans, Sarah Elizabeth  Mar 1835Tennessee, United States I375395
930 Evans, Thomas Jefferson  Sep 1852Tennessee, United States I274404
931 Evans, Thursa Ann  1829Tennessee, United States I336873
932 Ewing, Dr. Andrew B.  27 Jul 1796Tennessee, United States I370713
933 Falin, Enoch H  30 Aug 1892Tennessee, United States I287952
934 Farley, Catherine  1834Tennessee, United States I332667
935 Farmer, Charles Henderson  22 Feb 1906Tennessee, United States I283439
936 Farmer, Dora Elizabeth  25 Oct 1887Tennessee, United States I341038
937 Farmer, Joseph Wilson  20 Feb 1867Tennessee, United States I366354
938 Farmer, Louisa Elizabeth  Sep 1868Tennessee, United States I113683
939 Farmer, Richard Bostick  Jan 1844Tennessee, United States I341401
940 Farmer, William  1794Tennessee, United States I254760
941 Farn, David Madison  26 Apr 1845Tennessee, United States I373286
942 Farrell, Gabriel Byrd  17 Oct 1848Tennessee, United States I312391
943 Farthing, Lucinda  1805Tennessee, United States I21896
944 Faulkner, Elijah B.  Feb 1825Tennessee, United States I361157
945 Faulkner, Margaret  11 May 1822Tennessee, United States I299149
946 Faulkner, Margaret  Apr 1850Tennessee, United States I361167
947 Faulkner, Mary J.  Abt 1854Tennessee, United States I361168
948 Faulkner, Susan Caroline  15 Sep 1856Tennessee, United States I343925
949 Feltner, Moses  20 Mar 1804Tennessee, United States I109945
950 Felton, Mary  1826–1827Tennessee, United States I235591
951 Felts, Michael Anderson  25 Aug 1829Tennessee, United States I378811
952 Ferguson, Harriet Melenda  13 Mar 1861Tennessee, United States I371392
953 Ferrell, George  1827Tennessee, United States I312441
954 Ferrell, Louisa  1838Tennessee, United States I312390
955 Ferrell, Marion  13 Apr 1880Tennessee, United States I376298
956 Ferrell, Paul Edward  16 Mar 1922Tennessee, United States I303574
957 Fetzer, Mary Ann  17 Oct 1822Tennessee, United States I24065
958 Fields, Abner  1805Tennessee, United States I7187
959 Fields, Chaney  1821Tennessee, United States I344140
960 Fields, Christopher Columbus  20 Aug 1846Tennessee, United States I97389
961 Fields, Davis  Abt 1779Tennessee, United States I243777
962 Fields, Dorcas Bertha  Abt 1813Tennessee, United States I95106
963 Fields, Dorcus  Abt 1841Tennessee, United States I72936
964 Fields, Effie  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I236750
965 Fields, Elizabeth  1841Tennessee, United States I375812
966 Fields, Isaac Newton  14 Feb 1808Tennessee, United States I5489
967 Fields, James Anderson  Abt 1826Tennessee, United States I243786
968 Fields, Jencie  Abt 1809Tennessee, United States I236753
969 Fields, Jerry  Abt 1807Tennessee, United States I236752
970 Fields, John  Dec 1883Tennessee, United States I247758
971 Fields, John Fox  Abt 1774Tennessee, United States I245539
972 Fields, John Preston  1795Tennessee, United States I94997
973 Fields, Lavinia  1834Tennessee, United States I359920
974 Fields, Leonard  1827Tennessee, United States I359911
975 Fields, Mahala  1837Tennessee, United States I25292
976 Fields, Mahlon  21 Jul 1818Tennessee, United States I24064
977 Fields, Manerva  29 Jan 1834Tennessee, United States I72931
978 Fields, Margaret  Abt 1808Tennessee, United States I236751
979 Fields, Margaret  Abt 1860Tennessee, United States I390845
980 Fields, Margaret  Abt 1875Tennessee, United States I307554
981 Fields, Mary  1821Tennessee, United States I243783
982 Fields, Nancy  Abt 1839Tennessee, United States I72934
983 Fields, Peter Wesley  15 Apr 1812Tennessee, United States I375807
984 Fields, Chief Richard J. Jr.  1772Tennessee, United States I96033
985 Fields, Samantha  1845Tennessee, United States I359913
986 Fields, Rev. Silas  28 Oct 1845Tennessee, United States I390276
987 Fields, Thomas  Abt 1775Tennessee, United States I245542
988 Fields, Virginia Jane  25 Dec 1815Tennessee, United States I73821
989 Fields, Warden  1827Tennessee, United States I360011
990 Fields, Wilbern  18 Mar 1848Tennessee, United States I375815
991 Fields, William  1843Tennessee, United States I375813
992 Fields, Capt. William Jason  1819Tennessee, United States I109006
993 Findley, Kate Spiller  Jan 1860Tennessee, United States I370773
994 Findley, Nancy  1814Tennessee, United States I304268
995 Fish, Rhoda  Mar 1881Tennessee, United States I360041
996 Fisher, Happy  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States I344142
997 Fisher, Margaret  Abt 1805Tennessee, United States I238395
998 Fisher, Ruth  1905Tennessee, United States I313950
999 Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth  1801Tennessee, United States I94931
1000 Flanery, Rebecca  16 Feb 1811Tennessee, United States I270284

