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Indiana, United States


Parish : Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -86.2502806


Matches 1 to 285 of 285

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 *Unknown, America  Oct 1860Indiana, United States I5817
2 Adams, Sarah Ann  1828Indiana, United States I250142
3 Addington, Jessee Howard  5 Apr 1907Indiana, United States I134578
4 Addington, Ray Arthur  8 Jul 1897Indiana, United States I134580
5 Aders, Henry Addison  4 Feb 1907Indiana, United States I399143
6 Aders, William Grayson  2 Aug 1878Indiana, United States I311589
7 Albright, Sarah Catherine  15 Feb 1852Indiana, United States I401933
8 Alexander, Bessie  18 Feb 1909Indiana, United States I355208
9 Alford, Edna Mae  6 Jun 1900Indiana, United States I259372
10 Allen, Catherine J.  18 Aug 1852Indiana, United States I361262
11 Allen, Hazel  28 Jun 1906Indiana, United States I278359
12 Anderson, Emeline  1850Indiana, United States I392543
13 Andrew, Louisa Piinnick  1855Indiana, United States I395140
14 Andrews, Hannah  Abt 1816Indiana, United States I112400
15 Bailey, Robert Eugene  6 May 1938Indiana, United States I268794
16 Baker, Henry Miller  1919Indiana, United States I309044
17 Baldwin, Anna Lou  Abt 1798Indiana, United States I278179
18 Baldwin, Simeon  2 Oct 1827Indiana, United States I286367
19 Beasley, Rebecca A  1861Indiana, United States I399907
20 Bell, Indiana  1825Indiana, United States I111543
21 Bennett, Josephine  18 Dec 1860Indiana, United States I305727
22 Bennett, William H.  Mar 1861Indiana, United States I258346
23 Blackford, Miranda  Dec 1844Indiana, United States I331626
24 Blair, Mary Elizabeth  Jan 1866Indiana, United States I256097
25 Bond, Anna  6 Mar 1832Indiana, United States I336385
26 Bond, John Milton  1837Indiana, United States I336386
27 Bond, Margaret  3 Feb 1825Indiana, United States I35404
28 Bond, Sarah Samantha Clementine  23 Aug 1830Indiana, United States I389319
29 Borden, Zelma Hattie Loraine  8 Sep 1895Indiana, United States I82085
30 Bowers, William J.  1850Indiana, United States I346992
31 Brandhorst, Frieda Wilhelmina  9 Feb 1893Indiana, United States I359421
32 Branson, Jessalyn Louise  1 Jul 1925Indiana, United States I296609
33 Brenner, Faye  10 Sep 1899Indiana, United States I86139
34 Brooks, Mahala  Bef 1801Indiana, United States I354360
35 Brown, Matilda  Abt 1828Indiana, United States I238065
36 Brummett, Minerva Jane  4 Aug 1857Indiana, United States I346535
37 Bunton, Della  3 Feb 1885Indiana, United States I258881
38 Burch, Mary Jane  Abt 1821Indiana, United States I262919
39 Burk, Samuel W.  Abt 1810Indiana, United States I239575
40 Burkhart, Christine  Abt 1897Indiana, United States I261109
41 Burnett, Flora E  1872Indiana, United States I355213
42 Burton, Andrew Jackson  21 Mar 1844Indiana, United States I304271
43 Canawha, Phebe  1835Indiana, United States I275417
44 Carlisle, Martha  1823Indiana, United States I365765
45 Carson, George Washington  30 Mar 1830Indiana, United States I311801
46 Carson, Grace  4 Jun 1882Indiana, United States I289940
47 Caudill, Edward C.  24 Dec 1928Indiana, United States I263175
48 Clark, Mary Ann  Abt 1855Indiana, United States I233590
49 Clark, William Ora  4 Oct 1844Indiana, United States I371469
50 Cleghorn, John Samuel  3 Mar 1876Indiana, United States I86379
51 Clinesmith, Anna Margaret  Oct 1865Indiana, United States I368784
52 Coffin, Eva  1855Indiana, United States I393604
53 Cole, Bessie May  Mar 1891Indiana, United States I399451
