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Illinois, United States


Parish : Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -89.2502806


   Name   Location 
1.Rock Island National CemeteryRock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, United States


Matches 1 to 225 of 225

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Serena E  Aug 1847Illinois, United States I404203
2 *Unknown, Elizabeth  Illinois, United States I75
3 *Unknown, Elizabeth E.  Sep 1839Illinois, United States I338407
4 *Unknown, Marjorie  1900Illinois, United States I309197
5 *Unknown, Mildred E.  1892Illinois, United States I268941
6 Adams, Charity Jane  1835Illinois, United States I250145
7 Adams, Joseph  17 Jan 1833Illinois, United States I250144
8 Asbury, Martha Ann  12 Jan 1842Illinois, United States I366619
9 Auxier, Cynthia  1820Illinois, United States I401457
10 Ayars, James Sterling  17 Nov 1898Illinois, United States I352597
11 Barnes, Willilam C  1841Illinois, United States I105421
12 Beebe, Oliver M.  26 Apr 1840Illinois, United States I249926
13 Bellamy, Susan Perilla  1860Illinois, United States I290679
14 Bond, Nancy C.  8 Feb 1827Illinois, United States I82178
15 Bradshaw, Nancy Ann  27 Jul 1851Illinois, United States I389152
16 Bretz, John L  1874Illinois, United States I366525
17 Brewer, Lucinda  1847Illinois, United States I376611
18 Brookman, Eliza Ellen  29 Mar 1856Illinois, United States I130259
19 Brookman, George W.  9 Jul 1854Illinois, United States I130256
20 Brookman, Margaret Lueretis  1849Illinois, United States I130264
21 Brookman, Martha Eva  16 Jun 1862Illinois, United States I130265
22 Bryant, Clarence Sylvester  31 May 1913Illinois, United States I320079
23 Burke, Sarah Emily  1830Illinois, United States I322257
24 Clark, Manoah B.  9 Sep 1842Illinois, United States I105373
25 Cloud, Emma  1907Illinois, United States I266569
26 Cole, Constance M.  Feb 1900Illinois, United States I381056
27 Cole, Franklin H  31 Jan 1875Illinois, United States I381058
28 Collier, Nathaniel Preston  13 Nov 1852Illinois, United States I7486
29 Conner, Phoebe  1856Illinois, United States I234693
30 Corby, Anna Marie  24 May 1910Illinois, United States I350636
31 Cox, Andrew Jackson  1841Illinois, United States I346556
32 Cox, William  1840Illinois, United States I401315
33 Crabtree, Betty  13 Mar 1926Illinois, United States I386400
34 Dart, Susan  1847Illinois, United States I245904
35 Daugherty, Nathaniel  1822Illinois, United States I342009
36 Davis, William Henry  24 Jan 1900Illinois, United States I111019
37 Dehart, Mary  1834Illinois, United States I262486
38 Dennis, Cora Belle  12 Dec 1883Illinois, United States I96699
39 Dennis, Hazel M.  1897Illinois, United States I96714
40 Dennis, Parmey S.  7 Jul 1886Illinois, United States I96706
41 Dierks, Herman  Abt 1852Illinois, United States I134463
42 Dixon, George Vick  Aug 1867Illinois, United States I337051
43 Dodson, Malinda  Abt 1844Illinois, United States I235553
44 Donnelly, Anna May  12 Sep 1905Illinois, United States I113693
45 Dutton, Louisa Lorena  24 Apr 1833Illinois, United States I321270
46 Duzan, Eva  16 Feb 1862Illinois, United States I263235
47 Eager, Eliza Jane  1844Illinois, United States I370570
48 Ehrler, Everett Dale  1919Illinois, United States I391223
49 Einfeldt, Gertrude Jane  Abt 1918Illinois, United States I119085
50 Einfeldt, Walter  28 Sep 1888Illinois, United States I256
51 Eliers, Arminda  Dec 1863Illinois, United States I254754
52 Elledge, Arminda Rebecca  25 Dec 1864Illinois, United States I367970
