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Virginia, United States  Virginia, United States


Virginia, United States

Primary Birth events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Alla1792Yes, date unknown I377206
2 Eliza1831Yes, date unknown I377487
3 Elizabeth1799  I376746
4 Elizabeth1828Yes, date unknown I377860
5 Elizabeth Gaitley17951870Tennessee, _I377274
6 Lora1800Yes, date unknown I377919
7 Lucy1825Yes, date unknown I375443
8 Malinda1830  I368239
9 Mary1795Yes, date unknown I376707
10 Mary A.1830Yes, date unknown I375967
11 Rebecca17841830Pike, Kentucky, _I365176
12 Roda1823Yes, date unknown I377386
13 SarahAbt 1724  I369491
14 Sarah1790Yes, date unknown I376835
15 Sarah1805Yes, date unknown I376858
16 Sarah1843  I377945
17 Winny1787Yes, date unknown I377951
18 *Unknown, Amanda J.18131871Pike, Illinois, _I376477
19 *Unknown, Ann1787Yes, date unknown I373664
20 *Unknown, Ann1824  I362212
21 *Unknown, Ann C.1830Yes, date unknown I361746
22 *Unknown, Arminta1833  I322061
23 *Unknown, Caroline1818Yes, date unknown I373660
24 *Unknown, Catharine1832Yes, date unknown I342109
25 *Unknown, Celia1799Apr 1869Dungannon, ScottI346667
26 *Unknown, CharlotteAbt 1752  I373096
27 *Unknown, CharlotteAbt 1784  I293130
28 *Unknown, Charlotte1809Yes, date unknown I377798
29 *Unknown, Christiana1826  I322565
30 *Unknown, CoabyApr 1876  I304092
31 *Unknown, ComfreyAbt 1835Yes, date unknown I23567
32 *Unknown, Delia1828Yes, date unknown I323672
33 *Unknown, Dianah1795  I271948
34 *Unknown, Dinah1780Yes, date unknown I341491
35 *Unknown, Dora Belle16 Jan 188716 May 1965Castlewood, RussellI281215
36 *Unknown, Dorcas1810Yes, date unknown I360845
37 *Unknown, DorcasOct 18771972BuchananI130767
38 *Unknown, Eleanor1792  I235562
39 *Unknown, Eleanor Virginia1784  I374585
40 *Unknown, Eliza1846  I353598
41 *Unknown, Eliza A.16 Jun 18384 Feb 1910ScottI298467
42 *Unknown, Elizabeth1726  I126419
43 *Unknown, Elizabeth1756Yes, date unknown I94663
44 *Unknown, ElizabethAbt 1779Yes, date unknown I35021
45 *Unknown, Elizabeth1808Yes, date unknown I362931
46 *Unknown, Elizabeth1808  I367076
47 *Unknown, ElizabethAbt 1809  I247044
48 *Unknown, ElizabethAbt 1809  I353137
49 *unknown, ElizabethAbt 1810  I304136
50 *Unknown, Elizabeth1810  I371859

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Primary Christened events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Christened BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bailey, George16881688(here)Aft 1760 I131267
2 Bryant, James16501650(here)1732Bertie, North Carolina, _I241145
3 Compton, Elizabeth 23 May 1855Russell27 Oct 1933Bee, DickensonI342466
4 Compton, Phoebe 1831(here)Abt 1888(here)I334420
5 Harrison, Lydia1745Abt 1737Augusta, Virginia, British America1793Greene, Tennessee, _I125104
6 Hunter, WilliamBef 188012 Oct 1818Giles27 Aug 1877Raleigh, West Virginia, _I275614
7 Lewis, Warner175530 Oct 1747(here)30 Dec 1791Abingdon Parish (Historic), Gloucester, Virginia, British AmericaI240891
8 Mathews, James16801680Charles City, Virginia, British America1 Mar 1762Halifax, Virginia, British AmericaI253424
9 Owens, Thomas Jefferson Abt 1771Floyd, Kentucky, _1834 I248853
10 Randolph, Captain Henry B II7 Mar 16657 Mar 1665Virginia, British America26 Feb 1693HenricoI348759
11 Smith, Redden17931782North Carolina, _1864Pigeon Roost, Clay, Kentucky, _I294715