54 Collier, Isaac  1821Indiana, United States I95775
55 Collier, Jesse A.  1858Indiana, United States I125681
56 Collins, Lillian  14 Mar 1880Indiana, United States I231835
57 Conway, Eliza Francis  6 Jul 1860Indiana, United States I372440
58 Cottongim, John Radford  23 May 1874Indiana, United States I282414
59 Cox, Everett  14 Jul 1923Indiana, United States I342304
60 Crouch, Amanda Jane  Abt 1842Indiana, United States I396894
61 Cunningham, James Mack  30 Mar 1828Indiana, United States I94572
62 Davenport, A. M.  Abt 1874Indiana, United States I118653
63 Deal, Charlie  Indiana, United States I402369
64 Deaton, John B.  Feb 1828Indiana, United States I243002
65 Dennis, Jesse  23 May 1869Indiana, United States I96689
66 Diefenbach, Myrna L  30 Mar 1881Indiana, United States I269153
67 Donnelly, Felix Joseph  7 Jul 1900Indiana, United States I113687
68 Dotson, Andrew J.  12 Dec 1867Indiana, United States I237317
69 Dotson, Catherine  1869Indiana, United States I237319
70 Downing, Susannah  19 Jun 1832Indiana, United States I23300
71 Elliott, Mahala Jane  10 Dec 1833Indiana, United States I391131
72 Emery, Marcia  Abt 1825Indiana, United States I258690
73 Engle, Columbus  5 Feb 1938Indiana, United States I389607
74 Ferguson, Andin  1904Indiana, United States I277096
75 Fields, Caroline  1845Indiana, United States I245450
76 Fields, John  1851Indiana, United States I245451
77 Fields, Margaret  1854Indiana, United States I245452
78 Francis, Rachel A.  1837Indiana, United States I287887
79 French, Bertha Wave  15 Sep 1901Indiana, United States I318559
80 French, Emma  1886Indiana, United States I382243
81 Gandy, David C.  Abt 1854Indiana, United States I356647
82 Ganstine, Adeline  1854Indiana, United States I238272
83 Gilbert, Lou Ellen  Feb 1872Indiana, United States I263390
84 Glaub, Marjorie Louella  6 Apr 1919Indiana, United States I344944
85 Glaub, Virgil E.  25 Nov 1915Indiana, United States I322752
86 Goodman, James L.  14 Jul 1840Indiana, United States I15452
87 Goodwin, Ralph H  Abt 1907Indiana, United States I347608
88 Gorsuch, Thomas A L  Nov 1868Indiana, United States I308206
89 Green, Hiram Bingham  1839Indiana, United States I397718
90 Green, Lillian Gertrude  Jun 1889Indiana, United States I332781
91 Green, Vienna Louisa  1836Indiana, United States I397717
92 Grimes, John H.  May 1841Indiana, United States I361261
93 Gunter, George Washington  Abt 1832Indiana, United States I246521
94 Hacker, John R.  1854Indiana, United States I239558
95 Hadley, Arthur Donald  26 Dec 1931Indiana, United States I352514
96 Hadley, Levi  20 Apr 1853Indiana, United States I238751
97 Hall, Dora E.  Oct 1874Indiana, United States I348998
98 Hall, Dorothy  1838Indiana, United States I125971
99 Hall, Jeremiah Pate  1812Indiana, United States I125730
100 Hall, Orville  1905Indiana, United States I265826
101 Hamilton, Martha J.  13 May 1854Indiana, United States I21956
102 Harbard, Eleanor  3 Oct 1818Indiana, United States I234123
103 Harden, Weber Clinton  26 Aug 1926Indiana, United States I86186
104 Harlow, William J  1840Indiana, United States I360964
105 Harris, Thomas Preston  1869Indiana, United States I378714
106 Hawkins, Faye  17 Dec 1927Indiana, United States I271342
107 Hawkins, Verna  14 Jul 1929Indiana, United States I271341
108 Haws, James  1821Indiana, United States I240995
109 Hensley, Sinthy  1856Indiana, United States I389024
110 Henthorn, Charles Walter  17 Nov 1905Indiana, United States I258941
111 Hinds, Sarah E.  28 Apr 1844Indiana, United States I269572