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Matches 1 to 506 of 506

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 *Unknown, Rebecca Malinda  1880Tennessee, United States I313787
2 Abner, Dorcas  Jan 1860Tennessee, United States I388599
3 Acres, David  1893Tennessee, United States I291826
4 Adams, Albert Reese  2 Oct 1977Tennessee, United States I129928
5 Adams, Mary Polly Mae  Abt 1860Tennessee, United States I130962
6 Addington, George Leonard  9 Apr 1979Tennessee, United States I285687
7 Adkins, Elisha  2 Apr 1880Tennessee, United States I7238
8 Adkins, Katherine  19 Apr 1960Tennessee, United States I245526
9 Akard, David  1893Tennessee, United States I360337
10 Akers, George  Jul 1985Tennessee, United States I235804
11 Akers, Nellie Marie  4 Jun 1925Tennessee, United States I311245
12 Allison, James Russell  12 Oct 1945Tennessee, United States I365413
13 Almany, Nathaniel  12 Oct 1896Tennessee, United States I378525
14 Anderson, Mary Catherine  Tennessee, United States I291458
15 Anderson, Susan Elizabeth  1915Tennessee, United States I300275
16 Armstrong, James Alexander  20 Jan 1899Tennessee, United States I396347
17 Arnold, Flora Ann  Tennessee, United States I276383
18 Ashby, Winifred Elizabeth  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States I74300
19 Asher, Elizabeth Ann  1830Tennessee, United States I97926
20 Atkins, Amy Dyer  1851Tennessee, United States I304140
21 Ayers, Susan  29 Mar 1958Tennessee, United States I267983
22 Bagwell, Delila  10 Sep 1869Tennessee, United States I124555
23 Baker, Abraham  2 Jan 1890Tennessee, United States I361334
24 Baker, Warren G.  3 Apr 1997Tennessee, United States I112972
25 Baker, William  17 Apr 1895Tennessee, United States I293165
26 Baldwin, Hazel  1976Tennessee, United States I391665
27 Banks, Carma  30 Mar 2002Tennessee, United States I108701
28 Banks, Jane  7 Sep 1886Tennessee, United States I290229
29 Banks, Reuben Eli  7 Jan 1969Tennessee, United States I133398
30 Barnes, Susannah Catherine  19 Jan 1865Tennessee, United States I362721
31 Barrett, Malinda Jane  1922Tennessee, United States I359268
32 Barry, Sarah Eveline  27 Apr 1894Tennessee, United States I354215
33 Bartee, Emeline Patsy  27 Aug 1863Tennessee, United States I358904
34 Bartlett, Nancy Elizabeth  3 Aug 1860Tennessee, United States I258540
35 Bays, Sena Malinda  1880Tennessee, United States I314902
36 Begley, Pleasant R  20 May 1855Tennessee, United States I390153
37 Beidleman, Mariah Elizabeth  22 Jan 1929Tennessee, United States I73689
38 Bell, Eleanor  Tennessee, United States I111540
39 Bentley, Margaret  1798Tennessee, United States I101001
40 Bentley, Samuel Lee  14 Dec 1992Tennessee, United States I256723
41 Betterton, Robert F.  Abt 1881Tennessee, United States I92652
42 Biddle, Susan Elizabeth  1831Tennessee, United States I132338
43 Bittle, Nancy D.  12 Aug 1934Tennessee, United States I361117
44 Blackburn, Barbara J.  3 Dec 2010Tennessee, United States I131086
45 Blackburn, Jeanette A.  2009Tennessee, United States I131085
46 Blackburn, Yvonne R.  2009Tennessee, United States I131087
47 Blair, Fred  27 Sep 1972Tennessee, United States I86440
48 Blair, James  6 Nov 1826Tennessee, United States I84862
49 Blair, Jemima  1913Tennessee, United States I21186
50 Blair, William Henry  10 Mar 1970Tennessee, United States I73183
51 Blankenship, John M  Bef 1850Tennessee, United States I346781
52 Blankenship, Presley  Jun 1870Tennessee, United States I130418
53 Bloomer, Lucy  1882Tennessee, United States I234564
54 Blount, Elizabeth  1804Tennessee, United States I293168
55 Boggs, Arminda  3 Aug 1957Tennessee, United States I309704
56 Bolin, Matilda  Tennessee, United States I368635
57 Bolling, Diana  1933Tennessee, United States I390886
58 Bolling, Elizabeth  Bef 1809Tennessee, United States I7802
59 Bolling, Levi  Tennessee, United States I85853
60 Booher, Samuel Sr  2 Jun 1872Tennessee, United States I361274
61 Bounds, George Washington  Aft 1870Tennessee, United States I115887
62 Bowen, Eboline  1878Tennessee, United States I368962
63 Boyd, Hugh G.  Abt 1865Tennessee, United States I388587
64 Bradford, Mary  Tennessee, United States I377308
65 Branham, Georgia Alleen  3 Jul 1984Tennessee, United States I396972
66 Brashear, Robert Samuel  Abt 1864Tennessee, United States I23971
67 Bray, Mary Jane  21 Oct 1924Tennessee, United States I272354
68 Breeding, Linza  6 Jan 1943Tennessee, United States I134044
69 Brock, Barthena  Aft 1860Tennessee, United States I92903
70 Brown, Lee Deroy  1970Tennessee, United States I327210
71 Brown, Mary A E  1900Tennessee, United States I345311
72 Brown, William Ramsay  16 Aug 1902Tennessee, United States I369183
73 Bruce, Enoch George  15 Sep 1887Tennessee, United States I396153
74 Bryant, Elizabeth J.  Bef 1900Tennessee, United States I272277
75 Buffington, Jennie  1851Tennessee, United States I96034
76 Bullock, Henry  10 May 1884Tennessee, United States I383256
77 Burress, Isabella  1908Tennessee, United States I120760
78 Bush, Charles H.  5 Dec 1965Tennessee, United States I354855
79 Bussell, James Herdes  1929Tennessee, United States I313696
80 Butler, Serena Parthina  30 Oct 1906Tennessee, United States I268018
81 Byrd, Helen M.  6 Jul 1908Tennessee, United States I360240
82 Calhoun, Martha Henrietta  17 Jul 2003Tennessee, United States I278970
83 Campbell, Mary Lavinia  Aft 1860Tennessee, United States I300305
84 Carmichael, Jane  26 Mar 1841Tennessee, United States I84863
85 Carson, Emily J.  21 Dec 1943Tennessee, United States I235927
86 Carter, Maria "Mary"  1881Tennessee, United States I377997
87 Catron, John  1823Tennessee, United States I240081
88 Caudill, Margaret  24 Dec 1919Tennessee, United States I4592
89 Cecil, Sarah  Abt 1854Tennessee, United States I377489
90 Clay, Elisha  Tennessee, United States I236809
91 Cloud, Charlotte Jane  14 Jun 1898Tennessee, United States I312428
92 Cloud, Henderson W  Abt 1880Tennessee, United States I380182
93 Cobb, Mary Ann  Abt 1885Tennessee, United States I331755
94 Cochran, Odessa Parlee  18 Oct 1967Tennessee, United States I271756
95 Coffer, Mary  Jan 1853Tennessee, United States I380602
96 Cole, Lydia  1830Tennessee, United States I333360
97 Collier, Edna S.  1930Tennessee, United States I73924
98 Collins, Benjamin  Tennessee, United States I394893
99 Collins, Duncan Dorman  2 May 1838Tennessee, United States I393843
100 Collins, Marinda E.  16 Apr 1953Tennessee, United States I124821
101 Collins, Solomon Dickerson  1870Tennessee, United States I282777
102 Collinsworth, Clarinda  1921Tennessee, United States I289842
103 Collinsworth, William S.  1868Tennessee, United States I289844
104 Combow, Thomas Preston  1924Tennessee, United States I329726
105 Combs, Mason  22 Feb 1802Tennessee, United States I21380
106 Combs, Dr. Stephen Daniel DMD  18 Apr 2022Tennessee, United States I365612
107 Combs, Winnifred  Aft 1791Tennessee, United States I21381
108 Cook, Esta  30 Jul 1978Tennessee, United States I284578
109 Cook, Hatler  11 Dec 2011Tennessee, United States I108708
110 Cook, Mary Bernice  22 Mar 2008Tennessee, United States I331295
111 Cornett, Lauraine  1 Oct 1900Tennessee, United States I128839
112 Counts, Nancy Ann  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I375397
113 Cowan, Benjamin F.  Abt 1847Tennessee, United States I301428
114 Cowan, David Brice  13 Dec 1978Tennessee, United States I120315
115 Cox, Addie Myrtle  Mar 1978Tennessee, United States I267201
116 Cox, Martha Barrett  15 Nov 1970Tennessee, United States I299386
117 Craft, Dennis  20 Jul 1984Tennessee, United States I273711
118 Crawford, Eleanor  1861Tennessee, United States I374634
119 Crawford, Nancy  Sep 1879Tennessee, United States I304759
120 Crigger, Mary Ellen  25 Mar 1966Tennessee, United States I385731
121 Crockett, Rachel  Tennessee, United States I302108
122 Crow, Mary Jane  8 Jan 1933Tennessee, United States I290010
123 Crowder, Martha  1840Tennessee, United States I368040
124 Curnutt, Phebia  8 Dec 1893Tennessee, United States I118438
125 Curtis, Mary  1860Tennessee, United States I303845
126 Dahl, Jennie Marie  16 Oct 1925Tennessee, United States I369781
127 Danly, Martha  Abt 1900Tennessee, United States I379405
128 Daughtery, Margaret  1879Tennessee, United States I313172
129 Davidson, John Floyd  11 Jun 1914Tennessee, United States I360239
130 Davis, James A Sr.  1829Tennessee, United States I262641
131 Davis, Rhoda C.  Aft 1870Tennessee, United States I375385
132 Debord, Celia Jane  22 Oct 1904Tennessee, United States I351108
133 Denham, Zachariah  Tennessee, United States I319840
134 Dezarne, Hezekiah  2 Oct 1906Tennessee, United States I374556
135 Diederle, Maria Elizabeth  Abt 1790Tennessee, United States I313821
136 Dingus, Nannie Gertrude  14 Apr 1998Tennessee, United States I295860
137 Dinsmore, Corinne  Tennessee, United States I351889
138 Donelson, John  1785Tennessee, United States I32696
139 Dougherty, Ezra W.  25 May 1990Tennessee, United States I313224
140 Duncan, Nancy  2 Nov 1867Tennessee, United States I380765
141 Dunn, Nancy Catherine  21 May 1939Tennessee, United States I320218
142 Dyal, Ida Mae  1981Tennessee, United States I384600
143 Edwards, Katherine  1850Tennessee, United States I395406
144 Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth  1 Jun 1928Tennessee, United States I267335
145 Eledge, Lillie B  22 Jan 1908Tennessee, United States I371390
146 Elkins, Martha  2 May 1837Tennessee, United States I324287
147 England, James A  25 Mar 1896Tennessee, United States I373494
148 Estep, Jesse  Abt 1907Tennessee, United States I237246
149 Evans, Jesse B.  1880Tennessee, United States I375396
150 Fann, Bessie Roberta  8 Oct 1959Tennessee, United States I341078
151 Farmer, Joseph Wilson  11 Mar 1919Tennessee, United States I366354
152 Ferrell, James Lafayette Napoleon Bonaparte  9 Mar 1904Tennessee, United States I322189
153 Fields, Mary Polly Nerv  2 May 1838Tennessee, United States I393844
154 Finley, Elizabeth Thomson  Abt 1795Tennessee, United States I118623
155 Fitts, Susannah  16 Aug 1848Tennessee, United States I381928
156 Fleming, Margaret Zetta  19 Jun 1993Tennessee, United States I11460
157 Fletcher, Jean  Abt 1841Tennessee, United States I364435
158 Fletcher, Mary C. Leah  25 Feb 1892Tennessee, United States I319359
159 Ford, William Kelly  1904Tennessee, United States I275775
160 Fowler, Elizabeth  1856Tennessee, United States I246101
161 Fowler, Isaac Chapman  29 Apr 1905Tennessee, United States I385035
162 Franklin, Benjamin  28 Jul 1824Tennessee, United States I1718
163 Franklin, James Mason  19 Sep 1837Tennessee, United States I6618
164 Franklin, Jesse  Tennessee, United States I267994
165 Franklin, Jesse Bernard  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I1628
166 Franklin, Lawson D.  8 Apr 1861Tennessee, United States I238334
167 Franklin, Robert D.  12 Mar 1866Tennessee, United States I233584
168 Franklin, Susan Pettio  Tennessee, United States I292925