Primary Death events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Rutha M. Abt 1850 I374849
2 *Unknown, JaneBef 182525 May 1724Coulanges, Allier, FranceI293890
3 *Unknown, LucindaBef 18791820 I325872
4 *Unknown, Lucy18191759County Cork, IrelandI332448
5 *Unknown, Mildred1827Abt 1797Surry, North Carolina, _I363565
6 *Unknown, Patience18701795North Carolina, _I378195
7 *Unknown, Rachel 1796North Carolina, _I359234
8 *Unknown, SallyBef 1850  I339130
9 *Unknown, Susan 1761Maryland, British AmericaI330281
10 Adams, Anne183929 Sep 1740Surry, Virginia, British AmericaI336915
11 Adams, Ida19521863WiseI231017
12 Adams, James Edward22 Sep 1979Mar 1942 I363637
13 Adams, Mary PollyAft 18601782AlbemarleI312888
14 Addington, Loyd Kelly26 Aug 19667 Apr 1895ScottI292130
15 Addington, Martha Jane194925 Nov 1866ScottI81247
16 Addington, Mary Louise6 May 19127 Apr 1912(here)I354755
17 Adkins, Ann FrancisJan 1952Jan 1852(here)I329467
18 Adkins, Earsie8 Aug 194421 Sep 1907(here)I295515
19 Adkins, Elizabeth 1741HenricoI235912
20 Adkins, Jesse18701788PittsylvaniaI260511
21 Adkins, Mary Margaret200931 Mar 1929Pike, Kentucky, _I345358
22 Adkins, Michael Eugene22 Jan 19538 Apr 1937Letcher, Kentucky, _I286473
23 Adkins, Parker15 Mar 17941718HenricoI312498
24 Adkins, Rosa AJun 197112 Feb 1894(here)I326920
25 Adkins, Spurlock Adam194725 Sep 1894Greasy Creek, Pike, Kentucky, _I236118
26 Akard, Frederick D. Sr.1866Abt 1772Lancaster, Pennsylvania, British AmericaI360125
27 Akers, JacobAft 1852Abt 1772MontgomeryI92181
28 Alderson, George Washington21 Apr 18937 Jan 1820RussellI331574
29 Allen, George Washington14 Jan 196427 Mar 1908(here)I271492
30 Allen, LeticiaAft 179112 Mar 1753Augusta, Virginia, British AmericaI239271
31 Allen, Mary18231790WashingtonI369166
32 Allen, Mary HowellOct 18138 Feb 1761Berkeley, Charles CityI267235
33 Alley, Jonathan Abt 1823FloydI339977
34 Alley, Lloyd Hadon195424 Apr 1880ScottI274025
35 Altizer, CatherinaAft 186018 Jul 1808Floyd, FloydI254250
36 Altizer, Claude Earl18 Mar 196715 Dec 1883Fork Ridge, TazewellI12073
37 Alvis, MarindaMay 1840Abt 1786Manchester, ChesterfieldI320666
38 Amburgey, William Hammon12 Mar 191619 May 1840RussellI15248
39 Amburgy, Mary Louisa10 Jun 19644 Sep 1896Pike, Kentucky, _I129968
40 Anderson, Andrew J.1909Jan 1847(here)I320406
41 Anderson, Charles Henry8 Aug 195519 Feb 1876BuchananI347969
42 Anderson, David Merriwether1841From 1 Dec 1766 to 1 Feb 1776Charlottesville, AlbemarleI241035
43 Anderson, IsabellaJan 18491810South Carolina, _I14532
44 Anderson, JohnBef 18051780(here)I364306
45 Anderson, Rebecca Ann11 May 18757 Nov 1800RussellI276014
46 Anderson, Sarah17901743Tazewell, TazewellI303137
47 Armistead, Sarah 1737(here)I331498
48 Arnold, Elizabeth S.  PatrickI239718
49 Arnold, Jacob J 1822Yadkin, North Carolina, _I365374
50 Arrington, Adler18701762CampbellI249449

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Primary Burial events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Allison, James Russell14 Oct 194525 Oct 1873Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, _12 Oct 1945Tennessee, _I365413
2 Bays, James Harvey19177 Jul 1846Russell28 Jul 1917Washington, Tennessee, _I333516
3 Bays, Thomas W.25 Nov 193313 Oct 1896LeeBef Jun 1950 I346423
4 Bishop, Susanna Fry21 Apr 183210 May 1785(here)18 Apr 1832RussellI333452
5 Bolling, Shelby WatsonFeb 1942Jan 1942(here)Feb 1942(here)I353716
6 Bowen, Lilly H18652 Nov 1802Tazewell11 Dec 1865RussellI306064
7 Bowen, Mary Jane 1825Scott1900 (aged 74–75)ScottI354773
8 Boyd, Joseph 13 Aug 1829Patrick25 Dec 1906Honaker, RussellI339069
9 Boys, Jane18361775Virginia, British America1836(here)I339255
10 Breeding, Joseph Elihu25 Oct 19553 Jun 1893Russell25 Oct 1955Lebanon, RussellI133698
11 Brickey, Jane ElizabethDec 192120 Feb 1840Scott29 Dec 1921(here)I373866
12 Campbell, Nancy1840Abt 1766Amherst1840CharlotteI341922
13 Carper, Margaret Peggy187120 Sep 1796Montgomery22 Feb 1871Pulaski, PulaskiI307473
14 Castle, Zachariah18716 Jun 1788Russell25 Aug 1871RussellI94261
15 Christian, Christina Asbury17981730British America10 Apr 1798HenricoI369314
16 Ciphers, Sarah Jane18 Apr 19195 Mar 1848Smyth17 Apr 1919Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee, _I325433
17 Claman, MariahBef 1927Abt 1817ScottBef 1927United StatesI338083
18 Clark, Mary31 Aug 19189 Mar 1833(here)30 Aug 1918Lebanon, RussellI319258
19 Colley, Sumpter J. 6 Nov 1867Dickenson4 Aug 1930(here)I309368
20 Collier, GreenSep 1858Abt 1835Lee15 Sep 1858Copper Creek, ScottI331662
21 Counts, Elijah ShelbyDec 195321 Jul 1868Buchanan19 Dec 1953(here)I310468
22 Counts, MargaretMar 195220 Feb 1856Cleveland, Russell29 Feb 1952Lick Creek, SummersI327082
23 Cox, Leander Floyd 24 Feb 1859Fort Blackmore, Scott20 Apr 1926(here)I351929
24 Crenshaw, Joseph Willliam 1791(here)5 May 1860SmythI367514
25 Culbertson, William R.Aug 18621839Russell12 Aug 1862Richmond, Richmond (city)I332292
26 Dabney, Lucy Harris 15 Jun 1757Virginia, British America14 Mar 1816 I341972
27 Dickerson, David18741796Prince Edward16 Sep 1874Appomattox, AppomattoxI372706
28 Dixon, WilliamMar 18881811RussellMar 1888WashingtonI344447
29 Dye, Prior 1800Caswell, North Carolina, _1880RussellI324823
30 Elliott, Leah R.Nov 186125 Feb 1834Russell22 Nov 1861RussellI282710
31 Elliott, Margaret ESep 189321 Sep 1840Russell6 Sep 1893RussellI329087
32 Fickle, Nancy Morgan 1857Russell (here)I244811
33 Frisby, William II 1761Grimston, Leicestershire, England1816England, United KingdomI323771
34 Fry, Mary Margaret 1724Henrico1754MontgomeryI236050
35 Fuller, Jesse18601801 1860(here)I342524
36 Goff, George Emory Sr. 8 Jan 1769Leesburg, Loudoun, Virginia, British AmericaOct 1851WashingtonI367947
37 Harless, Daniel 1758Augusta, Virginia, British America22 Mar 1834BotetourtI364322
38 Hensley, Catherine Abt 1805Virginia (Now West Virginia), _1870BuchananI371801
39 Hensley, Mary Jane Jun 1844Fort Blackmore, Scott4 Sep 1912Dooley, WiseI360739
40 Hileman, John Creed 1856Mitchell, North Carolina, _1892(here)I356801
41 Hilton, Mary Cleva 23 Mar 1885Scott6 Jun 1975ScottI311561
42 Hilton, Nancy Ann185525 Dec 1760Augusta, Virginia, British America26 Aug 1855SmythI377215
43 Horton, Jesse18231782(here)1823(here)I366584
44 Hubbard, Adeline10 Feb 192525 Jun 1839Washington9 Feb 1925Elk Garden, RussellI334642
45 Hurd, Henry Washington26 Feb 191431 Dec 1843 25 Feb 1914Castlewood, RussellI371872
46 Jackson, James 1796RussellAft 1880 I337780
47 Jaynes, George Washington Sr5 Apr 193010 Mar 1842Scott3 Apr 1930DeKalb Magisterial District, ScottI364107
48 Jessee, Elihu K 1845(here)14 May 1881RussellI321848
49 Jones, Charles Franklin31 Oct 193413 Sep 1933Letcher, Kentucky, _30 Oct 1934Kona, Letcher, Kentucky, _I343641
50 Jones, Sarah "Sally" 1790(here)1874Grassy Cove, Cumberland, Tennessee, _I354886

