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Missouri, United States


Parish : Latitude: 38.2502806, Longitude: -92.5002806


Matches 1 to 389 of 389

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah A  1844Missouri, United States I377565
2 *Unknown, Phoebe  1845Missouri, United States I345248
3 *Unknown, Sarah A.  Jun 1840Missouri, United States I345822
4 Adams, Calvin C.  5 Feb 1867Missouri, United States I243577
5 Adams, Floyd Preston  Apr 1836Missouri, United States I250146
6 Adams, Henry M.  Oct 1896Missouri, United States I100343
7 Adams, Jane  29 Mar 1871Missouri, United States I243568
8 Adams, Jesse A.  28 Oct 1851Missouri, United States I266619
9 Adams, Louisa Caroline  29 Nov 1845Missouri, United States I375545
10 Adams, Mary Belle  Abt 1871Missouri, United States I243570
11 Adams, Virginia C.  1919Missouri, United States I98150
12 Adamson, Mathew  9 Apr 1861Missouri, United States I352589
13 Alfred, Virginia Ann  Abt 1856Missouri, United States I101722
14 Alley, Docia Missouri  8 Apr 1856Missouri, United States I271680
15 Allred, Belle  Abt 1857Missouri, United States I7501
16 Anthony, Laura A  Oct 1859Missouri, United States I376038
17 Antill, Deniza Frances  10 Jan 1850Missouri, United States I329099
18 Arnold, Lauria  1913Missouri, United States I296276
19 Arnold, Mary M  1916Missouri, United States I296277
20 Back, Lonnie  13 Jun 1914Missouri, United States I133040
21 Baily, Mahala  Abt 1848Missouri, United States I302720
22 Ballard, John Wilson  18 Jul 1847Missouri, United States I376782
23 Baskett, Alonzo  1879Missouri, United States I252356
24 Baskett, Larkin Cecil  23 Nov 1881Missouri, United States I252354
25 Baskett, Mattie T.  1877Missouri, United States I252353
26 Baskett, Owen S.  24 Aug 1887Missouri, United States I252358
27 Baskett, William Emmet  3 Apr 1866Missouri, United States I252357
28 Bay, Ann  Abt 1804Missouri, United States I133620
29 Beal, Gobryas Moore  17 Jun 1854Missouri, United States I393635
30 Beck, Elizabeth G  1796Missouri, United States I381483
31 Bentley, Henry Clay  11 Feb 1889Missouri, United States I256448
32 Bentley, Willie W.  15 Mar 1893Missouri, United States I256326
33 Bickley, Otelia Edmonia  23 Sep 1858Missouri, United States I367064
34 Bigley, Amanda E.  7 Nov 1861Missouri, United States I333231
35 Bigley, Louisa  18 Jul 1858Missouri, United States I333232
36 Billings, Edward  Feb 1892Missouri, United States I74514
37 Bilyeu, Bessie Evelyn  22 Nov 1905Missouri, United States I384734
38 Bingham, Sarah E  Jun 1853Missouri, United States I360731
39 Bird, Nancy Ann  19 Sep 1847Missouri, United States I374552
40 Black, Marion  1857Missouri, United States I260359
41 Bland, Alexander  7 Sep 1873Missouri, United States I260929
42 Blankenship, Adaline  1867Missouri, United States I130535
43 Blankenship, Clyde  1889Missouri, United States I130559
44 Blankenship, Emory  1885Missouri, United States I130560
45 Blankenship, Mary Ann  15 Jul 1844Missouri, United States I336103
46 Blankenship, Mary Jane  2 Aug 1879Missouri, United States I74682
47 Blevins, Sarah Margaret  Abt 1820Missouri, United States I244205
48 Boggs, Marshall  1910Missouri, United States I270147
49 Boggs, Zack  1896Missouri, United States I249578
50 Bogle, Nancy Elizabeth  5 Feb 1878Missouri, United States I260927
51 Boland, Margaret  29 Dec 1839Missouri, United States I333230
52 Boone, Benjamin H.  1840Missouri, United States I239313
53 Boyd, Malinda Elizabeth  14 Feb 1854Missouri, United States I367609
54 Braden, Amanda  1859Missouri, United States I364185
55 Bragg, James W  1821Missouri, United States I400003
56 Breeding, Margaret Jane  15 Mar 1836Missouri, United States I134060
57 Breeding, Nancy Ann  19 Nov 1841Missouri, United States I134066
58 Breeding, Thomas  1834Missouri, United States I134059
59 Brown, Clara Ritter  11 Dec 1909Missouri, United States I70896
60 Brown, Milly Nully  4 May 1826Missouri, United States I374536
61 Brown, Minnie  1872Missouri, United States I97071
62 Brown, Thomas  1856Missouri, United States I374550
63 Browning, Catherine  1845Missouri, United States I276010
64 Browning, Charles E  18 Mar 1854Missouri, United States I330383
65 Butler, Dora  Oct 1882Missouri, United States I290672
66 Byrne, John  Sep 1864Missouri, United States I110089
67 Cain, Calvin  Aug 1871Missouri, United States I131327
68 Cain, William Elmore  15 Mar 1856Missouri, United States I131322
69 Callaway, Congrave Clinton  27 Aug 1835Missouri, United States I330385
70 Calvert, Snoda Belle  Apr 1873Missouri, United States I260368
71 Campbell, Nancy  1867Missouri, United States I266677
72 Cannafax, Sarah Jane  Aug 1869Missouri, United States I304990
73 Carroll, Mary Ann  1854Missouri, United States I91687
74 Cates, Stroud Washington  Abt 1830Missouri, United States I99954
75 Caudill, Martha  5 Sep 1892Missouri, United States I283605
76 Caudill, Rachel H.  May 1870Missouri, United States I242192
77 Chapman, Susan D.  8 Oct 1846Missouri, United States I334566
78 Charlton, Dora Elizabeth  28 Jun 1893Missouri, United States I117623
79 Chitwood, Rosa  1873Missouri, United States I380014
80 Clark, Josephus  30 Nov 1848Missouri, United States I105377
81 Cockrell, David Absolom  15 Apr 1876Missouri, United States I379920
82 Coddington, John B.  1855Missouri, United States I271769
83 Collier, Frank A.  Abt 1881Missouri, United States I134397
84 Collier, Hattie  Abt 1883Missouri, United States I134398
85 Collier, Lofton  Abt 1885Missouri, United States I134396
86 Collier, Mary Emaline  12 May 1898Missouri, United States I134382
87 Collier, Preston  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I134395
88 Collier, Wharton Aurelious  Abt 1879Missouri, United States I134399
89 Collins, Harrison  1855Missouri, United States I257001
90 Combs, Eliza Marie  27 May 1856Missouri, United States I101723
91 Combs, Margaret  1859Missouri, United States I101725
92 Combs, Mattie  Aug 1896Missouri, United States I102413
93 Combs, Robert Lee  4 Dec 1872Missouri, United States I101983
94 Combs, William  1851Missouri, United States I101729
95 Copeland, Jane  22 May 1830Missouri, United States I131973
96 Cox, Dorothy Jean  Abt 1924Missouri, United States I114875
97 Cox, Joseph D.  Abt 1869Missouri, United States I112095
98 Cox, Mary Eveline  Apr 1881Missouri, United States I258038
99 Cox, Melvin  1902Missouri, United States I237608
100 Cox, William Henry  Feb 1893Missouri, United States I237605
101 Creech, Rosa Lee  9 Dec 1891Missouri, United States I98546
102 Crenshaw, Thomas Lane  15 Nov 1843Missouri, United States I362602
103 Crismon, Judah  Abt 1842Missouri, United States I133930
104 Crites, Martha Elizabeth  29 Aug 1848Missouri, United States I92693
105 Crites, Peter  1817Missouri, United States I299875
106 Crouch, Eleanor  1808Missouri, United States I293650
107 Culbertson, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1844Missouri, United States I289044
108 Curnutt, Andrew J.  17 Aug 1837Missouri, United States I230369
109 Curnutt, Nancy M.  1840Missouri, United States I230370
110 Daniel, John Brown  16 Mar 1843Missouri, United States I322260
111 Davis, Dora  15 Dec 1887Missouri, United States I369113
112 Davis, Mission Lee  1872Missouri, United States I132871
113 Davis, Nora  Feb 1872Missouri, United States I386327
114 Dawson, Philip  2 Mar 1861Missouri, United States I348143
115 Desper, Martin  Abt 1876Missouri, United States I249958
116 Dotson, Lettie  1872Missouri, United States I237322
117 Dotson, William R.  1875Missouri, United States I237323
118 Dryden, Willie R  28 Aug 1876Missouri, United States I368939
119 Dunn, Anne Virginia  7 Feb 1851Missouri, United States I334316
120 Dunn, Lois D.  17 Jun 1903Missouri, United States I23729
121 Dyer, Clifford Henry  8 Jan 1870Missouri, United States I281121
122 Easter, William Jesse  1875Missouri, United States I246124
123 Elrod, Mary Frances  6 Sep 1926Missouri, United States I349441
124 Ewing, Anna  29 Mar 1846Missouri, United States I112418
125 Falke, Henry  1878Missouri, United States I353336
126 Farmer, Nellie  Dec 1898Missouri, United States I115421
127 Farr, Martha Jane  1857Missouri, United States I374537
128 Fields, Anderson Sr.  Oct 1848Missouri, United States I357023
129 Fields, Colin  Abt 1849Missouri, United States I252347