169 Frederick, Ina  4 Jun 1976Tennessee, United States I393463
170 Freeman, Avis Lenora  7 Dec 2013Tennessee, United States I394268
171 Freeman, Samuel Charles  10 Jan 1914Tennessee, United States I373676
172 Freeman, Sophia Alice  17 Apr 1924Tennessee, United States I337702
173 Frost, Theresa Ann  Tennessee, United States I375816
174 Fugate, Anna Mae  From 1891 to 1900Tennessee, United States I329553
175 Fugate, James Henry  Abt 1903Tennessee, United States I292314
176 Fugate, Jehiel  17 Jun 1863Tennessee, United States I369650
177 Fugate, Oliver Denham  Abt 1900Tennessee, United States I319850
178 Fugate, William Denham  Abt 1900Tennessee, United States I319845
179 Fugate, Zacharia  1850Tennessee, United States I301325
180 Fulkerson, James Mathew  19 Sep 1883Tennessee, United States I370939
181 Fuller, Carter Clarence  23 Jul 2005Tennessee, United States I398426
182 Fultz, Ardella Mae  1942Tennessee, United States I116952
183 Garrett, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1899Tennessee, United States I368125
184 Garrett, William Hines  3 Nov 1913Tennessee, United States I125609
185 Gibson, Ary  6 Oct 1905Tennessee, United States I340939
186 Gibson, Luela  Abt 1827Tennessee, United States I332318
187 Gibson, Margaret Jane  1860Tennessee, United States I380593
188 Gibson, William  1842Tennessee, United States I97735
189 Gilliam, Kedrick Darrell  4 Sep 2000Tennessee, United States I97517
190 Gilliam, Ruth  16 Sep 1977Tennessee, United States I389859
191 Gilliam, Virgie  28 Apr 1991Tennessee, United States I29562
192 Gist, William Breed Sr.  Tennessee, United States I378899
193 Givins, Nancy  Tennessee, United States I397144
194 Godsey, Margaret  Tennessee, United States I359053
195 Godsey, William M.  18 Mar 1927Tennessee, United States I362919
196 Goins, Francis Marion  Tennessee, United States I391393
197 Goins, Lula  1945Tennessee, United States I350070
198 Goodbread, Capt. John Jr.  1845–1850Tennessee, United States I250275
199 Goode, Lafayette  29 May 1920Tennessee, United States I375907
200 Gooden, John T  1875Tennessee, United States I296540
201 Goodman, Hester  Abt 1905Tennessee, United States I269807
202 Goodman, Samuel Gray  Abt 1886Tennessee, United States I302560
203 Grace, Lavina C  14 Jan 1898Tennessee, United States I383772
204 Gray, Calvin L.  Tennessee, United States I81083
205 Gray, Elias  Abt 1900Tennessee, United States I377770
206 Gray, Sarah Catherine  15 Jan 1891Tennessee, United States I92651
207 Gray, Silas  Sep 1962Tennessee, United States I331227
208 Green, Mary Ellen  2 Feb 1944Tennessee, United States I376790
209 Greer, Henry  Aft 1920Tennessee, United States I317007
210 Griffey, Susannah  16 Apr 1911Tennessee, United States I89721
211 Grubb, Curtis A.  1850Tennessee, United States I360837
212 Guinn, David  29 Jul 1807Tennessee, United States I131949
213 Gwyn, Sarah  1836Tennessee, United States I24571
214 Halcomb, Betty Joe  6 Dec 2014Tennessee, United States I331292
215 Hall, Albert Wilson  14 Dec 2007Tennessee, United States I108179
216 Hall, John Marion  Abt 1898Tennessee, United States I400739
217 Hall, Leroy  1 Aug 1994Tennessee, United States I16216
218 Hall, Obedience Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I104261
219 Hall, Serepta  1832Tennessee, United States I104262
220 Hamilton, James  17 Oct 1906Tennessee, United States I268017
221 Hamilton, Opal  5 May 2013Tennessee, United States I399809
222 Hammer, James Cyrus  1887Tennessee, United States I92654
223 Harkleroad, Henry  Tennessee, United States I381745
224 Harmon, Julia  1900Tennessee, United States I397866
225 Harton, Rebecca  1860Tennessee, United States I395019
226 Hatfield, Mary Elizabeth  15 Mar 1973Tennessee, United States I305673
227 Hatfield, Walter Crayton  1914Tennessee, United States I85358
228 Hawkins, Nancy  1784Tennessee, United States I363247
229 Headrick, Milley Ann  Tennessee, United States I340941
230 Henderson, Augustus Monroe  26 Dec 1945Tennessee, United States I286945
231 Hensley, Margaret C.  9 Mar 1915Tennessee, United States I359344
232 Hickam, Mary "Polly"  1830Tennessee, United States I331920
233 Hicks, Lt. Nathaniel Millard  5 Jun 1861Tennessee, United States I354888
234 Hicks, Rev. Robert Sr.  8 Oct 1845Tennessee, United States I15922
235 Hicks, Wesley  Tennessee, United States I229669
236 Higginbotham, Mary Ann  1794Tennessee, United States I78837
237 Hill, Virginia Dare  13 Sep 1987Tennessee, United States I276121
238 Hobbs, Richard  Aft 1850Tennessee, United States I338076
239 Hobbs, Robert Lee  2 Jun 1952Tennessee, United States I391052
240 Hobbs, Thomas Joel  Aft 1833Tennessee, United States I32823
241 Holbrook, Charles Arnold  Mar 1972Tennessee, United States I8281
242 Holder, Mary  1942Tennessee, United States I394425
243 Hollenshed, Lucretia  1880Tennessee, United States I311896
244 Holmes, Thomas Gilbert  7 Jun 1965Tennessee, United States I287200
245 Holt, James William  1948Tennessee, United States I332868
246 Hood, Nancy J.  Tennessee, United States I245903
247 Horton, Jonathan Abner  16 Jan 1929Tennessee, United States I364663
248 Howard, Mary  11 Jan 1943Tennessee, United States I291763
249 Huckaby, Claudia  Jan 1982Tennessee, United States I8274
250 Huff, William  10 Jul 1846Tennessee, United States I131876
251 Hurst, William Elijah  Abt 1897Tennessee, United States I397617
252 Hurt, Sarah  1849Tennessee, United States I92803
253 Huskey, Zora Lillian  20 Nov 1998Tennessee, United States I375119
254 Hyder, Mary Pauline Myrtle  1862Tennessee, United States I381104
255 Hylton, James William  3 Oct 1864Tennessee, United States I89720
256 Jeffries, Elizabeth Ann  11 May 1927Tennessee, United States I313697
257 Jenkins, Aaron  11 Feb 1834Tennessee, United States I337949
258 Jessee, Margaret A M  4 Feb 1908Tennessee, United States I354833
259 Johns, Joseph Barksdale  8 Oct 1839Tennessee, United States I87347
260 Johnson, Andrew Jackson  Tennessee, United States I318958
261 Johnson, Ann  1910Tennessee, United States I378303
262 Johnson, Haley Ann  Bef 1889Tennessee, United States I247212
263 Johnson, Lillie Mae  Tennessee, United States I276397
264 Johnson, Mary J.  1850Tennessee, United States I117215
265 Johnson, Putnam  Abt 1802Tennessee, United States I340304
266 Johnson, William D.  28 Sep 1885Tennessee, United States I382159
267 Jones, Addie "Abbie"  9 Jun 1957Tennessee, United States I345704
268 Jones, Mary  1835Tennessee, United States I370961
269 Jones, Susan  14 Sep 1939Tennessee, United States I290999
270 Justice, John W.  1900Tennessee, United States I289841
271 Keathley, John Buchanan  1949Tennessee, United States I305962
272 Keel, Harding  1841Tennessee, United States I13688
273 Keith, Alexander  1796Tennessee, United States I248103
274 Keller, Emma Jane  Abt 1936Tennessee, United States I266571
275 Kelly, Mary Ellen  Abt 1882Tennessee, United States I382713
276 Kemble, Elizabeth  Aft 1800Tennessee, United States I275130
277 Kennon, Charlotte Alfreida  20 Aug 2001Tennessee, United States I15563
278 Kerley, Lawson Walker  15 May 1937Tennessee, United States I372761
279 Kestner, Sarah Elizabeth  18 Apr 1921Tennessee, United States I386272
280 Ketron, Phillip Lee  10 Feb 2011Tennessee, United States I352744
281 Kettenring, Jacob Nelson  18 Mar 1872Tennessee, United States I240083
282 Kincer, Betty Jane  15 Feb 1987Tennessee, United States I252130
283 Kinder, Ephraim  1880Tennessee, United States I304758
284 Kirby, Albert Burton  21 Nov 1895Tennessee, United States I337707
285 Klepper, Phillip Augustus  1852Tennessee, United States I359361
286 Kline, Mary Ann  22 Oct 1899Tennessee, United States I249361
287 Lane, Joseph Warren  16 Apr 1849Tennessee, United States I300304
288 Lane, Margaret J  27 Mar 1934Tennessee, United States I374420
289 Lane, Zola E.  13 Jun 2004Tennessee, United States I299737
290 Larkey, Thomas Alexander  3 Jan 1927Tennessee, United States I292114
291 Lawson, Julia Ann  1892Tennessee, United States I96817
292 Ledford, Rev. James Madison  22 Mar 1923Tennessee, United States I366359
293 Lee, Robert R.  1858Tennessee, United States I338697
294 Littrell, Eliza A  17 Feb 1911Tennessee, United States I357093
295 Lively, Lucinda Lucy Ann  1905Tennessee, United States I380012
296 Long, George Washington  1853Tennessee, United States I292528
297 Lovelace, Ray Thomas  3 Aug 1990Tennessee, United States I290011
298 Lowrance, Rachal  1855–1860Tennessee, United States I368128
299 Maddox, Palmer Newton  7 Apr 1902Tennessee, United States I364376
300 Mahaffey, Nancy  14 Apr 1906Tennessee, United States I313682
301 Martin, William  4 Aug 1820Tennessee, United States I311282
302 Mason, Dorothy  Aft 1828Tennessee, United States I21385
303 Mathis, Angeline Tennessee  1880Tennessee, United States I347253
304 Mathis, Mary Catherine  28 Sep 1924Tennessee, United States I347098
305 Mays, Nancy Jane Ivy  1852Tennessee, United States I335213
306 Mc Brayer, Susannah  Aft 1816Tennessee, United States I369205
307 McBee, Mary Ann  12 Sep 1925Tennessee, United States I355311
308 McClendon, Carrie Jane 'Jannie'  25 Jan 1936Tennessee, United States I121880
309 McCoy, John L.  5 Aug 1874Tennessee, United States I398644
310 McCullum, Robert Alton  Tennessee, United States I277475
311 McDaniel, Elendor  1880Tennessee, United States I380977
312 McDonald, James  4 Jul 1844Tennessee, United States I239484
313 McGee, Ralph  1832Tennessee, United States I350119
314 McKamey, Andrew  Abt 1905Tennessee, United States I336149
315 McKee, William F  1863Tennessee, United States I393598
316 Mckenzie, Homer  24 Sep 1974Tennessee, United States I342856
317 Mendenhall, Elizabeth  Aft 1795Tennessee, United States I13589
318 Meredith, Kenneth Earl  19 Mar 1960Tennessee, United States I313829
319 Meredith, Mary  23 Oct 1882Tennessee, United States I362717
320 Messer, Oples Sr.  5 Oct 1984Tennessee, United States I110729
321 Millis, William Wesley  21 Aug 1913Tennessee, United States I230351
322 Mims, Alfred  5 Dec 1837Tennessee, United States I382764
323 Mims, Moses Jasper  9 Mar 1909Tennessee, United States I382759
324 Moore, Charles E  Tennessee, United States I340535
325 Moore, Dulcena N.  25 Dec 1944Tennessee, United States I246907
326 Moore, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1899Tennessee, United States I340176
327 Moore, Enoch  24 Dec 1876Tennessee, United States I246903
328 Moore, Margaret  Jan 1917Tennessee, United States I369215
329 Moore, Matthew Wilson  17 Mar 2006Tennessee, United States I344608
330 Moore, Sarah Catherine  26 Oct 1919Tennessee, United States I391392
331 Moore, William Depriest  1 Nov 1855Tennessee, United States I244428
332 Morefield, Charlie N  Apr 1968Tennessee, United States I311080
333 Morgan, Charles Ray  Nov 2012Tennessee, United States I305099
334 Morgan, Leannah  16 Sep 1872Tennessee, United States I363477
335 Morrison, Lois Marie  18 Sep 1999Tennessee, United States I306143
336 Mosley, Ann  Abt 1888Tennessee, United States I302561