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Birth events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Birth BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Addington, CharlesAbt 1873Abt 1873(here)23 Aug 1894 I134281
2 Addington, Emma18761876(here)Yes, date unknown I81249
3 Addington, Emory WalkerAbt 1878Abt 1878(here)1959 I134274
4 Addington, Margaret V.19 Sep 186119 Sep 1861(here)  I134547
5 Addington, William Edward9 Sep 18819 Sep 1881(here)  I134543
6 Ball, SarahAbt 1891Abt 1891(here)  I132520
7 Banks, Roy B.Oct 1893Oct 1893(here)Sep 1971Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee, _I133403
8 Banks, Simeon E.Oct 1889Oct 1889(here)  I133400
9 Banks, Thelma19031903(here)  I133397
10 Bentley, James Martin12 Jun 188312 Jun 1883(here)28 Mar 1958 I73852
11 Blankenship, CyrusAbt 1838Abt 1838(here)  I130472
12 Blankenship, General18511851(here)  I130130
13 Blankenship, Martha18491849(here)  I130465
14 Breeden, Molly17681768(here)1857MadisonI133826
15 Breeding, James B.Abt 1738Abt 1738(here)Abt 1817 I74399
16 Breeding, John A.18541854(here)  I133645
17 Broadwater, MarthaAbt 1784Abt 1784(here)6 Jul 1862ScottI72760
18 Broadwater, MaryAbt 1886Abt 1886(here)  I134447
19 Brock, Lydia4 Nov 19114 Nov 1911(here)1918 I134840
20 Brown, SaraAbt 1745Abt 1745(here)  I132720
21 Clark, Mary E. Abt 1873Kentucky, United States Slemp, Perry, Kentucky, _I254899
22 Davidson, John Norman18307 Dec 1829Scott9 Dec 1904Freeman, Cass, Missouri, _I365598
23 Day, Susan17981798LeeAft 1870Hazel Green, Wolfe, Kentucky, _I74088
24 Dennis, Mary1765Abt 1765  Floyd, Kentucky, _I96420
25 Dickensen, Henry D.24 Dec 17231710Prince Edward8 Dec 1764 I242476
26 Dickenson, John Tivis14 Nov 18531848(here)11 Aug 1944Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, _I326251
27 Ferguson, WilliamJun 18441844(here)Yes, date unknown I376529
28 Fields, Daniel18221822(here)  I243785
29 Fletcher, George WashingtonFeb 1848Feb 1848Russell19 Aug 1921BuchananI324753
30 Fletcher, James Madison18431843(here)  I126713
31 Fray, Elizabeth Ann17771777(here)Abt 1854Culpeper, Virginia, British AmericaI132990
32 Fugate, Sarah17601760Shenandoah, Virginia, British America1830Cape Girardeau, Missouri, _I70878
33 Gibson, James B.18571857Scott Knott, Kentucky, _I81040
34 Gray, John 1795(here)25 May 1858Nansemond, Suffolk CityI244757
35 Hall, JonathanAbt 1800Abt 1799Halifax30 Oct 1878Letcher, Kentucky, _I3804
36 Hensley, Sarah "Sally"15 Mar 18251825(here)26 Jan 1909(here)I361510
37 Jackson, HartAbt 1695Abt 1695(here)1748(here)I127949
38 Kibler, David Bruce18 Dec 19061906(here)14 Mar 1980 I289895
39 Kilgore, AnnieFeb 1887Feb 1887(here)  I134503
40 Kilgore, Mary J.Abt 1882Abt 1882(here)1958 I134508
41 McDaniel, JohnAbt 17901780(here)10 Feb 1856Silver Creek Township, Clark, Indiana, _I111664
42 McDaniel, John M.17911790(here)1855 I280357
43 McKenzie, HughAbt 181817 Aug 1814Scott16 Jul 1879Elna, Johnson, Kentucky, _I6793
44 Meade, Nannie18741874(here)  I134575
45 Minnick, Margaret1831Sep 1830PageYes, date unknown I360419
46 Mullins, Marshall B.Abt 1859Abt 1857 UNKNOWN I10727
47 Nard, Rita Jane19322 May 1931Norton, Wise10 Aug 2008Norton, Norton (City)I290349
48 Nickels, Joseph Telford18729 May 1868(here)23 Nov 1923 I99257
49 Osborn, Levina18641864(here)1870TazewellI134009
50 Osborn, Susannah18501850(here)1861Floyd, Kentucky, _I134012