130 Fields, Emmett Banyon  24 Jan 1863Missouri, United States I252351
131 Fields, John  Abt 1854Missouri, United States I252348
132 Fields, John W.  Abt 1865Missouri, United States I252350
133 Fields, Sherbern Patterson  Abt 1840Missouri, United States I252343
134 Fields, Thomas J.  Abt 1844Missouri, United States I252345
135 Ford, Amanda E.  24 Apr 1877Missouri, United States I22192
136 Forrest, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Missouri, United States I316108
137 Fox, Fred C.  14 Feb 1896Missouri, United States I235588
138 Frakes, Susan J.  23 Oct 1877Missouri, United States I249388
139 Franklin, Benjamin  16 Jun 1841Missouri, United States I84848
140 Franklin, Daisy  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I292928
141 Franklin, George Rufus  1860–1861Missouri, United States I249290
142 Franklin, Ida Mae  5 Aug 1861Missouri, United States I249375
143 Franklin, James R  1860Missouri, United States I249220
144 Franklin, James Wylie  14 May 1839Missouri, United States I1788
145 Franklin, Jesse B  1864–1865Missouri, United States I249295
146 Franklin, Jesse F.  May 1867Missouri, United States I249380
147 Franklin, John Lee  1863–1864Missouri, United States I249293
148 Franklin, Mayor  1866–1867Missouri, United States I249294
149 Franklin, Warham Easley  1839Missouri, United States I249309
150 Frazier, Andrew  1855Missouri, United States I279811
151 Freeman, William L.  1845Missouri, United States I337700
152 Fristoe, Lydia Virginia  15 Apr 1827Missouri, United States I356319
153 Frost, Mary E.  1858Missouri, United States I376040
154 Fugate, Hattie  Abt 1815Missouri, United States I229840
155 Fugate, James M.  Abt 1815Missouri, United States I229834
156 Fugate, Josiah  1834Missouri, United States I229853
157 Fugate, Kitty  1809Missouri, United States I229845
158 Fugate, Louisiana Lucy Ann  1817Missouri, United States I229836
159 Fugate, Luke  1841Missouri, United States I229850
160 Fugate, Nancy  1830Missouri, United States I229849
161 Fugate, Sally  1813Missouri, United States I229844
162 Fugate, William  1836Missouri, United States I229851
163 Garrell, Martha P.  Dec 1852Missouri, United States I322566
164 Garrison, Sarah  Sep 1848Missouri, United States I75098
165 Gibbs, Mathias Johnson  22 Sep 1855Missouri, United States I81756
166 Goins, Leonard  1877Missouri, United States I380727
167 Grass, Charles Jacob  12 Sep 1922Missouri, United States I12678
168 Gray, Benjamin  Abt 1861Missouri, United States I122991
169 Gray, Harold A.  1913Missouri, United States I105456
170 Gray, Jennie  Abt 1859Missouri, United States I122990
171 Gray, John E.  1850Missouri, United States I99266
172 Gray, Lillie B  1877Missouri, United States I265235
173 Gray, Ludemia F.  Abt 1853Missouri, United States I122989
174 Gray, Mary M  1867Missouri, United States I276409
175 Gray, Matilda Jennie  1876Missouri, United States I242885
176 Gray, Nancy L  1868Missouri, United States I265236
177 Gray, William P  1866Missouri, United States I265237
178 Grider, Mahala  13 Jan 1847Missouri, United States I78097
179 Grimes, Edith O  Abt 1887Missouri, United States I353599
180 Gromer, David  Sep 1868Missouri, United States I260367
181 Haddix, Joseph David  25 Dec 1872Missouri, United States I375926
182 Halcomb, Delphia Mae  13 Sep 1917Missouri, United States I359653
183 Hall, Benjamin Franklin  12 Mar 1843Missouri, United States I126033
184 Hall, Hazel Pearl  20 Feb 1909Missouri, United States I125969
185 Hall, Lorene Louise  16 Aug 1924Missouri, United States I106094
186 Hall, Marjorie  8 Jun 1913Missouri, United States I106091
187 Hall, Morgan James  25 Nov 1915Missouri, United States I106092
188 Hall, Opal Marie  28 Apr 1918Missouri, United States I106093
189 Hall, Roy E.  6 Jun 1910Missouri, United States I125337
190 Hamilton, David M.  1843Missouri, United States I370336
191 Hamilton, Ellender  1804Missouri, United States I337143
192 Hamilton, James H.  23 Dec 1893Missouri, United States I271527
193 Hamilton, John William  1898Missouri, United States I277818
194 Hamilton, Margaret E.  Mar 1850Missouri, United States I377517
195 Hamilton, Mary M.  Feb 1841Missouri, United States I346529
196 Hamilton, Sarah C.  1841Missouri, United States I370335
197 Hammons, Hobart Moses  1907Missouri, United States I254256
198 Harless, Davidson Marion  1843Missouri, United States I231210
199 Harless, Elizabeth Angeline  21 Feb 1843Missouri, United States I231209
200 Harless, Laura  1861Missouri, United States I231217
201 Harless, Missouri Ann Delilah  8 Feb 1846Missouri, United States I231211
202 Harville, Margaret Parlee  Sep 1853Missouri, United States I399524
203 Haynes, William Louis  1868Missouri, United States I248742
204 Hembree, Rachel  1 Apr 1841Missouri, United States I399332
205 Henson, Inez Mae  12 May 1899Missouri, United States I343236
206 Herd, Sarah Jane  2 May 1854Missouri, United States I376781
207 Herrick, Myrtle  29 Mar 1886Missouri, United States I111494
208 Hicks, James  1825Missouri, United States I276074
209 Hill, Ada L  22 Mar 1887Missouri, United States I258604
210 Hill, Carrie G.  Jul 1869Missouri, United States I268028
211 Hobbs, Perlina  May 1874Missouri, United States I367257
212 Hodges, Rolla Andrew Jackson  14 Dec 1921Missouri, United States I387286
213 Holt, Elsie  21 Aug 1914Missouri, United States I313022
214 Horner, Norma  16 May 1920Missouri, United States I102373
215 Houts, Nathaniel Wilson  15 Mar 1863Missouri, United States I400222
216 Howard, Electa  27 Feb 1886Missouri, United States I398268
217 Howell, William  1842Missouri, United States I231220
218 Hudson, Eliza Ann  28 Aug 1839Missouri, United States I283460
219 Huested, Charles A.  1870Missouri, United States I243699
220 Huested, Isaac H.  1875Missouri, United States I243698
221 Huested, John W.  1869Missouri, United States I243700
222 Huff, Elijah  16 May 1820Missouri, United States I131867
223 Huff, John Wiley  9 May 1894Missouri, United States I257126
224 Huff, Lottie  26 Nov 1893Missouri, United States I257124
225 Huff, Missouri  1844Missouri, United States I131870
226 Huff, Nancy B  Jun 1890Missouri, United States I257125
227 Huff, Sara Jane  29 Mar 1817Missouri, United States I129369
228 Huff, Thomas G.  1853Missouri, United States I131868
229 Hunt, Rosa E.  25 Oct 1882Missouri, United States I29331
230 Hutchins, Sarah  1857Missouri, United States I367833
231 Ice, Lily May  1 Jul 1907Missouri, United States I365235
232 Ince, Elizabeth  1851Missouri, United States I255767
233 Isley, James Austin  1845Missouri, United States I377457
234 Jarvis, John B.  Abt 1817Missouri, United States I133964
235 Jarvis, Rebecca  1818Missouri, United States I133967
236 Jefferson, Mary J.  13 Sep 1889Missouri, United States I79564
237 Jenkins, Mary Jane  1887Missouri, United States I244728
238 Jenkins, Ruth  4 Sep 1852Missouri, United States I14438
239 Jobe, Clyde Hampton  14 Jan 1905Missouri, United States I250061
240 Johnson, Elisha Jr.  Jul 1828Missouri, United States I7363
241 Johnson, Ellen  Jan 1860Missouri, United States I7500
242 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1780Missouri, United States I73308
243 Johnson, Sarah A.  Apr 1851Missouri, United States I394701
244 Kelly, Andrew Jackson  22 Oct 1856Missouri, United States I395566
245 Killian, Edward H.  1810Missouri, United States I247958
246 King, Harriet  1820Missouri, United States I322743
247 Kuykendall, Melissa  1843Missouri, United States I374522
248 Lane, Susan  Abt 1836Missouri, United States I349764
249 Lee, Alice Jane  Oct 1884Missouri, United States I270176
250 LeMarr, Robert Harvey  10 Aug 1863Missouri, United States I348378
251 Lewis, Gladys  1916Missouri, United States I296176
252 Lewis, Sarah C.  7 Dec 1844Missouri, United States I242517
253 Linthicum, Wallace Jr.  16 Aug 1915Missouri, United States I1207
254 Loftin, Adaline  1838Missouri, United States I285463
255 Long, John Louden  26 Jan 1845Missouri, United States I376914
256 Mackey, Elizabeth Jane  1862Missouri, United States I304991
257 Madden, Stanley R.  1897Missouri, United States I260321
258 Maddox, Willoughby S  7 Jan 1841Missouri, United States I293991
259 Maggard, Frank Emery  26 Jul 1908Missouri, United States I251037
260 Maggard, James Lee  Feb 1895Missouri, United States I257853