337 Mullins, Carvis Ray  28 Jun 1994Tennessee, United States I306813
338 Mullins, Lucinda Barthena  1900Tennessee, United States I380937
339 Mullins, Maggie L.  30 Jan 1963Tennessee, United States I341080
340 Mullins, Samuel  Tennessee, United States I361895
341 Napier, Don Henry  8 May 1998Tennessee, United States I290332
342 Napier, James T  1976Tennessee, United States I349232
343 Nardi, Joseph R.  5 Oct 1998Tennessee, United States I290348
344 Narramore, William Edward  Jan 1925Tennessee, United States I121879
345 Neal, Irby Wilson  1957Tennessee, United States I362292
346 Neal, Isaac Henderson  9 Jun 1930Tennessee, United States I391990
347 Neal, John O'Brien  1878Tennessee, United States I384113
348 Nelson, Matthew Gilmore  30 Nov 1921Tennessee, United States I364809
349 Newberry, Philip Henry  26 Apr 1899Tennessee, United States I259312
350 Newell, William C  1893Tennessee, United States I301763
351 Newland, Joseph Sr.  17 Apr 1839Tennessee, United States I368789
352 Newland, Mary  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I126667
353 Newman, Ida Mae  2 Jun 1975Tennessee, United States I285856
354 Nichols, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1870Tennessee, United States I362429
355 O'Rourke, John  Tennessee, United States I92889
356 Odum, Franklin Eugene  4 Dec 2005Tennessee, United States I384787
357 Outlaw, Mary Penelope "Nellie"  1860Tennessee, United States I379181
358 Owen, Robert Nathaniel  12 Oct 1926Tennessee, United States I235926
359 Owen, William J.  13 Feb 1892Tennessee, United States I253858
360 Owens, John R  1905Tennessee, United States I335322
361 Paul, Capt. Audley  Aft 1808Tennessee, United States I240708
362 Pebley, Annie  1887Tennessee, United States I230446
363 Pendergrass, Asa Nathaniel  12 Nov 1906Tennessee, United States I382275
364 Perkins, Lewis M  7 Oct 1903Tennessee, United States I380034
365 Peters, Flora E.  15 Jun 1971Tennessee, United States I234708
366 Phillips, Malinda Ethel  Nov 1984Tennessee, United States I132019
367 Phillips, Sarah  Tennessee, United States I118443
368 Phipps, Ruby Pearl  15 Jan 2007Tennessee, United States I10324
369 Pickering, Elizabeth  1857Tennessee, United States I264759
370 Pierson, Nora K  3 Oct 2003Tennessee, United States I354928
371 Pippin, Buford Hayes  29 Oct 1961Tennessee, United States I382454
372 Poe, James P  1870Tennessee, United States I303773
373 Polan, Wannetta  4 May 1977Tennessee, United States I91705
374 Poole, Mary Polly  Abt 1819Tennessee, United States I236396
375 Porter, Samuel  Tennessee, United States I313786
376 Potter, Bertha E.  Mar 1983Tennessee, United States I246884
377 Potter, Marion P.  Jul 1979Tennessee, United States I246883
378 Powell, Mary Ann  1860Tennessee, United States I310795
379 Powers, Malinda Lee  Jan 1970Tennessee, United States I241689
380 Pugh, Andrew Sr.  30 Nov 1864Tennessee, United States I354885
381 Qualls, William B.  From 1835 to 1849Tennessee, United States I242465
382 Rasnick, Louisa Jane  1 Jan 1922Tennessee, United States I292422
383 Rayfield, Bessie Elizabeth  26 Jun 1975Tennessee, United States I387050
384 Reed, John Franklin  1900Tennessee, United States I389427
385 Reed, Rachel  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I101919
386 Rhodes, Mary R.  18 Jan 1918Tennessee, United States I359261
387 Rhoton, Elisha L.  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I345984
388 Rice, Mary Lucinda  Aug 1850Tennessee, United States I381651
389 Rich, William Jr.  Tennessee, United States I380011
390 Richardson, Sturm M  1995Tennessee, United States I236594
391 Riley, Margaret  15 Aug 1884Tennessee, United States I363821
392 Riley, Nancy  Aft 1880Tennessee, United States I319827
393 Rivers, Mary Richardson  15 Nov 1893Tennessee, United States I306141
394 Roberts, Jane  Abt 1947Tennessee, United States I269769
395 Roberts, Mary A.  1870Tennessee, United States I383075
396 Robinson, James Johnson Caroll  Tennessee, United States I385228
397 Roller, Emmett  15 Jan 1974Tennessee, United States I311378
398 Russell, Martha Jane  1910Tennessee, United States I287988
399 Ryan, James M.  24 Nov 1898Tennessee, United States I290998
400 Sarratt, Charles McMurry  1865Tennessee, United States I401050
401 Sartain, Rutha  1875Tennessee, United States I311238
402 Saunders, Nancy Jane  25 May 1947Tennessee, United States I365378
403 Saunders, Susanna  1815Tennessee, United States I372377
404 Scalf, Berryman  Aft 1876Tennessee, United States I354049
405 Selvidge, Sarah  1840Tennessee, United States I311225
406 Sexton, Lucinda J.  Tennessee, United States I83655
407 Sexton, Melvin  13 Mar 1973Tennessee, United States I268752
408 Shepard, Mary J  1900Tennessee, United States I363602
409 Shepherd, Mattie  Tennessee, United States I302797
410 Shipley, Mahalia  Apr 1882Tennessee, United States I381746
411 Shires, Roxinda Belle  6 Apr 1902Tennessee, United States I369689
412 Shoemaker, Edward C  1987Tennessee, United States I291128
413 Shores, Enoch W.  1959Tennessee, United States I250065
414 Simpson, Ada Cora  12 Feb 1929Tennessee, United States I311451
415 Slayden, Joseph Shelby  1896Tennessee, United States I388430
416 Slimp, Alfred  15 May 1878Tennessee, United States I260925
417 Smith, Caroline  1880Tennessee, United States I315237
418 Smith, Catherine  Tennessee, United States I241408
419 Smith, Cornelia E  1917Tennessee, United States I310793
420 Smith, Letitia  8 May 1895Tennessee, United States I362157
421 Snow, Adra  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I86896
422 Spears, Drury  1841Tennessee, United States I30596
423 Spradlin, Mary Jane  Dec 1900Tennessee, United States I303454
424 Stallard, Charles Clinton  30 Mar 1956Tennessee, United States I134808
425 Stanley, Rhodes  Tennessee, United States I311237
426 Steadman, Thomas  1860Tennessee, United States I391199
427 Stern, Maria  Tennessee, United States I380183
428 Stevens, Kate A.  1924Tennessee, United States I305964
429 Stockley, Rachel  1801Tennessee, United States I32697
430 Stokes, Joseph H  1908Tennessee, United States I369214
431 Stout, Abraham A.  26 Apr 1906Tennessee, United States I127671
432 Stout, Elizabeth  1864Tennessee, United States I379551
433 Stout, George Peter  Oct 1859Tennessee, United States I381723
434 Stover, Sarah Drake  22 Mar 1886Tennessee, United States I369187
435 Sturgill, James Edward  19 Jan 1999Tennessee, United States I240114
436 Suit, Ralph  1840Tennessee, United States I332106
437 Sumpter, William Bradley  30 Mar 1974Tennessee, United States I115551
438 Tackett, Cecil  11 Mar 1998Tennessee, United States I76868
439 Tackett, Michael  7 Sep 1925Tennessee, United States I118437
440 Tarwater, Michael H.  Tennessee, United States I251552
441 Taylor, Ava Mae  Tennessee, United States I272924
442 Taylor, John  Bef 1887Tennessee, United States I289805
443 Taylor, Mary J.  11 Jun 1884Tennessee, United States I253859
444 Templeton, James C.  14 Feb 1997Tennessee, United States I233256
445 Templeton, Nellie G.  4 Sep 2001Tennessee, United States I233255
446 Terrell, Timothy  1781Tennessee, United States I312404
447 Thayer, Robert Benjamin  1894Tennessee, United States I385412
448 Thomas, Lucinda  1900Tennessee, United States I391299
449 Thomason, John Jr  11 Feb 1920Tennessee, United States I309559
450 Thompson, Zora  28 Jun 1995Tennessee, United States I309557
451 Thurman, William T  1868Tennessee, United States I303932
452 Tilson, Verda Odell  20 Jul 1995Tennessee, United States I290720
453 Titsworth, Thomas A.  Apr 1850Tennessee, United States I372719
454 Treece, Minerva A  12 Feb 1916Tennessee, United States I311524
455 Triplett, Marinda  7 Jun 1888Tennessee, United States I2860
456 Trotter, David  Aft 1841Tennessee, United States I369203
457 Turley, Bess  Bef 1798Tennessee, United States I24307
458 Turley, Elizabeth  1797Tennessee, United States I130862
459 Turner, Leander  13 Jan 1878Tennessee, United States I303601
460 Tyler, Minerva J.  Bef 1900Tennessee, United States I375534
461 Underwood, Margaret  23 Dec 1889Tennessee, United States I288549
462 Underwood, Tamson  1970Tennessee, United States I368211
463 Vance, Beverly Mae  10 Jan 2021Tennessee, United States I389351
464 Vandergriff, Alice Melissa  19 Dec 1908Tennessee, United States I289398
465 Vaughan, John W.  10 Nov 1890Tennessee, United States I380697
466 Vicars, Alfred James Sr.  1968Tennessee, United States I391664
467 Vicars, Kiturah  9 Apr 1864Tennessee, United States I332263
468 Viers, Sylvia C.  1968Tennessee, United States I310614
469 Walker, Mary  1820Tennessee, United States I118638
470 Wallen, Elisha  1783Tennessee, United States I306103
471 Walling, Lucy  Tennessee, United States I376119
472 Walling, William II  Bef 1880Tennessee, United States I376120
473 Walton, Thomas Johnson  15 Apr 1872Tennessee, United States I242284
474 Wampler, Arnold Alonzo  19 Mar 1956Tennessee, United States I230218
475 Wampler, Garnie M  29 Sep 1998Tennessee, United States I292398
476 Wampler, Martha Alice  16 Jun 1928Tennessee, United States I230215
477 Ward, Elisha Lafayette  Jan 1965Tennessee, United States I385888
478 Warren, Thomas W.  8 Sep 1878Tennessee, United States I309394
479 Webb, Austin  4 Oct 1862Tennessee, United States I230943
480 Webb, James R  23 Nov 1918Tennessee, United States I394426
481 Webb, William  1866Tennessee, United States I230950
482 Weddle, Ceymanse Elitha  11 Nov 1907Tennessee, United States I322267
483 Wells, Gladys  13 Feb 2003Tennessee, United States I260703
484 Wells, Sibella  1809Tennessee, United States I232951
485 Wilcox, Reece B  10 Jun 1967Tennessee, United States I281907
486 Wilkoxen, Luther  Bef 1910Tennessee, United States I281906
487 Williams, Barbary  30 Aug 1793Tennessee, United States I367710
488 Williams, Branham H.  27 Jun 1911Tennessee, United States I118898
489 Williams, Catherine  Abt 1858Tennessee, United States I118860
490 Willis, Maude Ethel  1974Tennessee, United States I400462
491 Wilson, Claiborne  Tennessee, United States I382172
492 Wilson, Jonathan Ramsey  15 May 1928Tennessee, United States I118442
493 Wilson, Louisa Eliza  1885Tennessee, United States I397357
494 Wilson, Philip Anderson  1 Sep 1896Tennessee, United States I265663
495 Wireman, Jackson  Abt 1930Tennessee, United States I240761
496 Wood, John Sr.  Nov 1813Tennessee, United States I86876
497 Wood, John Patrick Hagan  3 Feb 1920Tennessee, United States I372194
498 Wood, Mary  21 Jan 1855Tennessee, United States I367101
499 Woodley, Elizabeth  Tennessee, United States I128148
500 Woods, Ronald Paul  5 Mar 2018Tennessee, United States I352654
501 Worley, Elias  1898Tennessee, United States I383771
502 Wright, Daniel  29 Nov 2014Tennessee, United States I253763
503 Yarborough, Eliza M.  Tennessee, United States I335323
504 Young, Samuel C  24 Dec 1883Tennessee, United States I230452
505 Young, Sarah  Oct 1849Tennessee, United States I74064
506 Zornes, Martin  1896Tennessee, United States I383051