53 Engle, Troy Perkins  25 Jan 1898Illinois, United States I119970
54 Evans, Edward  1860Illinois, United States I387794
55 Ewing, Nina Carol  15 Aug 1886Illinois, United States I309232
56 Fortune, Hugh Curtis  22 Dec 1892Illinois, United States I372527
57 Fuller, Emiline  Nov 1838Illinois, United States I321508
58 Fuller, Ira Washington  29 Nov 1840Illinois, United States I299257
59 Gasser, Martha S  9 Mar 1869Illinois, United States I286996
60 Gentry, Mary M.  Sep 1860Illinois, United States I125484
61 George, Carrie Larue  10 Aug 1873Illinois, United States I269678
62 Goodsell, Wallace  14 Sep 1850Illinois, United States I387795
63 Gossert, Clara Ellen  1871Illinois, United States I230349
64 Gough, Nancy Jane  1838Illinois, United States I266595
65 Gray, Albert  1877Illinois, United States I125478
66 Gray, Alfred  1841Illinois, United States I105350
67 Gray, Alydia F.  15 Feb 1854Illinois, United States I249916
68 Gray, Andrew Jackson  1836Illinois, United States I105366
69 Gray, Anna E.  1841Illinois, United States I105365
70 Gray, Daniel  1844Illinois, United States I242890
71 Gray, David  1842Illinois, United States I105367
72 Gray, Edward  19 Jun 1891Illinois, United States I105445
73 Gray, James  1830Illinois, United States I105361
74 Gray, James  1903Illinois, United States I266148
75 Gray, James P.  1840Illinois, United States I105349
76 Gray, Jessie B.  Aug 1884Illinois, United States I125481
77 Gray, John  1860Illinois, United States I249921
78 Gray, John Norman  22 Jan 1834Illinois, United States I287808
79 Gray, Joseph F.  Aug 1897Illinois, United States I105435
80 Gray, Julia A.  1872Illinois, United States I105429
81 Gray, Layette  1857Illinois, United States I249922
82 Gray, Lily  1907Illinois, United States I266149
83 Gray, Lucinda  1837Illinois, United States I249917
84 Gray, Mourning  Feb 1837Illinois, United States I105346
85 Gray, Nellie E.  17 Mar 1914Illinois, United States I266150
86 Gray, Olive  1851Illinois, United States I249918
87 Gray, Priscilla May  1839Illinois, United States I105369
88 Gray, Ross Wilson  1918Illinois, United States I105459
89 Gray, Roy E.  Feb 1893Illinois, United States I105432
90 Gray, Samuel Jr.  Feb 1896Illinois, United States I105433
91 Gray, Thomas  1856Illinois, United States I249919
92 Gray, Walter Allen  4 Jul 1883Illinois, United States I105455
93 Gray, Walter Russell  1909Illinois, United States I105457
94 Gray, Wesley  1863Illinois, United States I249915
95 Gray, William Jr.  1833Illinois, United States I105364
96 Gray, William  Apr 1855Illinois, United States I249920
97 Grimes, Stephen  17 Oct 1819Illinois, United States I268840
98 Haney, Mary Jane  1848Illinois, United States I234057
99 Hannah, Mary  26 May 1828Illinois, United States I303130
100 Hanson, David L. M.  Abt 1834Illinois, United States I329629
101 Harris, Martha  Abt 1839Illinois, United States I127186
102 Harris, Ransom  Abt 1811Illinois, United States I237875
103 Hartford, George Washington  7 Sep 1876Illinois, United States I353906
104 Hathaway, Lona  1867Illinois, United States I399801
105 Hess, Nancy  Dec 1844Illinois, United States I239677
106 Hirsh, Jeanette  10 Jul 1905Illinois, United States I299451
107 Hobert, Edith E  31 Jan 1878Illinois, United States I267834
108 Hoskins, Lucinda  Oct 1843Illinois, United States I362241
109 Hubbard, George Wallace  15 Dec 1876Illinois, United States I73256
110 Huddleston, Caroline  1850Illinois, United States I239676
111 Huddleston, James  1860–1861Illinois, United States I249907
112 Huff, James Grant  11 Oct 1889Illinois, United States I303390
113 Hunter, James Kean  18 Apr 1889Illinois, United States I233494