261 Maggard, Margaret  23 Nov 1895Missouri, United States I239011
262 Mannin, Mary Catherine  1844Missouri, United States I247012
263 Manning, Alta Mae  10 Jun 1918Missouri, United States I235587
264 Manning, Edward Felta  12 Jul 1912Missouri, United States I235586
265 Manning, John Andrew  27 Aug 1891Missouri, United States I235584
266 Manning, Louise Nona  2 Apr 1927Missouri, United States I235585
267 Martin, Mary L.  20 Apr 1881Missouri, United States I370674
268 Matlack, Benjamin Maurice  18 Jun 1895Missouri, United States I115170
269 Matlack, Benjamin Maurice Jr.  11 Oct 1922Missouri, United States I114873
270 Matney, Sarah A  1855Missouri, United States I401018
271 Mayfield, Sarah Elizabeth  1845Missouri, United States I277862
272 McAble, John  1886Missouri, United States I292696
273 McCall, Israel  1852Missouri, United States I130577
274 McCormick, Newton Perry  Abt 1869Missouri, United States I249959
275 McDaniel, Violetta Jane  25 Oct 1842Missouri, United States I391305
276 McHaffie, Martha M  1848Missouri, United States I377351
277 Mead, George W.  Sep 1845Missouri, United States I242344
278 Melton, Elsie Irene  2 Feb 1900Missouri, United States I384732
279 Meridith, Lavinia  Abt 1827Missouri, United States I247673
280 Merriman, Jane P  1889Missouri, United States I270146
281 Miller, Sarah Jane  1838Missouri, United States I231083
282 Mills, James Brice  3 Nov 1821Missouri, United States I346353
283 Mills, Sarah  4 Oct 1883Missouri, United States I110390
284 Morgan, Eva M.  1883Missouri, United States I247611
285 Morgan, Harvey  22 May 1889Missouri, United States I298528
286 Morgan, William S.  1868Missouri, United States I239945
287 Morton, Samantha Almina  30 Nov 1878Missouri, United States I289276
288 Moss, John  1765Missouri, United States I384026
289 Mullins, Chaney Ann  16 May 1848Missouri, United States I131974
290 Mullins, Flora  1855Missouri, United States I131980
291 Mullins, Lucy Ann  1858Missouri, United States I131975
292 Mullins, Martha E.  1852Missouri, United States I131977
293 Mullins, Sophrona C  Abt 1859Missouri, United States I131981
294 Mullins, Thomas  Abt 1829Missouri, United States I129672
295 Mullins, Thomas Parks  12 Mar 1857Missouri, United States I130890
296 Musick, Tyancum  Abt 1851Missouri, United States I272793
297 Musselwhite, Rachel  19 Feb 1860Missouri, United States I14294
298 Myers, Fannie Bell  1878Missouri, United States I287203
299 Netherton, Hilda Arilla  1854Missouri, United States I377458
300 Newberry, Jesse  1828Missouri, United States I241738
301 Newberry, Robert  1842Missouri, United States I241641
302 Newberry, Sarah J.  1846Missouri, United States I241640
303 Nichols, Viola Elaine  Missouri, United States I317633
304 Noland, Washington  Abt 1800Missouri, United States I239574
305 Oare, Mary Caroline  10 Aug 1887Missouri, United States I89237
306 Owen, Harry L  1877Missouri, United States I384889
307 Owens, Major Hickman  1855Missouri, United States I335135
308 Owens, Mary Rosela  1860Missouri, United States I335137
309 Owens, Pailee  1857Missouri, United States I335136
310 Painter, John Harold  8 Jan 1923Missouri, United States I265415
311 Pate, Albert F.  11 Oct 1872Missouri, United States I256449
312 Patrick, Columbus Abraham  22 Mar 1875Missouri, United States I258110
313 Patterson, Sarah Elizabeth  1847Missouri, United States I355808
314 Pearson, Mariah Louisa  Feb 1849Missouri, United States I374358
315 Pennington, John Timothy  6 Jun 1819Missouri, United States I338409
316 Pierce, Carter P.  Jan 1888Missouri, United States I127761
317 Polly, Albert  6 Jan 1889Missouri, United States I127557
318 Polly, Elizabeth Ann  4 Aug 1875Missouri, United States I127627
319 Polly, Joseph Edward  1877Missouri, United States I127560
320 Porter, Bertha A.  1893Missouri, United States I281091
321 Powell, Lucy  Abt 1849Missouri, United States I324191
322 Powers, Allie M.  Abt 1861Missouri, United States I237879
323 Prudy, Emma D  21 Dec 1852Missouri, United States I393355
324 Puckett, Viola  1897Missouri, United States I294926
325 Pyburn, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1836Missouri, United States I251179
326 Rankin, Judith V  3 Oct 1838Missouri, United States I367129
327 Rasor, Edward  12 Oct 1913Missouri, United States I115415
328 Read, Mary A  1880Missouri, United States I399490
329 Reuter, Addie Beulah  24 Jul 1887Missouri, United States I243213
330 Rice, Sarah Jane  1 Jun 1849Missouri, United States I360963
331 Roach, Elizabeth Frances  25 Jul 1849Missouri, United States I334315
332 Roberts, Dora A.  26 May 1909Missouri, United States I32872
333 Roberts, Henry F.  6 Oct 1903Missouri, United States I32870
334 Roberts, James B.  22 Mar 1890Missouri, United States I394173
335 Roberts, Sarah E.  28 Mar 1878Missouri, United States I79904
336 Roberts, Stella Mae  30 Sep 1889Missouri, United States I234051
337 Robinson, William S.  1872Missouri, United States I385219
338 Rogers, George W.  10 Feb 1886Missouri, United States I77079
339 Rose, Paulina  1818Missouri, United States I331424
340 Rowe, Anna E. "Annie"  15 Feb 1871Missouri, United States I381910
341 Scott, Lula Jane  28 Jul 1897Missouri, United States I393429
342 Scott, William C.  Jan 1849Missouri, United States I110083
343 Selvage, Margaret  Feb 1854Missouri, United States I14440
344 Shadrick, Lula Belle  19 Oct 1891Missouri, United States I283494
345 Shipman, Sam  7 Apr 1909Missouri, United States I287120
346 Shores, Avice C.  1908Missouri, United States I250060
347 Shores, John Ransom  30 Oct 1875Missouri, United States I249960
348 Shores, Mary Jessie  1 Oct 1901Missouri, United States I250058
349 Shumway, Daphne West  26 Jan 1886Missouri, United States I249479
350 Siffer, Molly  1886Missouri, United States I233752
351 Slimp, Ethel A  1903Missouri, United States I260928
352 Smith, Hazel M.  1902Missouri, United States I230680
353 Smith, Sanford Calvin  Feb 1857Missouri, United States I245739
354 Sparkman, Drucilla  Abt 1885Missouri, United States I126693
355 Speer, Robert J.  1852Missouri, United States I238646
356 Spencer, Allen  12 Feb 1843Missouri, United States I338767
357 Stallard, Charlie  13 Apr 1895Missouri, United States I320035
358 Stamper, Orville McKinley  27 Mar 1897Missouri, United States I257294
359 Steele, John  1856Missouri, United States I360962
360 Stoner, Rachel Elizabeth  18 May 1865Missouri, United States I369119
361 Sturgill, Ida Bell  24 Oct 1892Missouri, United States I276651
362 Sullivan, Mijamin  1852Missouri, United States I360966
363 Summers, Jurita Jane  Oct 1845Missouri, United States I361393
364 Taylor, Benjamin Franklin  30 May 1905Missouri, United States I276876
365 Thompson, John Calvin  27 Feb 1820Missouri, United States I305170
366 Thompson, Ruth  Feb 1892Missouri, United States I241675
367 Timms, Emma  Nov 1863Missouri, United States I259516
368 Todd, Reuben  Jan 1857Missouri, United States I335141
369 Tosh, Myrtle  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I251049
370 Van Hoose, Carrie Mae  1884Missouri, United States I365149
371 Wallen, Cecil Pacific  22 Jun 1911Missouri, United States I130674
372 Wallen, Frances Paralee  20 Feb 1919Missouri, United States I130672
373 Walton, Bessie  1886Missouri, United States I257268
374 Webb, Thomas Lee  2 Nov 1911Missouri, United States I234052
375 Wheeler, Amanda J.  Jan 1860Missouri, United States I333951
376 Whitaker, Cledith  1919Missouri, United States I118473
377 Whitaker, Mary  Missouri, United States I272777
378 White, Mary Frances  Sep 1867Missouri, United States I118922
379 Whittaker, William Glenn  22 Oct 1934Missouri, United States I239949
380 Wilcoxon, Laura P  6 Nov 1852Missouri, United States I338410
381 Wilkerson, William I.  Nov 1874Missouri, United States I125590
382 Williams, Lester C.  10 Jun 1886Missouri, United States I77187
383 Williams, Mary Jane  Abt 1836Missouri, United States I283081
384 Wilson, Robert Jr.  24 Feb 1844Missouri, United States I97785
385 Winters, Sarah M  6 May 1844Missouri, United States I334370
386 Wolfe, James  1833Missouri, United States I347874
387 Wyatt, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Missouri, United States I281205
388 Young, Nancy Adeline  18 Nov 1870Missouri, United States I127141
389 Young, William M.  Abt 1843Missouri, United States I127201