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bittle, Nancy D.  15 Aug 1934Tennessee, United States I361117
2 Boyers, Sarah  Tennessee, United States I378998
3 Brashear, Isaac  Tennessee, United States I237841
4 Campbell, Rachael P  1921Tennessee, United States I319300
5 Clements, Rachel  1833Tennessee, United States I336838
6 Coleman, Emeline E.  20 Jun 1924Tennessee, United States I358831
7 Forgey, Margaret  Tennessee, United States I386314
8 Hoss, Hannah Sophia  24 Dec 1925Tennessee, United States I389315
9 Humphreys, Mary  Tennessee, United States I289959
10 Johnson, Ann  Tennessee, United States I378303
11 Johnson, William D.  1885Tennessee, United States I382159
12 Keller, Eliza Jane  Tennessee, United States I368224
13 Littrell, Eliza A  Tennessee, United States I357093
14 Logwood, John H  Tennessee, United States I383191
15 Loop, James Robert  27 Jun 1928Tennessee, United States I286537
16 Lovelace, William M.  19 Oct 1931Tennessee, United States I290007
17 Moore, Thomas Newton  23 Nov 1945Tennessee, United States I23591
18 Morelock, Judah  Tennessee, United States I340502
19 Newberry, Bessie Ethel  Tennessee, United States I296600
20 Raulston, Jane Lula  Apr 1902Tennessee, United States I314212
21 Rush, Nancy Jane  10 Jan 1917Tennessee, United States I377710
22 Skeen, Mary  Tennessee, United States I371332
23 Skiles, Ephraim Jr.  Tennessee, United States I329867
24 Sublett, Ursula  Tennessee, United States I375288
25 Wampler, Sara Alice  Tennessee, United States I365782
26 Wolfenbarger, Wilkerson  Tennessee, United States I365813