114 Hunter, Rose  Abt 1891Illinois, United States I233495
115 Jaynes, Amaziah  18 Oct 1846Illinois, United States I240368
116 Jaynes, America  Jun 1853Illinois, United States I240370
117 Jaynes, Docia  1842Illinois, United States I240366
118 Jaynes, John  1844Illinois, United States I240367
119 Jaynes, Morning  Sep 1834Illinois, United States I240364
120 Jaynes, Thomas J.  1840Illinois, United States I240365
121 Jaynes, Virginia C.  1850Illinois, United States I240369
122 Jenkins, Martha Jane  9 Sep 1857Illinois, United States I335938
123 Johnson, Andrew Jackson  5 Dec 1823Illinois, United States I287797
124 Johnson, David Gordon  13 Oct 1909Illinois, United States I1211
125 Johnson, John Nels  Dec 1872Illinois, United States I231129
126 Johnson, Martha Juliet  1845Illinois, United States I359960
127 Johnson, Mary Ann  21 Nov 1839Illinois, United States I271894
128 Jolly, Olive L.  7 Aug 1877Illinois, United States I357676
129 Jones, Martha Jane  14 Apr 1841Illinois, United States I389114
130 Jones, Myrtle M.  6 Mar 1896Illinois, United States I343927
131 Keith, Albert  Aug 1868Illinois, United States I111493
132 Keller, Leander Jackson  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I378487
133 Ketchum, Ethel  1918Illinois, United States I383102
134 Ketchum, Robert  1920Illinois, United States I383104
135 King, Burton Richard  Aug 1893Illinois, United States I332936
136 King, Hannah Jane  18 Aug 1839Illinois, United States I331814
137 Kleinschmidt, Elda Elilzabeth  4 Aug 1905Illinois, United States I244639
138 Klepper, Isaac Kline  31 Oct 1837Illinois, United States I371125
139 Knight, Verda Alice  3 Mar 1891Illinois, United States I237526
140 Knopf, Henry Albert  29 Nov 1866Illinois, United States I286995
141 Kraft, Mary Jane  24 Jan 1934Illinois, United States I97251
142 Kunkle, Lena  Jun 1857Illinois, United States I390935
143 Lee, William Robert  1856Illinois, United States I291901
144 Lindholm, Pernella "Nellie" Elisabeth  1884Illinois, United States I366442
145 Long, William Powell  Jan 1842Illinois, United States I327538
146 Lowe, Sarah J.  1849Illinois, United States I374355
147 Lucus, Victor C  1920Illinois, United States I399069
148 Marsh, Lemuel G.  7 Feb 1843Illinois, United States I111780
149 Martin, Martha B.  Apr 1840Illinois, United States I97918
150 Maxwell, Laura  1854Illinois, United States I125477
151 Maxwell, Louise  1862Illinois, United States I125480
152 McCartney, Thomas Conrad  24 Oct 1875Illinois, United States I336633
153 McCullough, Frances  1856Illinois, United States I370727
154 McFarland, Jacob W  1873Illinois, United States I335019
155 McGinnis, Harrison E.  14 Jan 1885Illinois, United States I255493
156 McGinnis, Mary  Jan 1882Illinois, United States I255492
157 McGinnis, Truman  19 Apr 1887Illinois, United States I115363
158 McKee, Bijou  Aug 1895Illinois, United States I105452
159 McNeil, Sarah Ann  1846Illinois, United States I241290
160 McRay, Lois  19 Feb 1907Illinois, United States I259726
161 McWilliams, David Harrison  12 Apr 1839Illinois, United States I239671
162 Miller, Mabel  1899Illinois, United States I356900
163 Mize, Elizabeth Anna  1846Illinois, United States I127565
164 Moody, Allen  25 Oct 1825Illinois, United States I117202
165 Moore, Mary Elizabeth  1837Illinois, United States I325294
166 Morrell, Mary Felicia  28 Jun 1851Illinois, United States I395701
167 Morris, Melvin  25 Dec 1915Illinois, United States I342317
168 Mosgrove, John H.  25 Jan 1872Illinois, United States I274626
169 Murphy, Allen  Feb 1861Illinois, United States I244304