Matches 1 to 300 of 300

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Daniel  Missouri, United States I98133
2 Adams, Jesse  1845Missouri, United States I243584
3 Adams, Marion Thomas  28 Dec 1997Missouri, United States I30694
4 Adamson, Mathew  4 Dec 1930Missouri, United States I352589
5 Addleton,, James Thomas Sr  31 Dec 1837Missouri, United States I312485
6 Akers, James H  Missouri, United States I319823
7 Alexander, Nancy  1860Missouri, United States I393171
8 Alley, Docia Missouri  7 May 1907Missouri, United States I271680
9 Alumbaugh, Mary Margaret  Abt 1860Missouri, United States I299144
10 Amburgey, Mary  1900Missouri, United States I14201
11 Back, Mary  26 Jan 1914Missouri, United States I15962
12 Back, Thomas W.  12 Sep 1865Missouri, United States I247848
13 Back, Tondy  1959Missouri, United States I133045
14 Ball, Martha E.  Nov 1873Missouri, United States I242998
15 Ball, Nancy Opie  16 Mar 1877Missouri, United States I230474
16 Baskett, Owen S.  21 Nov 1888Missouri, United States I252358
17 Baskett, William Emmet  1925Missouri, United States I252357
18 Bates, Frederick  18 Oct 1862Missouri, United States I230478
19 Bates, Lucius Lee  24 Oct 1898Missouri, United States I230477
20 Bates, Woodville  12 Feb 1840Missouri, United States I230475
21 Belcher, John Tevis  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I329207
22 Bentley, Margaret D.  Aft 1851Missouri, United States I4614
23 Bentley, Willie W.  14 May 1901Missouri, United States I256326
24 Billups, Margaret  1860Missouri, United States I394575
25 Black, Mary Ann  31 Jan 1928Missouri, United States I360575
26 Blair, Harrison  Missouri, United States I251448
27 Blankenship, Emory  1921Missouri, United States I130560
28 Bledsoe, Mary  1888Missouri, United States I331936
29 Blessing, Solomon  29 Dec 1916Missouri, United States I368942
30 Boggs, Phillip  Missouri, United States I249575
31 Bolen, Nancy  Aft 1940Missouri, United States I3322
32 Boone, Morgan  17 Jan 1879Missouri, United States I71936
33 Bounds, Frances  Abt 1897Missouri, United States I376753
34 Bounds, Sarah  1920Missouri, United States I21308
35 Branham, Louisa Jane  27 Feb 1857Missouri, United States I131066
36 Breeding, Alsy  1878Missouri, United States I76133
37 Breeding, Prudence  Bef 1827Missouri, United States I133850
38 Brooks, Lucy  Abt 1846Missouri, United States I294242
39 Brown, Catherine  1880Missouri, United States I311407
40 Brown, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1909Missouri, United States I91941
41 Browning, Francis Asbury III  Apr 1876Missouri, United States I329328
42 Bunch, Elizabeth  Aft 1840Missouri, United States I97924
43 Cain, Frances E.  16 Feb 1864Missouri, United States I131321
44 Caldwell, William Cecil  23 Nov 1872Missouri, United States I377490
45 Callaway, Capt. James  May 1815Missouri, United States I30229
46 Campbell, Louis F.  Bef 1920Missouri, United States I312344
47 Candler, Casaway Thurman  20 Feb 1940Missouri, United States I331517
48 Canterbury, Benjamin Franklin  20 Oct 1846Missouri, United States I25380
49 Carico, Catherine  1909Missouri, United States I275454
50 Casey, James Turner  1870Missouri, United States I359882
51 Cattron, Catharine Elizabeth  May 1878Missouri, United States I360434
52 Chapman, Newton White  10 Oct 1908Missouri, United States I328237
53 Chapman, Theophilus  22 Sep 1862Missouri, United States I330309
54 Clark, Phoebe  Missouri, United States I88928
55 Clark, Schuyler  30 Aug 1965Missouri, United States I15512
56 Clay, Juda  1 May 1900Missouri, United States I88855
57 Cleveland, Martha Patsy  18 Apr 1849Missouri, United States I1638
58 Cody, John Sr.  Missouri, United States I15886
59 Cody, Mary  Aft 1870Missouri, United States I277628
60 Coldiron, George  1849Missouri, United States I312486
61 Coles, Mildred Howell  12 Sep 1895Missouri, United States I82239
62 Collier, Caleb  1872Missouri, United States I249721
63 Collier, Rebecca  Missouri, United States I30968
64 Collins, Ava  1875Missouri, United States I31893
65 Combs, Aaron John  Missouri, United States I15949
66 Combs, Dorcas  Abt 1843Missouri, United States I21816
67 Combs, Lelah Mae  24 Mar 2005Missouri, United States I100120
68 Combs, Lola B.  17 Dec 2002Missouri, United States I118476
69 Copenhaver, Abraham II  1865Missouri, United States I380799
70 Cordell, Spencer  13 Feb 1854Missouri, United States I128766
71 Cornett, Elisabeth  Apr 1875Missouri, United States I27843
72 Courtney, Nancy E  4 Nov 1927Missouri, United States I359173
73 Cox, Caleb Jackson  26 Jul 1936Missouri, United States I361385
74 Cox, David Yearsley  1886Missouri, United States I361382
75 Crabtree, John T.  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I336585
76 Craft, Martha Maudree  9 Jun 2011Missouri, United States I2687
77 Crase, Edwin Clay  1934Missouri, United States I122852
78 Creger, Peter  Bef 1856Missouri, United States I380804
79 Crockett, Peter  1865Missouri, United States I130496
80 Crump, Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I75156
81 Cunningham, Drury  9 Feb 1872Missouri, United States I330412
82 Dale, Jane V.  1887Missouri, United States I395170
83 Davidson, Robert  Abt 1847Missouri, United States I294241
84 Davis, James  1840Missouri, United States I70953
85 Davis, Jonathan  1850Missouri, United States I70954
86 Davis, Martha Agnes  Aft 1863Missouri, United States I95005
87 Deaver, Cyrus Manning  29 Sep 1927Missouri, United States I292452
88 Dennis, Rachel Ann  1 Mar 1921Missouri, United States I96551
89 Deskins, Jacob  2 Sep 1868Missouri, United States I294865
90 Dingus, Anna Ellen  1935Missouri, United States I277769
91 Dingus, Henry W.  Jan 1871Missouri, United States I118032
92 Dixon, Elijah B.  Missouri, United States I93549
93 Dotson, Andrew J.  22 May 1926Missouri, United States I237317
94 Duncan, Henry  8 Dec 1852Missouri, United States I21395
95 Elam, Sarah  1861Missouri, United States I374792
96 Emert, Elizabeth Anna  8 Mar 1912Missouri, United States I375958
97 Evans, John Latham  Bef 1880Missouri, United States I367131
98 Fields, Beeson  Aug 1873Missouri, United States I311434
99 Fields, William Henry  Abt 1930Missouri, United States I6369
100 Flanary, James F.  1846Missouri, United States I89034
101 Flanary, James F.  3 Dec 1962Missouri, United States I245663