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Breeding, William P.  29 Jun 1819Tennessee, United States I134064
2 Brooks, Delany  15 Jan 1812Tennessee, United States I133979
3 Hurst, Sarah F  Abt 1889Tennessee, United States I33201
4 Linville, Lucretia  Abt 1746Tennessee, United States I134245
5 Roark, Elijah William  1825Tennessee, United States I133935


Matches 1 to 140 of 140

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Mary E.  1870Tennessee, United States I293164
2 Baker, Abraham  1870Tennessee, United States I361334
3 Baker, Claiborne  1870Tennessee, United States I287367
4 Beidleman, Valentine Adams  1870Tennessee, United States I78346
5 Blevins, Margaret H.  1870Tennessee, United States I289793
6 Bloomer, James D  1870Tennessee, United States I339227
7 Bolden, Preston  1870Tennessee, United States I317177
8 Booher, Eli  1870Tennessee, United States I361404
9 Booher, Mary A.  1870Tennessee, United States I361411
10 Bowser, Catherine  1870Tennessee, United States I84545
11 Bradshaw, Pvt. Thomas William  1870Tennessee, United States I360203
12 Bunch, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I258374
13 Bunch, Jesse  1870Tennessee, United States I258371
14 Bunch, Malissa Seal  1870Tennessee, United States I101917
15 Campbell, Rev. James Charles  1870Tennessee, United States I319271
16 Cannon, Anna Bell  1870Tennessee, United States I234711
17 Carmack, Mary Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I73673
18 Carty, Lydia Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I331639
19 Collins, Armistead  1870Tennessee, United States I129307
20 Collins, Branham  1870Tennessee, United States I118855
21 Collins, Conway  1870Tennessee, United States I75396
22 Collins, Frances  1870Tennessee, United States I231893
23 Collins, Howard  1870Tennessee, United States I232527
24 Collins, Martha  1870Tennessee, United States I118912
25 Collins, Sarah  1870Tennessee, United States I14540
26 Collins, Vardeman  1870Tennessee, United States I291785
27 Collins, Vardy  1870Tennessee, United States I101929
28 Collins, Wesley  1870Tennessee, United States I282612
29 Combs, Martha Jayne  1870Tennessee, United States I290740
30 Coward, Isaac  1870Tennessee, United States I126337
31 Cross, Elizabeth J.  1870Tennessee, United States I325894
32 Cross, Lydia Ellen  1870Tennessee, United States I325893
33 Cross, Mordecai M.  1870Tennessee, United States I325890
34 Darnell, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I361335
35 Dean, Andrew Jackson  1870Tennessee, United States I95413
36 Dean, John W.  1870Tennessee, United States I377935
37 Dezarne, Hezekiah  1870Tennessee, United States I374556
38 Dickenson, Martha Jane "Patsy"  1870Tennessee, United States I331624
39 Draper, Anna Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I360309
40 Durham, Jason Yeoman  1870Tennessee, United States I376015
41 Durham, Sarah Henrietta  1870Tennessee, United States I364764
42 Fansler, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I359380
43 Fansler, George Walter  1870Tennessee, United States I359383
44 Fields, Sarah R.  1870Tennessee, United States I359914
45 Fletcher, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I360257
46 Fogelman, Nancy  1870Tennessee, United States I364372
47 Fugate, Matilda  1870Tennessee, United States I329551
48 Fugate, Sarah Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I329550
49 Fuller, Francis Marion  1870Tennessee, United States I290737
50 Goins, Alfred D.  1870Tennessee, United States I82261
51 Goins, James R Buchanan  1870Tennessee, United States I118851
52 Goins, Thomas  1870Tennessee, United States I72679
53 Grant, Sarah  1870Tennessee, United States I358296
54 Gray, Isaac  1870Tennessee, United States I73672
55 Gray, Margaret  1870Tennessee, United States I79466
56 Gray, Margaret Ellen  1870Tennessee, United States I379626
57 Gray, Nancy Emily  1870Tennessee, United States I105266
58 Green, Margaret Catherine  1870Tennessee, United States I360684
59 Green, Rebecca  1870Tennessee, United States I382158
60 Greer, John Wesley  1870Tennessee, United States I261538
61 Hall, Daniel L  1870Tennessee, United States I296555
62 Hall, Elmira  1870Tennessee, United States I104242
63 Hampton, Lucinda  1870Tennessee, United States I336560
64 Hart, Martha Ann  1870Tennessee, United States I360941
65 Hickam, John  1870Tennessee, United States I360658
66 Horton, Elizabeth White  1870Tennessee, United States I364147
67 Howard, Susanna E.  1870Tennessee, United States I72084
68 Jenkins, Eliza Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I319283
69 Jessee, Isaac M  1870Tennessee, United States I325181
70 Jessee, John Trigg  1870Tennessee, United States I325179
71 Johnson, Pres. Andrew  1870Tennessee, United States I369170
72 Johnson, William D.  1870Tennessee, United States I382159
73 Kaylor, Emmet Milton Sr  1870Tennessee, United States I331197
74 Keller, George B.  1870Tennessee, United States I382675
75 Kilgore, Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I258681
76 Killion, Annie  1870Tennessee, United States I364278
77 Landrum, Anna  1870Tennessee, United States I107900
78 Lawson, Mahala  1870Tennessee, United States I376789
79 Maddox, Schofield  1870Tennessee, United States I325788
80 Maxey, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I101930
81 McChesney, Anna  1870Tennessee, United States I73675
82 McCurry, George Washington  1870Tennessee, United States I251273
83 Meredith, Pleasant A.  1870Tennessee, United States I376786
84 Minton, Daniel Newton  1870Tennessee, United States I112913
85 Minton, Jacob H. C. Jr.  1870Tennessee, United States I15234
86 Minton, Sarah  1870Tennessee, United States I261295
87 Moyers, Christina  1870Tennessee, United States I103102
88 Nickels, George M C  1870Tennessee, United States I276321
89 Nickels, Mary  1870Tennessee, United States I276320
90 Noe, Jerusha  1910Tennessee, United States I28853
91 Owens, Thomas  1870Tennessee, United States I301864
92 Penley, Judith Julia  1870Tennessee, United States I358417
93 Poe, Henry  1870Tennessee, United States I375866
94 Potter, Andrew  1870Tennessee, United States I97483
95 Potter, Andrew Jackson  1870Tennessee, United States I97487
96 Potter, Andrew Knight  1870Tennessee, United States I246870
97 Potter, Andrew Knight  1910Tennessee, United States I246870
98 Presley, Sarah Rebecca  1870Tennessee, United States I382152
99 Randolph, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I380736
100 Read, Eliza  1870Tennessee, United States I281998
101 Riggs, Henderson T.  1870Tennessee, United States I93939
102 Riley, Nancy  1870Tennessee, United States I319827
103 Roberson, William Hart  1870Tennessee, United States I304704
104 Salyer, John B.  1870Tennessee, United States I332171
105 Salyer, Robert Shanklin  1870Tennessee, United States I33260
106 Scott, John  1870Tennessee, United States I380980
107 Scott, John R.  1870Tennessee, United States I380735
108 Seals, Eliza  1870Tennessee, United States I262682
109 Sexton, Solomon M.  1870Tennessee, United States I14687
110 Simpson, Elias  1870Tennessee, United States I328688
111 Smith, Catherine  1870Tennessee, United States I338368
112 Smith, David Russell Sr  1870Tennessee, United States I395861
113 Smith, Elizabeth J.  1870Tennessee, United States I395863
114 Smith, John  1870Tennessee, United States I358301
115 Smith, Sarah Amanda  1870Tennessee, United States I25691
116 Snapp, Laurence Nathaniel  1870Tennessee, United States I361416
117 Spears, Anderson C  1870Tennessee, United States I345582
118 Sproles, Margaret  1870Tennessee, United States I361309
119 Spurgeon, William H.  1870Tennessee, United States I325381
120 Spurrier, William Graham  1870Tennessee, United States I358317
121 Standifer, Lucinda  1870Tennessee, United States I312020
122 Standifer, William Joseph  1870Tennessee, United States I291214
123 Stewart, Margaret Ann  1870Tennessee, United States I107902
124 Stone, Amanda  1870Tennessee, United States I392451
125 Sullivan, Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I325888
126 Sullivan, Margaret  1870Tennessee, United States I339228
127 Swicegood, John Lawrence  1870Tennessee, United States I22340
128 Taylor, Sarah  1870Tennessee, United States I361272
129 Trent, Sarah  1870Tennessee, United States I258368
130 Vandergriff, Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I301499
131 Wallen, Alfred  1880Tennessee, United States I301881
132 Wallen, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I289845
133 Weaks, James William  1870Tennessee, United States I105270
134 White, Armenia  1870Tennessee, United States I338369
135 White, Franklin M C  1870Tennessee, United States I338370
136 White, Jacob B.  1870Tennessee, United States I358894
137 Williams, Branham H.  1870Tennessee, United States I118898
138 Wolf, Sophia  1870Tennessee, United States I395862
139 Wood, Elizabeth E.  1870Tennessee, United States I276322
140 Wright, Elisha Abraham  1870Tennessee, United States I343569