170 Myers, Mabel  1887Illinois, United States I339900
171 Nance, James Hansford  10 Apr 1830Illinois, United States I230931
172 Nelson, Margaret S.  1835Illinois, United States I364806
173 Nickell, George Jackson  24 Apr 1831Illinois, United States I258651
174 Osborne, John  Abt 1838Illinois, United States I314721
175 Owen, Julius Cornelius  22 Mar 1846Illinois, United States I331371
176 Pasley, Elizabeth  1852Illinois, United States I361637
177 Patterson, Nancy Mildred  May 1867Illinois, United States I85495
178 Pease, Albert Caswell  18 Jan 1919Illinois, United States I279052
179 Pease, John Allen  10 Oct 1873Illinois, United States I344658
180 Perkins, Lucinda  Sep 1836Illinois, United States I241664
181 Perry, Ruth Willard  Oct 1896Illinois, United States I246947
182 Pewtherer, George W.  Aug 1847Illinois, United States I389332
183 Phipps, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1843Illinois, United States I395086
184 Porter, John Stewart  May 1834Illinois, United States I256147
185 Potter, Nellie A.  15 May 1918Illinois, United States I246949
186 Powers, James M.  Abt 1868Illinois, United States I241757
187 Powers, Ransom P.  Abt 1857Illinois, United States I237878
188 Prather, Alice A  1853Illinois, United States I361641
189 Reese, David W  Abt 1831Illinois, United States I125250
190 Reese, James  Abt 1835Illinois, United States I125248
191 Rodman, Elizabeth Ann  3 Jul 1851Illinois, United States I376188
192 Roegge, Hulda Jeanette Dorothea  14 Oct 1879Illinois, United States I244648
193 Sanders, Allie Rice  Jun 1863Illinois, United States I33882
194 Saylor, John Henry  25 Feb 1905Illinois, United States I244638
195 Scouten, Willis F  Oct 1854Illinois, United States I348601
196 Searles, Orlie Coarson  21 May 1884Illinois, United States I73
197 Searles, Orren Ira  1853Illinois, United States I246541
198 Searles, Roe Coarson  1880Illinois, United States I246545
199 Sherman, Emily B  Jan 1891Illinois, United States I401751
200 Shultz, Robert  8 Jan 1914Illinois, United States I18133
201 Smith, Polley Ann  1842Illinois, United States I394344
202 Solum, Rae G.  1919Illinois, United States I122258
203 Solum, Ragnwald G.  1895Illinois, United States I122257
204 Solum, Wallace G.  1922Illinois, United States I122259
205 Stanford, Ora Estelle  Sep 1881Illinois, United States I73248
206 Stoltz, Louise  Aug 1863Illinois, United States I401111
207 Taggart, Sarah L.  Abt 1863Illinois, United States I105423
208 Tallant, Leah  1831Illinois, United States I370962
209 Taylor, George W.  1 Jan 1838Illinois, United States I361725
210 Taylor, John  1832Illinois, United States I266152
211 Thurman, John Louis  Sep 1855Illinois, United States I387793
212 Tucker, Amy Charlotte  6 May 1854Illinois, United States I342196
213 Vanmeter, Henrietta  1860Illinois, United States I105443
214 Walker, Susan Olive  8 Feb 1860Illinois, United States I323323
215 Webb, Eva  1870Illinois, United States I394345
216 Werner, Harry  7 Mar 1892Illinois, United States I14923
217 Whittington, Pearl  1894Illinois, United States I31167
218 Wilcox, George  1852Illinois, United States I281935
219 Williams, John C.  1878Illinois, United States I293887
220 Wilson, John Lewis  Abt 1875Illinois, United States I262712
221 Wilson, William Wesley  1835Illinois, United States I359953
222 Wiswell, Daisey Dean  Sep 1872Illinois, United States I233328
223 Wooten, George Washington  1827Illinois, United States I235665
224 Yarbrough, Robert  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I360068
225 Young, Jasper N.  10 Feb 1881Illinois, United States I110252