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Cause of Death (Facts Pg) events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Cause of Death (Facts Pg) BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Mullins, Wilson187012 Mar 1824Russell4 Nov 1892Bold Camp, Pound, WiseI13739

Census events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Census BirthDeathPerson ID
1 *Unknown, Elizabeth18701800Tennessee, _Yes, date unknown I362042
2 *Unknown, Mariah Matilda18701830(here)Yes, date unknown I281254
3 *Unknown, Sarah18701816TazewellYes, date unknown I333272
4 *Unknown, Sarah18702 Oct 1803Osborne's Ford Cemetery, Dungannon, Scott23 Jun 1871ScottI304678
5 Adams, James Albert187025 Nov 1859Pearisburg, Giles26 Nov 1950WiseI78556
6 Adams, Lucinda187028 Dec 1841Perry (Now Letcher), Kentucky, _1928 I7790
7 Addington, Andrew Jackson187028 Dec 1815Scott2 Jun 1897ScottI25399
8 Addington, Anna Doty187029 May 1845Scott4 Mar 1903 I98730
9 Addington, Anna Doty187020 Aug 1820Scott28 Jun 1885ScottI32637
10 Addington, Charles W.187029 Sep 1837Scott2 Apr 1881ScottI134453
11 Addington, Elizabeth18709 Apr 1846Scott15 Aug 1923ScottI373800
12 Addington, Elizabeth Virginia187026 Oct 1837Scott  I134456
13 Addington, Emily187027 Oct 1847Scott16 Mar 1923WiseI72742
14 Addington, Henry Ellington187020 Jan 1833Hiltons, Scott29 Jun 1908ScottI134450
15 Addington, Jane B18703 Jul 1818Scott6 Nov 1889Dungannon, ScottI74727
16 Addington, Margaret187028 Feb 1797Russell15 Aug 1882ScottI25398
17 Addington, Nancy A.187021 Mar 1856Copper Creek, Scott24 Jun 1918WiseI74718
18 Addington, Nancy Elizabeth187025 Jan 1870Scott15 May 1941ScottI81242
19 Addington, Nancy Green187030 Sep 1837Scott21 Aug 1879ScottI246710
20 Addington, Elder William18706 May 1812(here)20 Sep 1882ScottI74725
21 Addison, Henry Daniel18703 Dec 1846Belfast Mills, Russell28 Jul 1923Hansonville, RussellI333564
22 Adkins, Henry18701847Kentucky, United States  I318384
23 Adkins, Seth187017 Apr 1857Wise United StatesI261415
24 Adkins, William18701855RussellYes, date unknown I100849
25 Adkins, William Alexander1870Abt 1819North Carolina, _1880WiseI236070
26 Adkins, William Henry Harrison Clay1870Abt 1841Yancey, North Carolina, _ WiseI85877
27 Agee, Catherine Minerva1870Mar 1832ScottYes, date unknown I360458
28 Akard, David18701826(here)1893Tennessee, _I360337
29 Akers, Margaret Melvina18701843Blacksburg, Montgomery  I327772
30 Akers, Thomas J187012 Jul 1824Russell3 Sep 1908RussellI332058
31 Albert, Jane187015 Aug 1811Giles2 Aug 1883RussellI321519
32 Alderson, James Dickenson187013 Nov 1847Russell9 Sep 1871RussellI303892
33 Aldridge, John Michael187015 Jun 1839Haywood, North Carolina, _1920 I358645
34 Alexander, Daniel18701833Russell9 Apr 1909 I319288
35 Alexander, Mary187015 Sep 1799Washington4 Dec 1877RussellI326000
36 ''1870''''''''''
37 Allen, Elizabeth187029 Aug 1819Scott23 Jan 1899ScottI87294
38 Alley, Abijah David187011 Jan 1843Scott26 Nov 1937DickensonI340563
39 Alley, Nancy K.18701826ScottAft 1900 I24927
40 Amburgey, Ailey187012 Feb 1832Russell7 Dec 1918DickensonI85697
41 Anderson, Henry Carl187023 Jun 1851Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, _15 Jan 1894Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, _I323506
42 Anderson, Isaac Campbell Jr187030 Mar 1832(here)16 Feb 1876 I360530
43 Anderson, Col. Isaac Campbell Sr18703 May 1789Carter Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee, _7 Feb 1872Block House, ScottI360525
44 Anderson, Mary18701816(here)1880BuchananI328345
45 Anderson, Robert Johnson187027 Feb 1862Russell20 Jan 1919WiseI323504
46 Andrews, Ellen J.187010 Jun 1870Pulaski  I365354
47 Angel, James Zachariah18701857Franklin  I331154
48 Arrington, Brice Madison187029 Jan 1831Patrick23 Oct 1920Sand Lick Magisterial District, BuchananI324332
49 Arrington, Judith Wood1870Abt 1809CampbellYes, date unknown I238436
50 Artrip, Lavenia Melvina1870Mar 1850Russell1930RussellI92468