102 Fleetwood, James McBride  1926Missouri, United States I245740
103 Fortune, Sarah Ann  Missouri, United States I237730
104 Franklin, Eusebious  Missouri, United States I230566
105 Franklin, John Lee  1927Missouri, United States I249293
106 Franklin, Philip Henry  13 Aug 1936Missouri, United States I233453
107 Franklin, Sarah S.  5 Apr 1908Missouri, United States I249308
108 Fugate, Hiram  Between 1852 and 1859Missouri, United States I229839
109 Fugate, Mary E  24 Dec 1925Missouri, United States I369051
110 Fugate, Rachael  1847Missouri, United States I229827
111 Fulkerson, Peter  23 Jun 1847Missouri, United States I304984
112 Gray, Archer Jesse  1924Missouri, United States I244764
113 Gray, Matilda Jennie  4 Mar 1919Missouri, United States I242885
114 Gray, Norman Powell  1922Missouri, United States I239701
115 Gray, Robert Emmett Bradley  1930Missouri, United States I244766
116 Gray, William J  1850Missouri, United States I362798
117 Grimes, Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I374541
118 Guinn, Bartlett  20 Apr 1837Missouri, United States I131961
119 Guinn, Betsey  Missouri, United States I131957
120 Gwinn, Nancy M  Aft 1860Missouri, United States I131405
121 Hackworth, John  9 Jun 1860Missouri, United States I95004
122 Hackworth, Thomas  1850–60Missouri, United States I94927
123 Haddix, John S.  1883Missouri, United States I95610
124 Haden, Margaret  1897Missouri, United States I95437
125 Hagan, Richard  25 Dec 1882Missouri, United States I283825
126 Hall, James Wesley  25 Oct 1929Missouri, United States I77334
127 Hall, Marcus Lindsay  3 Sep 1906Missouri, United States I339488
128 Hall, Myrtle  22 Apr 1994Missouri, United States I106080
129 Hall, William R.  Missouri, United States I125973
130 Hamilton, Clifford  14 Oct 1961Missouri, United States I85999
131 Hamilton, Thomas  15 Jun 1875Missouri, United States I8367
132 Hamilton, William N.  Missouri, United States I74448
133 Hanna, Samuel  22 Nov 1876Missouri, United States I97119
134 Harless, Elizabeth Angeline  15 Jul 1905Missouri, United States I231209
135 Harper, Rachel  15 Apr 1909Missouri, United States I294866
136 Harrison, Rachel  Abt 1824Missouri, United States I267443
137 Hawkins, Olivia Wirth  12 Dec 1896Missouri, United States I390586
138 Haynes, Ephraim Sr.  26 May 1862Missouri, United States I342482
139 Hays, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1828Missouri, United States I30187
140 Head, Richard E  Bef 28 Sep 1863Missouri, United States I377367
141 Hendrix, Elizabeth  Bef 1850Missouri, United States I229848
142 Henson, Inez Mae  19 Jun 1998Missouri, United States I343236
143 Herd, Mary Ann  17 Feb 1917Missouri, United States I376904
144 Herd, Sarah Jane  18 Jan 1926Missouri, United States I376781
145 Herrick, Myrtle  2 Nov 1935Missouri, United States I111494
146 Hicks, Frances  Missouri, United States I102986
147 Holt, Anna  19 Feb 1871Missouri, United States I377007
148 Holt, Elsie  10 Jul 1971Missouri, United States I313022
149 Horton, Jacob  Bef 1900Missouri, United States I377350
150 Howerton, Mary  Missouri, United States I98134
151 Hubbard, William Harrison  Missouri, United States I344671
152 Huff, Absolom  10 Feb 1831Missouri, United States I131881
153 Huff, James Grant  26 May 1980Missouri, United States I303390
154 Huff, Nancy B.  1888Missouri, United States I90184
155 Huff, Thomas G.  1883Missouri, United States I131868
156 Hughes, Jane  1890Missouri, United States I361383
157 Hurst, Harmon  24 Nov 1872Missouri, United States I28110
158 Igo, Annie Belle  8 Apr 1947Missouri, United States I96563
159 Igo, Charles Roger  1934Missouri, United States I96560
160 Igo, James Breckinridge  9 May 1942Missouri, United States I96557
161 Igo, Laura McKee  16 Jan 1904Missouri, United States I96562
162 Igo, Sanford Lafayette  1924Missouri, United States I96558
163 Igo, Sarah Catherine  6 Apr 1956Missouri, United States I96561
164 Jarves, William  Jun 1840Missouri, United States I133963
165 Jenkins, John William  1857Missouri, United States I28506
166 Jerome, Walter  13 Jan 1978Missouri, United States I252362
167 Jessee, Frances  Missouri, United States I84540
168 Jessee, Thomas Jefferson  1884Missouri, United States I322630
169 Johnson, Ida E.  Missouri, United States I89811
170 Johnson, Mary  1831Missouri, United States I73308
171 Johnson, Mary Ellen  8 Dec 1888Missouri, United States I112437
172 Keith, Harriett Virginia  16 Nov 1933Missouri, United States I266257
173 Kennedy, Elmadore  Bef Jun 1880Missouri, United States I336645
174 Kincade, George Washington  9 Dec 1880Missouri, United States I388185
175 King, Nancy Naomi  27 Dec 1977Missouri, United States I230333
176 Knights, Elizabeth Louisa  1900Missouri, United States I385675
177 Lansdown, Mary  Aft 1880Missouri, United States I107282
178 Lewis, James Grant  31 Mar 1929Missouri, United States I88856
179 Lewis, Jemima  20 Mar 1870Missouri, United States I28505
180 Maggard, Bessie  10 Feb 1964Missouri, United States I90055
181 Maggard, David C  1867Missouri, United States I361362
182 Maggard, Margaret  24 Jun 1919Missouri, United States I239011
183 Martin, William  1838Missouri, United States I368878
184 Mathews, Elizabeth  Aft 14 Aug 1828Missouri, United States I6208
185 Matthews, Nancy  1 Jun 1860Missouri, United States I381667
186 Mayo, Louisa  19 Mar 1880Missouri, United States I112411
187 McGuire, Elimelick Garrett  26 Jan 1921Missouri, United States I122784
188 McGuire, Rebecca Jane  1880Missouri, United States I314707
189 McKee, Joshua M.  10 Mar 1896Missouri, United States I360841
190 McKinney, Whetsel D.  17 Dec 1991Missouri, United States I107355
191 Mead, George W.  1905Missouri, United States I242344
192 Medlin, Angeline  Missouri, United States I14425
193 Mills, Calvina  Missouri, United States I110451
194 Morison, Louisa M  Abt 1885Missouri, United States I367124
195 Morris, John  1831Missouri, United States I837
196 Mullins, Jane  Bef 1866Missouri, United States I14439
197 Mullins, Julius Gallatin  12 Mar 1923Missouri, United States I129669
198 Mullins, Sophrona C  Missouri, United States I131981
199 Musick, Ephraim  1814Missouri, United States I92084
200 Musick, Joel L  Missouri, United States I272790
201 Necessary, Lucretia Ruth  Aft 1911Missouri, United States I330094
202 Noble, Arrena  Jun 1927Missouri, United States I90410