Matches 1 to 105 of 105

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 *Unknown, Margaret  Illinois, United States I249207
2 Adkins, Daniel  1905Illinois, United States I259655
3 Banks, Keiter  Nov 1971Illinois, United States I108700
4 Basham, Belle  Illinois, United States I343608
5 Beebe, Oliver M.  1921Illinois, United States I249926
6 Benham, Julius Henry  9 Jan 1916Illinois, United States I360063
7 Boone, Charity  Abt 1853Illinois, United States I31608
8 Boone, Delinda  18 Sep 1877Illinois, United States I30152
9 Boone, Jonathan Morgan  Abt 1818Illinois, United States I6226
10 Brown, Clara Ritter  7 Jul 1988Illinois, United States I70896
11 Bustle, Harrison Robert  10 Mar 1953Illinois, United States I72954
12 Campbell, Allen B.  Illinois, United States I96391
13 Caudill, Everett  15 Oct 1948Illinois, United States I350598
14 Centers, Pearl  Abt 1978Illinois, United States I308902
15 Christian, Dudley  23 Aug 1866Illinois, United States I25603
16 Combs, Dicie  Aft 1850Illinois, United States I246302
17 Craig, James  31 Mar 1847Illinois, United States I30176
18 Crase, Donny G.  6 May 2005Illinois, United States I72209
19 Crosswright, Mary  1840Illinois, United States I96935
20 Davis, John  17 Mar 1859Illinois, United States I112401
21 Day, Omega Fern  1999Illinois, United States I337284
22 Decrowe, Eliza  Jun 1881Illinois, United States I105358
23 Dennis, Elizabeth Jones  1878Illinois, United States I96687
24 Dixon, Samuel  20 Sep 1833Illinois, United States I319949
25 Doak, Lucinda Smith  18 Aug 1825Illinois, United States I240179
26 Duncan, Carl  12 Jun 1969Illinois, United States I340767
27 Duncan, John  31 Dec 1834Illinois, United States I117578
28 Eifert, Catharine  Illinois, United States I119091
29 Einfeldt, August  Illinois, United States I119090
30 Elledge, Francis  18 Aug 1827Illinois, United States I31612
31 Evanoff, William B.  22 Sep 2004Illinois, United States I292637
32 Fleming, Georgia  1976Illinois, United States I11178
33 Frazier, Nancy Jane  15 Jun 1901Illinois, United States I249585
34 Gilmore, Caroline Lucinda  1914Illinois, United States I282860
35 Gray, Alydia F.  9 Jan 1927Illinois, United States I249916
36 Gray, James  Illinois, United States I266148
37 Gray, Lily  Illinois, United States I266149
38 Gray, Matilda Jane  23 Feb 1893Illinois, United States I105352
39 Gray, Nellie E.  25 Nov 1984Illinois, United States I266150
40 Gray, Thomas  1939Illinois, United States I249919
41 Hagins, David  Illinois, United States I3298
42 Hale, Mary Ann  1866Illinois, United States I233375
43 Haney, Mary Jane  1901Illinois, United States I234057
44 Harris, Nancy  Bef 1830Illinois, United States I112529
45 Harrison, Ezekiel Bryan  31 Aug 1851Illinois, United States I130023
46 Hess, Nancy  26 Sep 1907Illinois, United States I239677
47 Hobbs, Joel  Bef 1840Illinois, United States I126261
48 Hogge, Solomon  16 Sep 1917Illinois, United States I22019
49 Houser, Jemima  22 Sep 1852Illinois, United States I28663
50 Howard, William F.  1920Illinois, United States I330199
51 Howerton, Martha Cornelia  11 Jul 1940Illinois, United States I276420
52 Huddleston, Caroline  1878Illinois, United States I239676
53 Hudson, Roy  Illinois, United States I262445
54 Huff, Samuel Jr.  Illinois, United States I106875