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Cremated events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Cremated BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Fisher, Catherine18705 Mar 1805Hawkins, Tennessee, _Nov 1892LeeI291620

Death events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Death BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hackney, SarahAft 18601790RussellAft 1860(here)I74432
2 Mullins, Emma29 Mar 19368 May 1890Elkhorn City, Pike, Kentucky, _29 Mar 1936 I129692
3 Pigman, Ida Stamper19231900Knott, Kentucky, _1922 I251738
4 Robinette, Sarah3 Jun 19061834Tazewell3 Jan 1906WiseI316224
5 Willson, ThomasAbt 17931725Hayes, GloucesterAbt 1793(here)I134680

Education events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Education BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Barksdale, Emily192030 Apr 1898Smyth31 Aug 1992Lynchburg, Lynchburg (city)I23466
2 Barksdale, Julian Neal 29 Aug 1896Smyth26 Dec 1921 I23465
3 Van Lear, Rev. John A. 10 Dec 1797 18 Aug 1850Augusta, Virginia, British AmericaI24903

Elected events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Elected BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bell, Maj. Henderson Moffatt6 Jul 18693 Jul 1826 9 Oct 1899Staunton, AugustaI72789
2 Harrison, Gov. Benjamin V17815 Apr 1726Berkeley, Virginia (now West Virginia), _24 Apr 1791Charles CityI130031
3 Slemp, Col. Campbell Bascom 2 Dec 1839Turkey Cove, Lee13 Oct 1907Big Stone Gap, WiseI82932
4 Slemp, Hon. Campbell Bascom4 Mar 19094 Sep 1870Turkey Cove, Lee7 Aug 1943Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, _I82940

EnlistMil events in Virginia, United States

   Name  EnlistMil BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bays, Charles H18613 Jul 1848Scott30 Aug 1921Barbourville, Knox, Kentucky, _I336379
2 Jordan, George Cowan23 Aug 186120 Mar 1841Russell19 Dec 1912(here)I335928
3 McFarlane, George Marion186219 Apr 1841(here)21 Oct 1918 I324660
4 McGraw, Thomas Jefferson1862Abt 1840Russell  I333834

Immigration events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Immigration BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Barksdale, William16601629Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom1694(here)I21907
2 Bolling, Robert2 Oct 166026 Dec 1646London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom7 Jul 1709 I27603
3 Flournoy, Jean JacquesBetween 1717 and 172017 Nov 1696Geneva, Genève, Switzerland16 Aug 1756 I402
4 Thomasson, ThomasAbt 1677 England, United Kingdom6 May 1730(here)I81138

Military events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Military BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Addington, Andrew Jackson9 Apr 186528 Dec 1815Scott2 Jun 1897ScottI25399
2 Agee, Matthew Lay1861–18651846Scott1895LeeI287346
3 Ashby, Joseph Cummins18625 Feb 1840Cleveland, Russell8 Feb 1936DickensonI321718
4 Barker, John Miller1862Jan 1821ScottAft 1900Washington, Tennessee, _I362110
5 Bausell, William1861–18651785  ScottI304607
6 Bennett, Daniel Mason1861–18651842North Carolina, _  I303967
7 Bittle, George Washington III18631804(here)18 Jul 1870Fulkerson Magisterial District, ScottI361108
8 Blessing, John A18641779Wythe26 Feb 1869WiseI254806
9 Boatright, MeadorFrom 28 Aug 1814 to 3 Dec 181419 Jul 1796Cumberland24 Dec 1876ScottI23791
10 Bolling, Rev. JesseOct 177822 May 1758Orange, North Carolina, British America10 Mar 1841Quicksand, Breathitt, Kentucky, _I27502
11 Burke, John Peartree 15 Mar 1763Augusta, Virginia, British America29 Mar 1839Lee, Kentucky, _I4350
12 Camper, Pvt. Samuel Peter1861May 1824Rockbridge13 Sep 1908RichmondI367425
13 Castle, Ralph S1861–1865Abt 1823Russell  I312209
14 Cattron, Addison Copenhaver1861–18651810(here)1884ScottI360432
15 Cattron, Simon Peter 21 Jan 1830Scott6 Apr 1903Bloomingdale, Sullivan, Tennessee, _I360617
16 Chapman, Israel1861–18656 Apr 1826Russell24 Oct 1864New York, New York, _I330306
17 Combs, Samuel Elbert1862Abt 1836Russell9 Aug 1862RussellI101670
18 Counts, Ezekiel Keyser18633 Feb 1828Cleveland, RussellDec 1881Brackettville, Kinney, Texas, _I240562
19 Crabtree, Henderson1861–18651840(here)  I330484
20 Crockett, Col. John Hamilton Sr1 Feb 1778Abt 1737Lancaster, Pennsylvania, _14 Feb 1798Crockett's Cove, WytheI105239
21 Crook, Atlantic Ocean1862Abt 1843Grayson13 Oct 1916Colony, AmherstI321441
22 Crosswhite, Golden Willis1861–18651 Apr 1833Stokes, North Carolina, _6 Mar 1914WashingtonI344025
23 Culbertson, Edward James1861–186518 Dec 1825Scott17 Jun 1864Forest Magisterial District, BedfordI364173
24 Dean, Jeremiah L.1863Nov 1843Scott16 Feb 1903Nickelsville, ScottI288792
25 Deskins, DanielSep 17798 May 1761Loudoun, Virginia, British America26 Sep 1831Bath, Kentucky, _I244868
26 Dotson, James N.1861–1865Jan 1840(here)  I124733
27 Estep, Miles 1840(here)  I319214
28 Fairchild, Joseph Sirah1862–186425 Aug 1826Russell9 Dec 1904Letcher, Kentucky, _I7549
29 Falin, Hezekiah1861–186519 Jan 1829(here)3 Oct 1915ScottI288124
30 Fields, Nathaniel1776–17771725Hanover, Virginia, British America1 Apr 1777Guilford, North Carolina, _I9643
31 Fletcher, James Dykes1862–186518 Jan 1834Scott21 Dec 1917Taylor Magisterial District, ScottI289062
32 Franklin, Jacob Henry186128 Apr 1836Bedford, Bedford20 Apr 1898Lynchburg, CampbellI233539
33 Franklin, PleasantFrom 14 Oct 1813 to 12 Mar 1814Abt 1800Tazewell1 Sep 1859TazewellI105245
34 Franklin, Thomas Cook186212 Jul 1840Bedford, Bedford17 Feb 1871Lynchburg, CampbellI233542
35 Fugate, Benjamin Seymour22 Oct 1813Abt 1785Russell1855RussellI76146
36 Fugate, Rufus Boyd18628 Sep 1828(here)1 Dec 1903 I366143
37 Gardner, Henson1777–1778Abt 1755Virginia, British America  I294186
38 Gilmer, William Smith18641839Russell8 Feb 1887(here)I330178
39 Gray, John Floyd1862Aug 1829Patrick12 Jun 1913PatrickI312290
40 Grizzle, Pvt Elam186417 Feb 1817Carterton, Russell10 May 1901Reeds Valley, Carterton, RussellI111509
41 Grizzle, George186416 Dec 1819Russell8 Mar 1896Artrip, RussellI237078
42 Hall, Fielden1861–18657 Jun 1838Grayson  I243523
43 Harless, John Anderson Jr.1862Abt Feb 1835Washington  I331525
44 Harley, JohnJul 177716 Aug 1749Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland11 Jan 1825WashingtonI361224
45 Harman, Erastus N.18611839Tazewell5 Nov 1861Bland, BlandI232849
46 Hickam, Isaac1861–186218 Dec 1839Fowlers Branch, Scott9 Jul 1862ScottI360662
47 Hickey, John CorneliusMay 17771707Middlesex, Virginia, British AmericaBef 23 Dec 1784(here)I85139
48 Hill, James Robert1861–18658 Sep 1837Franklin1886Summers, West Virginia, _I241617
49 Hill, William W.1861–18651827North Carolina, _Yes, date unknown I342637
50 Horne, Pleasant1861–18651781North Carolina, _1865RussellI6782