203 Oney, Isabella Edgar  7 Apr 1921Missouri, United States I328152
204 Oney, Susan Catharine  From 1885 to 1890Missouri, United States I330073
205 Owens, Greenberry  Bef 1870Missouri, United States I107008
206 Painter, Rebecca Hester  26 May 1911Missouri, United States I71937
207 Patterson, Andrew  25 May 1849Missouri, United States I369194
208 Perkins, Thomas Calvin  1872Missouri, United States I95709
209 Pinnell, Wesley  Missouri, United States I116595
210 Pitzer, Lewis Bernard  19 Jan 1835Missouri, United States I240627
211 Polly, George W.  21 Sep 1986Missouri, United States I127631
212 Powell, Allen  1837Missouri, United States I73307
213 Pruitt, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Feb 1917Missouri, United States I85119
214 Pulliam, Alsey  1850Missouri, United States I370343
215 Ramey, Jemima  Missouri, United States I32380
216 Reuter, Addie Beulah  29 Jan 1955Missouri, United States I243213
217 Reynolds, Rachel  Missouri, United States I22945
218 Rice, Druscilla  9 Dec 1874Missouri, United States I300654
219 Rice, George  Missouri, United States I363857
220 Richardson, Martha  1845Missouri, United States I332975
221 Richardson, Samuel  23 Apr 1912Missouri, United States I319682
222 Richmond, Ellen  28 May 1959Missouri, United States I71957
223 Ringer, Thomas Abraham  9 Aug 1880Missouri, United States I92685
224 Roberts, Geneva Jane  21 Oct 1998Missouri, United States I32869
225 Roberts, Henry F.  3 Aug 1965Missouri, United States I32870
226 Roberts, Penelope  1960Missouri, United States I85121
227 Roberts, William Jesse  27 Mar 1944Missouri, United States I244722
228 Roller, Elijah  27 Jan 1904Missouri, United States I376996
229 Roller, Elisha  8 Apr 1895Missouri, United States I376724
230 Salisbury, Lona  15 Sep 1969Missouri, United States I30320
231 Sartain, Lewis J  9 Jun 1865Missouri, United States I329370
232 Schick, Rosannah  21 Aug 1885Missouri, United States I343305
233 Scott, William B.  1870Missouri, United States I302695
234 Seacatt, Mary Elizabeth  13 Nov 1902Missouri, United States I244767
235 Shaffer, Sarah Ann  28 Feb 1866Missouri, United States I384576
236 Shelby, David  1799Missouri, United States I32826
237 Shepard, Johannah  Aft 1860Missouri, United States I21526
238 Shipman, Cynthia Ann  15 May 1916Missouri, United States I352590
239 Shores, Mary Jessie  1974Missouri, United States I250058
240 Short, Bobby Dallas  1 Aug 2012Missouri, United States I398244
241 Smith, Henry Clinton  Missouri, United States I320944
242 Smith, Joseph C.  Missouri, United States I320945
243 Smith, Octavia  Apr 1968Missouri, United States I11647
244 Smothers, Elizabeth  Aft 1830Missouri, United States I94551
245 Snider, Darthula  1927Missouri, United States I334608
246 Snider, Frances M  1893Missouri, United States I329249
247 Snider, Martin D  Jan 1858Missouri, United States I334603
248 Sons, Enoch  15 Jul 1871Missouri, United States I377507
249 Sparkman, Charles  11 Sep 1900Missouri, United States I126694
250 Sparkman, Matilda Jane  Missouri, United States I109107
251 Spears, Maria Virginia  Bef 1858Missouri, United States I230481
252 Speer, Sarah  Mar 1864Missouri, United States I233193
253 Spencer, Rebecca Virginia  15 Oct 1942Missouri, United States I393880
254 Spurlock, Charles  Abt 1845Missouri, United States I95927
255 Spurlock, Matilda  1847Missouri, United States I130527
256 Stamper, Martha  1910Missouri, United States I76065
257 Stanley, Joseph W  1931Missouri, United States I394751
258 Stapleton, Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I86503
259 Stedham, Barbara Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I364775
260 Steele, David Fleming  21 Aug 1911Missouri, United States I360954
261 Stein, Amanda  Abt 1922Missouri, United States I331799
262 Stidham, John Claibourn  2 Jan 1948Missouri, United States I236757
263 Sturgill, Henrietta  1950Missouri, United States I100273
264 Sumner, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1860Missouri, United States I15883
265 Tate, Robert Clark  2 Oct 1937Missouri, United States I331748
266 Thomas, Cora  18 Feb 1960Missouri, United States I355817
267 Truelove, Isabella  1850Missouri, United States I334858
268 Turpin, Rose Nell  Missouri, United States I127630
269 Van Bibber, Arretta  9 Sep 1878Missouri, United States I30191
270 Van Bibber, James  Abt 1833Missouri, United States I74739
271 VanBibber, Nicholas  1892Missouri, United States I397591
272 Varner, Margaret  Aft 1850Missouri, United States I83563
273 Walker, Jemima  8 May 1871Missouri, United States I94897
274 Wallen, Elender  17 Mar 1918Missouri, United States I376978
275 Wallen, Elias  Missouri, United States I359308
276 Wampler, Eugene Blake  1968Missouri, United States I230290
277 Wampler, Gernade W.  1935Missouri, United States I230289
278 Wampler, Javen S.  12 Dec 1953Missouri, United States I230301
279 Wampler, John M.  19 Sep 1909Missouri, United States I395927
280 Wampler, Lloyd  13 Jun 1982Missouri, United States I230296
281 Wampler, Oliver  28 Apr 1980Missouri, United States I230295
282 Webb, Caleb  16 Jan 1990Missouri, United States I71677
283 Wells, Louisa Jane  5 Jun 1908Missouri, United States I268266
284 Wells, Nancy Lee Martha  10 Oct 1997Missouri, United States I386499
285 Wells, Robert  1845Missouri, United States I21518
286 Wheeler, Nancy  Abt 1860Missouri, United States I35013
287 Whittaker, William Glenn  22 Oct 1934Missouri, United States I239949
288 Wilkerson, Marcus  Missouri, United States I88927
289 Williams, Daniel  15 Feb 1890Missouri, United States I82829
290 Williams, Harvey Gilborn  21 Dec 1911Missouri, United States I395588
291 Williams, James Henry  29 Mar 1902Missouri, United States I328149
292 Williams, John Thomas  1895Missouri, United States I328147
293 Williams, Nancy A  14 Apr 1921Missouri, United States I324267
294 Wills, Nancy  4 Jul 1883Missouri, United States I380624
295 Wilson, Harrison  28 Jul 1838Missouri, United States I240310
296 Womack, Eliza Josephine  14 Jun 1879Missouri, United States I309411
297 Wright, Rebecca J  24 Jul 1856Missouri, United States I248954
298 Yankee, Wesley  24 Jan 1910Missouri, United States I267908
299 Young, Alexander  1860–1870Missouri, United States I277627
300 Young, Charles W.  1844Missouri, United States I277574