55 Hurt, Mary P.  Illinois, United States I318979
56 Ingram, Isaac Lawson  1880Illinois, United States I237423
57 Johnson, America  2 Mar 1951Illinois, United States I82312
58 Johnson, Martha Juliet  Abt 1885Illinois, United States I359960
59 Johnson, Sarah Jane  1 Jun 1902Illinois, United States I320592
60 Lewis, Martha  1822Illinois, United States I96382
61 Lindholm, Pernella "Nellie" Elisabeth  1937Illinois, United States I366442
62 Maggard, Israel  Jul 1946Illinois, United States I390515
63 Maxwell, Louise  1902Illinois, United States I125480
64 Mayo, Jonathan  22 Apr 1884Illinois, United States I95047
65 McGuire, Solomon  10 May 1818Illinois, United States I94601
66 McKenzie, Rufus M.  6 Aug 1933Illinois, United States I22724
67 McWilliams, David Harrison  1 Mar 1893Illinois, United States I239671
68 Merritt, William Delp  24 Feb 1908Illinois, United States I373750
69 Million, Sarah Ann  1843Illinois, United States I23977
70 Morgan, Ann  Bef 1880Illinois, United States I96293
71 Morgan, Wells  Abt 1852Illinois, United States I94666
72 Morrell, Mary Felicia  19 Mar 1915Illinois, United States I395701
73 Morris, Eliza  8 Aug 1881Illinois, United States I276079
74 Mullins, Melda  6 Sep 1994Illinois, United States I274799
75 Munsey, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1910Illinois, United States I330554
76 Osborn, Solomon  1828Illinois, United States I28654
77 Palmer, Winnie  1858Illinois, United States I277630
78 Pendleton, Lilborn H.  16 Dec 1864Illinois, United States I241563
79 Pennington, Angeline  1 Jun 1928Illinois, United States I86131
80 Pennington, John Stewart  20 Sep 1859Illinois, United States I28659
81 Pennington, Mariah  1 Mar 1866Illinois, United States I91594
82 Pennington, Sarah  20 Oct 1844Illinois, United States I30863
83 Phipps, Flora M.  11 Mar 1957Illinois, United States I11113
84 Pilcher, Mary Ann  12 Apr 1898Illinois, United States I329208
85 Powell, Edna Elizabeth  Illinois, United States I313447
86 Powers, John Michael III  Illinois, United States I329311
87 Proctor, Mary  Illinois, United States I106876
88 Ramey, Jasper  9 Jan 1936Illinois, United States I34632
89 Roberts, Rev. Archibald  10 Sep 1860Illinois, United States I30851
90 Salmons, Martha A.  Illinois, United States I237719
91 Schnarr, Gustav Heinrich  8 Mar 1971Illinois, United States I384476
92 Shelley, Adam Jr  Aft 1870Illinois, United States I362105
93 Shumard, Mary A  Abt 1883Illinois, United States I360066
94 Smiley, Catherine  26 Jan 1842Illinois, United States I300655
95 Stamper, Matilda Ellis  4 Jan 1880Illinois, United States I298731
96 Stanfield, Cornelius Harvey  16 Nov 1967Illinois, United States I331261
97 Stratton, Sally  Abt 1855Illinois, United States I94554
98 Taylor, Alpha Omega  Jun 1882Illinois, United States I96006
99 Walker, Joseph  30 Jun 1902Illinois, United States I254647
100 Walker, Thomas Leslie  13 Jul 1937Illinois, United States I313483
101 Walters, Elizabeth  Illinois, United States I356825
102 Wenzel, Barbara  1 Nov 1910Illinois, United States I254648
103 Whitley, William Jr.  Abt 1855Illinois, United States I94555
104 Witt, Gladys  26 Jan 2007Illinois, United States I252555
105 Wright, Benjamin Jr.  4 Sep 1866Illinois, United States I31192