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Misc events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Misc BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bell, Maj. Henderson MoffattJul 18703 Jul 1826 9 Oct 1899Staunton, AugustaI72789
2 Hill, Jessie14 Nov 194710 Apr 1880Dickenson21 Oct 1952PowhatanI298814

Moved events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Moved BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Dingus, John PhillipAbt 180310 Dec 1774Dauphin, Pennsylvania, British AmericaMay 1831ScottI90165
2 Gose, Johan Stephan1779 Strasburg, Alsace, France10 Aug 1790WytheI95828
3 Wells, ZachariahAbt 17991739Maryland, _Abt 1825Big Stone Gap, WiseI5867

Obituary events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Obituary BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bartley, Bascom Slemp2 Jan 200223 Sep 1908Clintwood, Dickenson31 Dec 2001Chilhowie, SmythI261503

Occupation events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Occupation BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hoge, Capt. Peter1759Abt 1703Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomBef 20 Apr 1782Augusta, Virginia, British AmericaI25485
2 Hughes, Kenneth 22 Jan 1906Letcher, Kentucky, _12 Aug 1960Clinchco, DickensonI8202

Ordained events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Ordained BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Van Lear, Rev. John A.182510 Dec 1797 18 Aug 1850Augusta, Virginia, British AmericaI24903

Pension events in Virginia, United States

   Name  Pension BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hall, Isham4 Mar 1831Abt 1746Magotty Creek, Franklin, Virginia, British AmericaYes, date unknown I9201
2 Herndon, Bernard Payton19014 Oct 1871Orange4 Aug 1915Norton, WiseI289491

PubServ events in Virginia, United States

   Name  PubServ BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Cowper, Leopold Copeland ParkerJun 1865–SEP 1869Mar 1811Isle of Wight19 Jul 1875Portsmouth, Portsmouth (city)I108581
2 Floyd, Gov. John BuchananFrom 1 Jan 1849 to 16 Jan 18521 Jun 1806Blacksburg, Montgomery26 Aug 1863Abingdon, WashingtonI370810
3 Moore, Gen. Andrew1810–18211752Fairfield, Augusta (Now Rockbridge)14 Apr 1821Lexington, RockbridgeI90179
4 Parker, Col. Josiah1789–180111 May 1751(here)18 Mar 1810 I258992