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bates, James William  Missouri, United States I247682
2 Belt, Charles Morgan  Missouri, United States I396525
3 Boone, Col. Daniel Morgan  1820Missouri, United States I6228
4 Bragg, James W  Missouri, United States I400003
5 Copenhaver, Thomas II  Sep 1838Missouri, United States I380793
6 Flanary, Elijah  Missouri, United States I388498
7 Gearheart, Daniel Christopher  Missouri, United States I78866
8 Gideon, Milly M  1884Missouri, United States I356731
9 Hubbard, Elvira Frances  Missouri, United States I329211
10 Summers, Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I356318
11 Trimble, Mary Ann  Missouri, United States I240346


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Back, James  1907Missouri, United States I133044
2 Breeding, Margaret Jane  15 Mar 1836Missouri, United States I134060
3 Breeding, Nancy Ann  19 Nov 1841Missouri, United States I134066
4 Crismon, Judah  Abt 1842Missouri, United States I133930
5 Huested, Charles A.  1870Missouri, United States I243699
6 Huested, Isaac H.  1875Missouri, United States I243698
7 Huested, John W.  1869Missouri, United States I243700
8 Huff, Elijah  16 May 1820Missouri, United States I131867


Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Adams, Allen A.  1870Missouri, United States I14435
2 Adams, Elijah  1870Missouri, United States I7661
3 Adams, Elizabeth  1870Missouri, United States I124129
4 Adams, John Garland  1870Missouri, United States I75103
5 Adams, William P.  1870Missouri, United States I124127
6 Auxier, George Washington  1870Missouri, United States I264979
7 Baker, Bolin  1870Missouri, United States I97923
8 Belcher, John Tevis  1870Missouri, United States I329207
9 Benton, Isabella  1870Missouri, United States I374502
10 Bloomer, James W.  1870Missouri, United States I375537
11 Branham-Smith, Mary  1870Missouri, United States I7644
12 Collins, Priscilla  1870Missouri, United States I386717
13 Collins, Solomon  1870Missouri, United States I282573
14 Combs, Eliza Marie  1870Missouri, United States I101723
15 Combs, Margaret  1870Missouri, United States I101725
16 Combs, Matthew Jr.  1870Missouri, United States I15951
17 Combs, Matthew Elwood  1870Missouri, United States I101721
18 Combs, Nancy  1870Missouri, United States I102590
19 Combs, William  1870Missouri, United States I101729
20 Dorton, Edward T.  1870Missouri, United States I229889
21 Easley, Nancy Ann  1870Missouri, United States I1784
22 Easterling, John  1870Missouri, United States I363556
23 Falin, David  1870Missouri, United States I377608
24 Falin, Ludema  1870Missouri, United States I375796
25 Fields, Thomas J.  1870Missouri, United States I252345
26 Finney, John Wallace  1870Missouri, United States I328323
27 Franklin, Gilly Ann Francis  1870Missouri, United States I249219
28 Franklin, James R  1870Missouri, United States I249220
29 Franklin, Jesse Henry  1870Missouri, United States I105207
30 Franklin, John Lee  1870Missouri, United States I249293
31 Franklin, Judith  1870Missouri, United States I1787
32 Franklin, Mary Cleveland  1870Missouri, United States I1790
33 Franklin, Sarah Lee  1870Missouri, United States I249292
34 Franklin, Sarah S.  1870Missouri, United States I249308
35 Freshwater, Mary C.  1870Missouri, United States I376344
36 Fugate, Esther  1870Missouri, United States I330361
37 Fugate, Susannah  1870Missouri, United States I320322
38 Garrison, Sarah  1870Missouri, United States I75098
39 Gray, Archer Jesse  1870Missouri, United States I244764
40 Gray, Benjamin  1870Missouri, United States I122991
41 Gray, Florence Marion  1870Missouri, United States I249949
42 Gray, Jennie  1870Missouri, United States I122990
43 Gray, Ludemia F.  1870Missouri, United States I122989
44 Gray, Mourning  1870Missouri, United States I105346
45 Gray, Nelson Devane  1870Missouri, United States I249952
46 Hall, Margaret  1870Missouri, United States I126030
47 Harvill, William  1870Missouri, United States I129150
48 Horton, William Isaac  1870Missouri, United States I374501
49 Huddleston, Joel  1870Missouri, United States I105347
50 Hurt, Mary Ann  1870Missouri, United States I334058
51 Huston, Elizabeth Ramy  1870Missouri, United States I231201
52 Jessee, Charles C  1870Missouri, United States I249986
53 Jones, Malinda  1870Missouri, United States I359366
54 Keen, Carnero Drayton  1870Missouri, United States I334345
55 Keene, Henry Jasper  1870Missouri, United States I334346
56 Keene, John S  1870Missouri, United States I334349
57 Keene, Patton Gradon  1870Missouri, United States I334055
58 Keene, William Henry  1870Missouri, United States I334343
59 Lane, David C.  1870Missouri, United States I283395
60 Lozier, Ralph M.  1870Missouri, United States I368828
61 McDaniel, Martha Ann  1870Missouri, United States I34167
62 McKee, Lazarus  1870Missouri, United States I320318
63 McLaughlin, Charles Wesley  1870Missouri, United States I387518
64 McLaughlin, Sarah Ann  1870Missouri, United States I387519
65 Metts, Lockey Ann  1870Missouri, United States I105208
66 Moore, Levi Shelhorse  1870Missouri, United States I232464
67 Moore, William A.  1870Missouri, United States I330050
68 Motley, Paulina Jane  1870Missouri, United States I299964
69 Mullins, Chaney Ann  1870Missouri, United States I131974
70 Mullins, Sophrona C  1870Missouri, United States I131981
71 Musick, Isabell  1870Missouri, United States I111733
72 Mutter, Celia  1870Missouri, United States I333597
73 Powers, James Harvey  1870Missouri, United States I116745
74 Price, Louisa J  1870Missouri, United States I322299
75 Robbins, Garland N.  1870Missouri, United States I334297
76 Roller, David  1870Missouri, United States I375797
77 Roller, Eli  1870Missouri, United States I375795
78 Roller, Sarah  1870Missouri, United States I375802
79 Seacatt, Mary Elizabeth  1870Missouri, United States I244767
80 Snead, William Lawson  1870Missouri, United States I322305
81 Snider, Clark  1870Missouri, United States I334609
82 Standifer, Thomas Floyd  1870Missouri, United States I312018
83 Vencill, Thursa A.  1870Missouri, United States I334360
84 Wells, Jacob  1850Missouri, United States I21519