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Breeding, Linza  6 Jan 1943Tennessee, United States I134044
2 Morgan, Benjamin  Tennessee, United States I28017


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    EnlistMil    Person ID 
1 Haddix, Lewis Davis  27 Jul 1862Tennessee, United States I304250


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Bolling, Dr. Harlis O. M. D.  1932Tennessee, United States I30350


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bartee, John  1861Tennessee, United States I358906
2 Collins, Pvt. Solomon Dickerson Jr.  From 10 Jul 1862 to 28 Jun 1863Tennessee, United States I258365
3 Collins, Vardeman  1862Tennessee, United States I291785
4 Collins, Wesley  1861Tennessee, United States I282612
5 Depew, William Rufus  1861Tennessee, United States I341605
6 Galliher, Claiborne Gunn  1861–1865Tennessee, United States I378365
7 Graham, Andrew J.  1863Tennessee, United States I378592
8 Hicks, Lt. Nathaniel Millard  1861Tennessee, United States I354888
9 Kilgore, William Caperton  1861–1865Tennessee, United States I364398
10 McGinnis, Aaron  1812Tennessee, United States I336362
11 Selvidge, William  1812–1815Tennessee, United States I311227
12 Steed, Harold Stuart  Oct 1942Tennessee, United States I115334
13 Wells, Noah  1861–1865Tennessee, United States I245567


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Cathey, Samuel L.  Aft 1810Tennessee, United States I31220
2 Roberts, Daniel Tipton  1804Tennessee, United States I30847
3 Webb, George Sr.  1777Tennessee, United States I13077


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Non-white/multiracial    Person ID 
1 Bowles, Eliza  1870–1900Tennessee, United States I378319
2 Bundy, Edward Harding  1910–1959Tennessee, United States I388146
3 Donohoo, Carolina  1869Tennessee, United States I370705
4 Fulton, Mack  1870–1900Tennessee, United States I378318
5 Pierce, Perla  1930–1940Tennessee, United States I393900
6 Smith, Leonard Major  1880–1892Tennessee, United States I370704


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Williams, Edith Kermit  29 Jan 2013Tennessee, United States I74097


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension    Person ID 
1 Fugate, James H.  12 Sep 1878Tennessee, United States I293549


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    PubServ    Person ID 
1 Sevier, Governor John  From 30 Mar 1796 to 23 Sep 1801Tennessee, United States I319278
2 Sevier, Governor John  From 23 Sep 1803 to 20 Sep 1809Tennessee, United States I319278


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Begley, Christian  1870Tennessee, United States I365245
2 Byington, Isaac  1870Tennessee, United States I377537
3 Campbell, Ann Rebecca  1870Tennessee, United States I382655
4 Caylor, Amanda Catherine  1870Tennessee, United States I375867
5 Chase, Roland Perry  1870Tennessee, United States I84544
6 Collins, Elona  1870Tennessee, United States I307273
7 Combs, William H  1870Tennessee, United States I329779
8 Cooley, Lucinda  1870Tennessee, United States I311228
9 Fisher, Nancy  1870Tennessee, United States I258567
10 Fleenor, Stella C  1870Tennessee, United States I330150
11 Fletcher, Mary Nancy  1870Tennessee, United States I369057
12 Gibson, Yearby  1805Tennessee, United States I82263
13 Hall, Perry  1870Tennessee, United States I310257
14 Hatfield, Lewis A.  1870Tennessee, United States I303448
15 Heaberlin, Joel Randall  1870Tennessee, United States I330298
16 Jones, Amanda E.  1870Tennessee, United States I400508
17 Judd, Hannah  1870Tennessee, United States I360198
18 Keller, William Newton  1870Tennessee, United States I382658
19 Kelly, Martha Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I7202
20 Kettenring, Mary Magdalene  1870Tennessee, United States I360654
21 McDavid, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I305496
22 Minton, Joseph P  1870Tennessee, United States I261296
23 Minton, Louisiana  1870Tennessee, United States I261298
24 Minton, William Emery  1870Tennessee, United States I261293
25 Nickels, Isaac Alderson  1870Tennessee, United States I276318
26 Parsons, Mary C.  1870Tennessee, United States I261267
27 Potter, John  1870Tennessee, United States I8096
28 Prince, Delila  1870Tennessee, United States I382031
29 Quillen, Ezra Martin  1870Tennessee, United States I358823
30 Rice, Thomas Manson  1870Tennessee, United States I359998
31 Robinette, Eldridge Houston  1870Tennessee, United States I377592
32 Rogers, Abraham Lincoln  1870Tennessee, United States I274723
33 Rose, Sarah Anne  1870Tennessee, United States I369651
34 Russell, Elizabeth  1870Tennessee, United States I373761
35 Ryan, Samuel  1870Tennessee, United States I291000
36 Salyer, Logan H.  1870Tennessee, United States I247468
37 Smith, William P  1870Tennessee, United States I395864
38 Snodgrass, Lilburn H  1870Tennessee, United States I323487
39 Stallard, Sarah Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I93940
40 Taylor, Mahala Jane  1870Tennessee, United States I365523
41 Williams, Elizabeth Ann  1870Tennessee, United States I75397