Residence events in Virginia, United States

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   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 *Unknown, Elizabeth18701816Russell10 Jun 1891Elk Garden, RussellI334325
2 *Unknown, Saffhira1870Abt 1819Wilkes, North Carolina, _  I311058
3 Adams, Elizabeth18701804WytheYes, date unknown I321637
4 Addington, Elizabeth Anne1870Feb 1825Scott14 Jan 1877ScottI21293
5 Addington, John H.18701852Scott1890ScottI98701
6 Adkins, Nancy1870Jun 1845(here)25 Mar 1915 I71897
7 Adkins, Pricy Ann18709 Mar 1867Russell  I322771
8 Agee, Martha Ann187022 Apr 1831(here)8 Jun 1904ScottI277774
9 Agner, Polly Ann18701840ScottAft 1902 I358361
10 Alderson, Col. Thomas Creigh McCleary187017 Nov 1817Greenbriar, Chesterfield22 Mar 1876Lebanon, RussellI303893
11 Alley, Hettie A.18704 Jul 1870Scott1899 I287796
12 Alley, Hiram Lloyd187027 Feb 1867Scott1 Sep 1952Gate City, ScottI274031
13 Alley, Ira R.1870Jan 1861Scott16 Mar 1934Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, _I248279
14 Asher, John18201767Pittsylvania, Virginia, British America5 Jun 1831Anderson, Tennessee, _I119291
15 Bailey, Talton18701842(here)  I314071
16 Barker, Sarah18701848Scott1879 I362400
17 Bishop, Elias Fulton1870Apr 1829(here)1910ScottI376136
18 Blackwell, Samuel Denny18703 Jun 1827Washington, Tennessee, _3 Oct 1880Floyd Magisterial District, ScottI281353
19 Blankenship, Conley18701860(here)  I346755
20 Blankenship, Martha18701859Floyd, Kentucky, _  I130511
21 Blankenship, Raleigh18701815Russell1914 I81749
22 Blankenship, Rebecca18701839Tazewell, TazewellYes, date unknown I75695
23 Bloomer, Jesse R.187013 Feb 1830ScottAft 1897 I24558
24 Boatright, Valentine Jr.187014 Oct 1805Cumberland31 May 1884ScottI98068
25 Branham, Mary S.188617 Dec 1886Dickenson  I251221
26 Breeding, Elizabeth187018 Feb 1837Russell29 Dec 1904Artrip, RussellI335748
27 Brickey, Elijah18701804BotetourtAft 1860United StatesI357160
28 Brown, Charles Preston187031 Jul 1862 14 Jun 1925Norton, WiseI288379
29 Browning, John18702 Aug 1793Russell5 Sep 1878RussellI234727
30 Browning, Sarah Catherine18701 Mar 1837Russell19 Dec 1893Barnett, RussellI320695
31 Bush, Nancy Jane18701853Scott7 Aug 1928Coeburn, WiseI304700
32 Carico, Nancy M18701 Jun 1864Grayson10 Dec 1891WiseI268967
33 Carter, Ann H.187027 Nov 1801Russell21 Aug 1883ScottI365992
34 Carter, John Randolph18705 Oct 1828Scott5 Feb 1904ScottI364368
35 Carter, Mary187020 Jun 1869Scott (here)I272509
36 Carter, Morning Star1870May 1855ScottBef 1876ScottI291297
37 Carter, Nancy U187026 Sep 1841Scott10 Feb 1895Hunt, Texas, _I304702
38 Castle, Cedelia18701818RussellYes, date unknown I331642
39 Chandler, James18701822Halifax17 Feb 1877LeeI373287
40 Chase, James Monroe18705 May 1856Wise  I336421
41 Church, Mary Anna18701818 1879 I29057
42 Clark, John18701832RussellYes, date unknown I322338
43 Clark, Nancy Arminda18704 Mar 1867Lee22 Feb 1946Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma, _I236651
44 Clayman, John Wilbur18701821–1830Tennessee, _8 Jul 1892ScottI360459
45 Cleek, Sarah A1870Mar 1840Scott  I360495
46 Cocke, James B187013 May 1808Russell26 Nov 1876ScottI346082
47 Cocke, Nancy J187020 Nov 1843Scott8 Apr 1879(here)I270036
48 Coleman, Hannah1870Oct 1841Pike, Kentucky, _May 1902Pike, Kentucky, _I260519
49 Colley, Calvin Morgan187025 Oct 1858Buchanan2 May 1911DickensonI79289
50 Collins, Edward18606 Sep 1859Scott13 Jan 1938Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia, _I371219

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Primary Marriage events in Virginia, United States