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Kilgore, Robert Caperton  Missouri, United States I87290


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Elected    Person ID 
1 Cockrell, Sen. Francis Marion  1874Missouri, United States I112417


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Back, Willie Taylor  From 3 Mar 1918 to 24 Sep 1919Missouri, United States I133047
2 Boone, Col. Nathan  Mar 1812Missouri, United States I30135
3 Boone, Col. Nathan  Between 1830 and 1850Missouri, United States I30135
4 Boone, Col. Nathan  Between 1830 and 1850Missouri, United States I30135
5 Collier, William Richmond  Missouri, United States I7479


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Boone, Col. Daniel Morgan  Jun 1800Missouri, United States I6228
2 Boone, Col. Nathan  Oct 1851Missouri, United States I30135
3 Cockrell, Sen. Francis Marion  1855Missouri, United States I112417


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Adams, Jesse  Missouri, United States I14124
2 Adams, Zachariah B.  Between 1850 and 1860Missouri, United States I98157
3 Boone, Col. Daniel Morgan  1799Missouri, United States I6228
4 Boone, Jesse Bryan  1818Missouri, United States I30133
5 Cody, John Sr.  1835Missouri, United States I15886
6 Collier, James  Abt 1852Missouri, United States I7773
7 Collier, Preston Hamilton  Abt 1852Missouri, United States I7476
8 Collier, Randolph  Aft 1852Missouri, United States I7774
9 Combs, Aaron John  Bef 1850Missouri, United States I15949
10 Fields, William Henry  Missouri, United States I6369
11 Hamilton, Sarah Minerva  Missouri, United States I17242


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hays, Capt. William Thomas  Missouri, United States I30136


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    PubServ    Person ID 
1 Bates, Hon. Edward Sr.  1831–1835Missouri, United States I230423


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Babb, Elizabeth  1870Missouri, United States I376890
2 Bledsoe, Hiram  1870Missouri, United States I376929
3 Forgey, Eve  1870Missouri, United States I375541
4 Franklin, George Rufus  1870Missouri, United States I249290
5 Goin, William Ira  1870Missouri, United States I392730
6 Harless, Aaron  1870Missouri, United States I231202
7 Harless, Sylvanus  1870Missouri, United States I231206
8 Hoskins, Sarah Eliza  1870Missouri, United States I396272
9 Mclaughlin, Israel Cornelius  1870Missouri, United States I387517
10 Polly, Andrew  1870Missouri, United States I127626
11 Poston, Louisa Dorcas  1870Missouri, United States I382743
12 Riggs, Joseph S  1870Missouri, United States I374610
13 Riley, Samantha  1870Missouri, United States I376930
14 Robbins, Hester  1870Missouri, United States I334344
15 Roller, James Madison  1870Missouri, United States I376772
16 Steele, David Fleming  1870Missouri, United States I360954
17 Stewart, John W  1870Missouri, United States I330062


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Settled    Person ID 
1 Callaway, James  Missouri, United States I30195
2 Puckett, Caleb Fryley  1840Missouri, United States I35022


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Adams / Garrison  Abt 1866Missouri, United States F31128
2 Adams / Jenkins  Abt 1871Missouri, United States F5921
3 Back / White  18 Oct 1922Missouri, United States F6319
4 Ballard / Roller  Abt 1865Missouri, United States F154147
5 Bates / Grider  7 Aug 1865Missouri, United States F32345
6 Bates / Meridith  Abt 1848Missouri, United States F94422
7 Beal / Franklin  6 Feb 1892Missouri, United States F162473
8 Blankenship / Renick  Abt 1884Missouri, United States F52356
9 Brown / Bird  Abt 1866Missouri, United States F153063
10 Casebolt / Daizy  10 Aug 1864Missouri, United States F146759
11 Coldiron / Damron  Aft 1840Missouri, United States F123057
12 Collier / Allred  4 Jul 1880Missouri, United States F3231
13 Collins / Bowling  1897Missouri, United States F89878
14 Collins / Collins  Abt 1847Missouri, United States F107596
15 Combs / Stamper  3 Jul 1893Missouri, United States F12058
16 Craig / Boone  29 Apr 1819Missouri, United States F12403
17 Dollarhide / Andrews  Abt 1849Missouri, United States F48551
18 Fields / Gardner  Abt 1857Missouri, United States F116260
19 Fugate / Hendrix  Abt 1822Missouri, United States F89415
20 George / Frick  22 Jun 1877Missouri, United States F130863
21 Gray / Bockman  Abt 1920Missouri, United States F94999
22 Green / Spurgeon  Abt 1871Missouri, United States F145995
23 Hall / Hall  25 Aug 1917Missouri, United States F166030
24 Hall / Johnson  18 Jul 1931Missouri, United States F123326
25 Hall / Morris  22 Nov 1896Missouri, United States F51489
26 Hayse / Combs  25 Nov 1938Missouri, United States F33634
27 Hicks / Hannah  1846Missouri, United States F105415
28 Hunsucker / Roberts  9 Jun 1916Missouri, United States F102085
29 Jones / Thomas  25 Dec 1843Missouri, United States F91548
30 Keith / Maggard  Abt 1894Missouri, United States F46121
31 Lewis / Short  Abt 1821Missouri, United States F127627
32 Maggard / Roberts  28 Jan 1899Missouri, United States F35564
33 Manning / Wilkerson  1911Missouri, United States F90714
34 Moody / Dollarhide  Abt 1848Missouri, United States F48555
35 Neeley / Stedham  Abt 1868Missouri, United States F148133
36 O'Neal / Combs  25 Jan 1898Missouri, United States F12064
37 Polly / Carroll  1888Missouri, United States F38024
38 Polly / Fletcher  Abt 1895Missouri, United States F38025
39 Roller / Bledsoe  1850Missouri, United States F154118
40 Smith / Woods  15 Nov 1840Missouri, United States F93347
41 Tunnell / Vencill  27 Nov 1856Missouri, United States F132850
42 Vencill / Elledge  Abt 1859Missouri, United States F132848
43 Ward / Addison  1866Missouri, United States F132605
44 Young / *Unknown  Abt 1848Missouri, United States F51775
45 Young / Short  Abt 1827Missouri, United States F127630


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blankenship / Bradley  20 Oct 1878Missouri, United States F52293
2 Blankenship / Renick  Abt 1884Missouri, United States F52356