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Burkhart, Nancy Jane  Aug 1958Illinois, United States I261045
2 Centers, Pearl  Abt 1978Illinois, United States I308902
3 Franklin, Martha Ann  Illinois, United States I249310
4 Smiley, Catherine  Illinois, United States I300655
5 Smith, Nancy  1849Illinois, United States I373451
6 Walker, Thomas Leslie  1937Illinois, United States I313483
7 Wampler, Catherine  May 1809Illinois, United States I233655


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dierks, Herman  Abt 1852Illinois, United States I134463
2 Gray, Olive Beatrice  1905Illinois, United States I242917


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barker, Permelia  1870Illinois, United States I345747
2 Campbell, Richard Henry  1870Illinois, United States I319276
3 Clark, Elizabeth  1870Illinois, United States I105375
4 Clark, Lincoln  1870Illinois, United States I105385
5 Clark, Lucy Ann  1870Illinois, United States I105383
6 Clark, Randal Sr.  1870Illinois, United States I105370
7 Clark, Vespasian  1870Illinois, United States I105380
8 Creech, Nancy  1870Illinois, United States I236870
9 Darnell, James R  1870Illinois, United States I345746
10 Gray, Lucinda Jane  1870Illinois, United States I105339
11 Gray, Samuel Edward  1870Illinois, United States I105398
12 Green, Benjamin Milburn  1870Illinois, United States I360051
13 Johnson, Sarah Jane  1870Illinois, United States I320592
14 Pitttman, Nancy E J  1870Illinois, United States I397769
15 Porter, Mary Elizabeth  1870Illinois, United States I1669
16 Spence, Martha Ann  1870Illinois, United States I299506
17 Tallant, John  1870Illinois, United States I370953
18 Taylor, Mary  1870Illinois, United States I254638
19 Walker, Jacob  1870Illinois, United States I299505


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gray, Olive Beatrice  Illinois, United States I242917


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Hogg, James Wesley  1880Illinois, United States I7882
2 Spencer, John III  Illinois, United States I14386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Yontz, Peggy Joan  23 Sep 2003Illinois, United States I23323


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Darnell, William Robert  1870Illinois, United States I345745
2 Hilyard, James Powell  1870Illinois, United States I105355
3 Houpt, Sarah Elizabeth  1870Illinois, United States I374431
4 Parrott, Martha Ann  1870Illinois, United States I319284
5 Richmond, Frances  1870Illinois, United States I370951
6 Rose, Johannah  1870Illinois, United States I105389
7 Walker, Miriam Dorcus  1870Illinois, United States I254653
8 Webb, Milton S.  1870Illinois, United States I234367


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beebe / Gray  1874Illinois, United States F94982
2 Boyd / *Unknown  Abt 1860Illinois, United States F134772
3 Darnell / Prather  9 Nov 1870Illinois, United States F146666
4 Gray / Allen  14 Sep 1837Illinois, United States F122963
5 Gray / Hess  1878Illinois, United States F92050
6 Gray / Huddleston  1870Illinois, United States F92049
7 Gray / Maxwell  Abt 1872Illinois, United States F51353
8 Gray / Smith  1870Illinois, United States F51354
9 Kirkpatrick / Green  28 Sep 1868Illinois, United States F145925
10 McWilliams / Gray  1864Illinois, United States F92047


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Young / Harris  Abt 1863Illinois, United States F51781