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   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 / Matilda Gibson F108475
2 Aaron Clem / Sarah Degarmo27 Sep 1843F10154
3 Aaron H Nash / Catherine BannerAbt 1834F130269
4 Aaron H. Collins / Sylvia Alice AddingtonNov 1924F109504
5 Aaron Lilburn Hendricks / Mary Elizabeth Boyd1843F123982
6 Aaron Wright / Isabelle DeatonAbt 1844F5326
7 Abednego Benjamin White / Elizabeth WoodAbt 1764F41515
8 Abner Alexander Vance / Susannah Howard1779F34638
9 Abner Caudill / Leah ShortAbt 1860F3110
10 Abner Wilson / Jane BallAbt 1837F132918
11 Abraham A. Dockery / Sarah Lawson1858F112960
12 Abraham Andis / Mary Polly Moor9 Sep 1824F137092
13 Abraham Bledsoe / Mary Catherine Willcox1759F31982
14 Abraham Darnell / Mary Ann Darnell1865F146664
15 Abraham Freely Harman / Catherine KendallAbt 1790F90034
16 Abraham Monroe Darnell / Elizabeth ShelleyBef 1847F146609
17 Abraham S. Barger / Mary BollingAbt 1819F30620
18 Abraham Stephens / Ann LewisAbt 1780F38845
19 Absalom Hayter / Ritty Elizabeth Phelps1861F131543
20 Ad D. Riffey / Elizabeth Fannin1894F111863
21 Adam H. Kendrick / Rosa Bell PhippsAbt 1912F105483
22 Adam James Arnold / Sarah A. Arnold1868F148452
23 Albert Smith / Victoria Combs1868F126835
24 Albert Washington Addington / Mayda Kilgore2 Feb 1935F46919
25 Alden Light / Maxine Louhamie McReynolds6 Oct 1956F148623
26 Alden Williamson / Isabel Thompson1778F39754
27 Alexander Brummett / Provence BrummettAbt 1875F51866
28 Alexander Crawford / Elizabeth Hopkins30 Jan 1776F46155
29 Alexander Deel / Anna O'Quinn1871F134649
30 Alexander Jasper Sutherland / Maudie MullinsAbt 1910F119485
31 Alexander L. Bolling / Elizabeth Emeline Short1859F13900
32 Alexander Paul Smith / Nellie Evalin Hampton11 Jan 1914F121671
33 Alfred Milton Kite / Drucilla A Hurd9 Oct 1873F97449
34 Alfred Tomblin / Cynthia WorkmanAbt 1852F106204
35 Allen Ball / Martha Allafair Cook19 Aug 1897F152539
36 Allen Vanover / Jennie Lind BelcherAft 1900F121854
37 Almareen Owens / Phoebe Sutherland13 Nov 1856F129537
38 Alonzo Tyler Kinzler / Eliza Julie JohnsonAbt 1927F152006
39 Ambrose Burnside Quillen / Florence Daughtery26 Sep 1882F92573
40 Ambrose James Mullins / Nancy ThompsonAbt 1778F9706
41 Ambrose Mullins / Chloe Celia LockhartAbt 1851F147013
42 Ance Williams / Verdie Turner14 Aug 1924F121675
43 Anderson Hartsock / Caroline Catherine Burke1847F118821
44 Andrew Baker / Polly Price17 Jun 1799F41004
45 Andrew Cress / Elizabeth Stoneburner10 Dec 1827F30173
46 Andrew David Stanley / Mattie Lou H Hughes5 Sep 1912F139444
47 Andrew Grubb / Nancy *UnknownAbt 1846F136774
48 Andrew Heaberlin / Elizabeth RamseyBef 1817F130696
49 Andrew Jackson Barnett / Nancy Ann Phillips Roberts1863F147215
50 Andrew Jackson Boyd / Priscilla Lester18 Aug 1862F134746

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Primary Divorced events in Virginia, United States

   Family  Divorced MarriageFamily ID
1 Acie Greer Hall / Lillian Russell HurtBef 1949  F96632
2 Andrew Jackson Wells / Sarah Dorinda BrickeyAbt 186813 Sep 1852ScottF118670
3 Benton Hilton Boggs / Alameda Belle Lorena Smyth13 Nov 192425 Jun 1911LeeF102290
4 Carson Hubert McNutt / Eula Mae Lyons25 Nov 198017 Sep 1948 F112074
5 Daniel Clifton Joyce / Hattie May Helbert4 May 193621 Oct 1939TazewellF129629
6 David G Sexton / Sarah Gibson18696 Mar 1862ScottF124887
7 Francis Strother Browning / Sarah SwordAbt 1809Abt 1796(here)F41258
8 George P. McGlothlin / Mary Elizabeth Hubbard16 Mar 194327 Aug 1942Richmond, HenricoF112067
9 George Rhea Lipps / Rita Jo Dingus24 Dec 194616 Jan 1943Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, _F109681
10 Jack Guy Pittman / Mary Ruth Horton29 Sep 191916 Apr 1915Berwind, McDowell, West Virginia, _F148649
11 Jackson Counts / Mary Caldonia ReedyBY 190921 Sep 1905 F122123
12 Jonathan Salyer / Melvina CastleAbt 188830 Jun 1887RussellF131884
13 Martin Van Buren Craft / Mary Frances CraftBef 1944Abt 1905(here)F1024
14 Oakley Wade Huff / Hattie Melissa Jones18 Oct 193911 Nov 1935WiseF110043
15 Octavius Franklin Mccoy / Nannie Vanover8 Apr 19403 Sep 1923Gates, North Carolina, _F118425
16 Oliver Tolbert Rasnake / Margaret J DutyAft 18758 Apr 1855RussellF130455
17 Vincent G. Ashbrook / Bertha Mae Riggs4 Dec 19254 Dec 1919Letcher, Kentucky, _F142492
18 Walter Nichols Cornett / Delphia L. Baker20 Mar 19353 Jun 1929Washington, Ohio, _F132069

Married events in Virginia, United States

   Family  Married MarriageFamily ID
1 Cleveland Veron Brown / Georgia Mahala Dotson12 Jan 191212 Jan 1912(here)F52743
2 Corbett E. Mullins / Julie Ann Patrick3 Apr 19711 Jan 1924Pound, WiseF31332
3 George Gose / Anna Maria Spangler18004 Dec 1792Cripple Creek, WytheF40067
4 Holden Davis / Rachel Harmon1864Abt 1816Ashe, North Carolina, _F126074
5 James B. Lyttle / Margaret BaysAbt 1832Abt 1820(here)F92728
6 James Clifton Roberson / Mary Jane Gilliam(div) Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, _F9104
7 James Martin Bentley / Sarah Ball5 Apr 19515 Apr 1951(here)F52706
8 Jesse Joseph Stallard / Altha Leeta Hayes7 Mar 18999 May 1891WiseF13894
9 John Clark / Miriam Margaret Hale186026 Oct 1833FranklinF104249
10 Joseph Chesterfield Blankenship / Phebe C. SummerfieldAbt 1759Abt 1750(here)F52279
11 Simon Stacy / Sarah Blankenship7 Apr 190018 Jan 1866BuchananF137986

Separation events in Virginia, United States

   Family  Separation MarriageFamily ID
1 William Cowper / Ann Pierce Parker18161802Isle of WightF44622