Matches 1 to 148 of 148

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Almany / Hicks  10 Feb 1842Tennessee, United States F154947
2 Asbury / Collins  22 Jan 1843Tennessee, United States F38103
3 Baker / Stubblefield  1833Tennessee, United States F41044
4 Barker / Felty  1866Tennessee, United States F147036
5 Baugh / Back  8 Apr 1950Tennessee, United States F121083
6 Beidleman / White  1845Tennessee, United States F50681
7 Bell / Collins  1874Tennessee, United States F117972
8 Bell / Denham  1890Tennessee, United States F111554
9 Betterton / Gray  15 Nov 1859Tennessee, United States F38527
10 Bickley / White  1 Nov 1849Tennessee, United States F34414
11 Bishop / Breeding  1853Tennessee, United States F152411
12 Bishop / Hurd  Abt 1874Tennessee, United States F153853
13 Blankenship / Bradley  20 Apr 1871Tennessee, United States F52293
14 Brown / Faulkner  5 Nov 1856Tennessee, United States F154007
15 Brummett / Scarbrough  Bef 1846Tennessee, United States F160078
16 Bryant / Tackett  1825Tennessee, United States F13417
17 Burchett / Butler  14 Dec 1820Tennessee, United States F39981
18 Campbell / Breeding  1861Tennessee, United States F53125
19 Carrell / Grantham  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States F111407
20 Caudill / Thompson  20 Dec 1952Tennessee, United States F141003
21 Chessor / Green  Aft 1840Tennessee, United States F134118
22 Cleek / McDavid  1838Tennessee, United States F135654
23 Collins / Botts  1794Tennessee, United States F89921
24 Collins / Johnson  18 Jun 1870Tennessee, United States F114479
25 Collins / Wright  30 Apr 1838Tennessee, United States F38139
26 Couch / Gibson  1796Tennessee, United States F29781
27 Cowan / Clements  20 Jul 1830Tennessee, United States F91693
28 Cowan / Cowan  1822Tennessee, United States F91687
29 Cowan / Gross  1855Tennessee, United States F134553
30 Cowan / Tankersley  Tennessee, United States F91682
31 Coward / Hall  1817Tennessee, United States F51577
32 Cox / Moyers  1867Tennessee, United States F89915
33 Curnutte / Stanley  8 Nov 1810Tennessee, United States F89511
34 Davis / Sulfridge  Abt 1868Tennessee, United States F113342
35 Day / Frady  21 May 1911Tennessee, United States F115564
36 Denham / Bowlin  1897Tennessee, United States F111553
37 Easterly / Burdine  1831Tennessee, United States F130980
38 Ellis / Hurt  Abt 1888Tennessee, United States F49865
39 Epperson / Godsey  Abt 1848Tennessee, United States F145441
40 Fields / Bailey  16 Apr 1816Tennessee, United States F93665
41 Fields / Hatfield  Abt 1832Tennessee, United States F12849
42 Fleming / Combs  1812Tennessee, United States F38924
43 Franklin / Nall  12 Sep 1820Tennessee, United States F621
44 Franklin / Rogers  1825Tennessee, United States F94827
45 Freeman / Livingston  Abt 1869Tennessee, United States F134450
46 Fugate / Harmon  5 Jan 1865Tennessee, United States F164658
47 Gambrel / Woolum  20 Aug 1837Tennessee, United States F123097
48 Gibbs / Maddox  26 Apr 1859Tennessee, United States F147970
49 Gibson / Moore  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States F114071
50 Gibson / Mullins  1864Tennessee, United States F151168
51 Gilbert / Clark  Abt 1855Tennessee, United States F122811
52 Gillespie / Cowan  1791Tennessee, United States F49002
53 Gilliam / Wallen  Abt 1872Tennessee, United States F154080
54 Godsey / *Unknown  Abt 1829Tennessee, United States F145438
55 Godsey / Moore  1866Tennessee, United States F148539
56 Gonce / *Unknown  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States F157184
57 Gooden / Bagwell  1828Tennessee, United States F115051
58 Gray / Arnold  25 Feb 1836Tennessee, United States F93144
59 Gray / Gray  19 Jan 1860Tennessee, United States F30437
60 Gray / Worley  24 Jan 1825Tennessee, United States F93163
61 Green / Butler  1861Tennessee, United States F153643
62 Greer / Snow  14 Nov 1936Tennessee, United States F47357
63 Gross / Haney  1833Tennessee, United States F134554
64 Gulley / Harris  Abt 1864Tennessee, United States F147548
65 Hamilton / Hurst  Abt 1792Tennessee, United States F7009
66 Hammer / Gray  10 Nov 1852Tennessee, United States F38528
67 Harris / *Unknown  Abt 1833Tennessee, United States F154011
68 Hatfield / Jones  Abt 1822Tennessee, United States F119940
69 Hobbs / Johnson  Tennessee, United States F134613
70 Holmes / Olinger  25 Dec 1914Tennessee, United States F110825
71 Holt / Carter  Abt 1834Tennessee, United States F129843
72 Horne / Chaffin  1789Tennessee, United States F96169
73 Huff / Gwinn  1804Tennessee, United States F52586
74 Jackson / Brown  1795Tennessee, United States F43286
75 Jenkins / Jenkins  1811Tennessee, United States F149722
76 Jessee / Black  1900Tennessee, United States F131005
77 Johnson / Bessett  Abt 1842Tennessee, United States F136432
78 Johnson / Lane  Bef 1827Tennessee, United States F156759
79 Jones / McConnell  Abt 1885Tennessee, United States F123390
80 King / Vickers  Abt 1865Tennessee, United States F131814
81 Kiser / Jessee  Apr 1850Tennessee, United States F9938
82 LaForce / McGeorge  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States F164051
83 Land / Brown  3 Dec 1914Tennessee, United States F104646
84 Larkey / McClain  5 Sep 1856Tennessee, United States F146242
85 Lawson / Fields  Abt 1848Tennessee, United States F93672
86 Leedy / Cox  1845Tennessee, United States F112015
87 Leonard / Wilder  Abt 1867Tennessee, United States F146722
88 London / Olinger  25 Dec 1910Tennessee, United States F110827
89 Marsee / Turner  Abt 1799Tennessee, United States F136162
90 McConnell / Quillen  1883Tennessee, United States F108167
91 McCurry / Gibson  1891Tennessee, United States F95339
92 McKenzie / Gibbons  Bef 1858Tennessee, United States F145513
93 Montgomery / Cowan  1823Tennessee, United States F91677
94 Montgomery / Minix  Abt 1856Tennessee, United States F93797
95 Morton / Collins  Abt 1884Tennessee, United States F5950
96 Mosley / Jones  Abt 1824Tennessee, United States F41738
97 Mullins / Collins  5 May 1884Tennessee, United States F108750
98 Mullins / Swiney  8 Oct 1907Tennessee, United States F125476
99 Neil / Cloud  1853Tennessee, United States F153100
100 Neil / Fain  Abt 1842Tennessee, United States F153097
101 Newland / Brashear  1850Tennessee, United States F97029
102 Newsome / Hatfield  Abt 1893Tennessee, United States F104702
103 Nunley / Woodlee  1888Tennessee, United States F31330
104 Owen / Carson  4 Oct 1882Tennessee, United States F90837
105 Owens / Welch  9 Feb 1860Tennessee, United States F133159
106 Patterson / Trotter  11 Oct 1810Tennessee, United States F150467
107 Quillen / Ramsey  30 Aug 1893Tennessee, United States F101843
108 Ramey / Livesay  27 Apr 1872Tennessee, United States F152766
109 Redwine / Fugate  19 Oct 1870Tennessee, United States F124212
110 Rice / *Unknown  Abt 1813Tennessee, United States F145941
111 Rice / Setzer  1840Tennessee, United States F91988
112 Roark / Cooper  Tennessee, United States F38640
113 Robinette / Roberts  Abt 1827Tennessee, United States F135302
114 Rogers / Gibson  19 Aug 1841Tennessee, United States F135864
115 Rogers / Vaughn  1831Tennessee, United States F153988
116 Saylor / Phillips  12 Jun 1888Tennessee, United States F151962
117 Sevier / Robertson  Abt 1772Tennessee, United States F156011
118 Shipley / Sells  1856Tennessee, United States F154695
119 Short / Moore  7 Jul 1859Tennessee, United States F51974
120 Smith / Spurrier  1865Tennessee, United States F146381
121 Snow / Crew  Abt 1941Tennessee, United States F47363
122 Snow / Goodwin  Abt 1952Tennessee, United States F47360
123 Snow / Johnson  1964Tennessee, United States F47364
124 Spurrier / *Unknown  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States F146854
125 Stamper / Banks  1875Tennessee, United States F31569
126 Standifer / Seabolt  1890Tennessee, United States F112526
127 Standifer / Seals  1863Tennessee, United States F161776
128 Stone / Horton  1862Tennessee, United States F149149
129 Stout / Smithers  Abt 1854Tennessee, United States F37922
130 Stovall / Barksdale  26 Feb 1833Tennessee, United States F44757
131 Sturgill / Tompkins  Bef 1830Tennessee, United States F12202
132 Tate / Byrd  14 Mar 1872Tennessee, United States F131617
133 Thompson / Bowman  1811Tennessee, United States F158369
134 Trent / Burton  1794Tennessee, United States F123459
135 Tucker / Varner  Abt 1894Tennessee, United States F111714
136 Tunnell / Tunnell  1850Tennessee, United States F127546
137 Wallen / Baker  17 Sep 1865Tennessee, United States F117796
138 Weaks / Thompson  15 Oct 1891Tennessee, United States F43419
139 Webb / Buck  1 Jun 1851Tennessee, United States F90201
140 Webb / Landrum  16 Apr 1851Tennessee, United States F44353
141 Whitaker / Haslom  Abt 1818Tennessee, United States F90372
142 White / Brooks  Abt 1898Tennessee, United States F149986
143 White / Owen  4 Feb 1808Tennessee, United States F156371
144 White / Qualls  1850Tennessee, United States F145386
145 Wilhelm / Wilhelm  1858Tennessee, United States F146097
146 Wilkerson / Potter  1816Tennessee, United States F89708
147 Willoughby / Kerr  1824Tennessee, United States F159787
148 Yonts / Ray  Between 1827 and 1829Tennessee, United States F2021


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blankenship / Bradley  20 Apr 1871Tennessee, United States F52293
2 Taylor / Caldwell  17 Mar 1836Tennessee, United States F45525


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