112 Hobbs, Ellender  Abt 1828Indiana, United States I338506
113 Hollyfield, Edna Lydia  17 Oct 1900Indiana, United States I354178
114 Hoopingarner, Bessie  Jul 1883Indiana, United States I131963
115 Hornbeck, Matilda  Jul 1845Indiana, United States I313482
116 Howard, Levi C.  1840Indiana, United States I403833
117 Howell, James Lott  20 Jul 1834Indiana, United States I134394
118 Howell, Whitten B.  13 Sep 1844Indiana, United States I134391
119 Huber, Anita  1913Indiana, United States I269151
120 Hughes, Elizabeth L.  23 Jul 1828Indiana, United States I290687
121 Hullinger, Clifford  4 Mar 1924Indiana, United States I399613
122 Humphrey, Mary  1877Indiana, United States I244207
123 Jacks, Mary Ann  10 Nov 1857Indiana, United States I372815
124 Jenkins, Martha Belle  3 Jan 1865Indiana, United States I327021
125 Jenkins, Sabra J  1816Indiana, United States I343558
126 Johnson, Archibald J.  1835Indiana, United States I334305
127 Johnson, Augustus R.  1923Indiana, United States I307806
128 Johnson, Elwin Wheeler  1923Indiana, United States I283467
129 Johnson, Irma  1918Indiana, United States I307805
130 Johnson, James W.  1920Indiana, United States I307807
131 Johnson, Jennett  1916Indiana, United States I307804
132 Jones, Ursula  1835Indiana, United States I244880
133 Justice, Ray N.  2 Feb 1883Indiana, United States I327209
134 Kays, William Oliver  1 Aug 1825Indiana, United States I127562
135 Kellams, Jacob Kinder  1855Indiana, United States I395144
136 Kennedy, John  1833Indiana, United States I378114
137 Kohns, Rachel  1838Indiana, United States I361701
138 Koons, Charlotta  1842Indiana, United States I265829
139 Kopp, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1861Indiana, United States I371834
140 Lawrence, Eliza Jane  1852Indiana, United States I359976
141 Layne, Franklin Mortimer  1838Indiana, United States I235015
142 Lee, Carolyn Viola  1911Indiana, United States I114614
143 LeForce, Benjamin Duane  1823Indiana, United States I396714
144 Little, Otto  1 Feb 1905Indiana, United States I260002
145 Lizenby, Emma  Abt 1924Indiana, United States I114593
146 Logan, Pecola  18 May 1934Indiana, United States I280555
147 Martin, John M  26 Jul 1835Indiana, United States I361852
148 Mathews, William  7 Jan 1797Indiana, United States I253691
149 McClain, Meredith David  17 Jul 1878Indiana, United States I120992
150 McCoy, Clarence Wells  16 May 1897Indiana, United States I85954
151 McCoy, George Potter  16 Jan 1866Indiana, United States I254749
152 McCoy, William Henry Harrison  Apr 1837Indiana, United States I305751
153 McGinnis, Samuel L.  Sep 1856Indiana, United States I254755
154 McIntosh, Fugate  1836Indiana, United States I83490
155 Mead, Allaphair  1842Indiana, United States I242356
156 Mead, John Wilson  1835Indiana, United States I242353
157 Mead, Martha  1849Indiana, United States I242359
158 Mead, Priscilla Jane  1837Indiana, United States I242354
159 Mead, Rhodes J.  28 Jul 1844Indiana, United States I242357
160 Meek, Martha  1814Indiana, United States I403734
161 Meeks, Letha  1854Indiana, United States I358865
162 Miller, Sarah Miranda  3 Jan 1844Indiana, United States I322638
163 Minton, Edward  Feb 1874Indiana, United States I238277
164 Minton, Ellen  1868Indiana, United States I242898
165 Minton, John  23 Jan 1882Indiana, United States I238274
166 Minton, Mary Hannah  26 Feb 1865Indiana, United States I242902
167 Minton, Thomas  1876Indiana, United States I238278
168 Misschede, Mary Josephine  1843Indiana, United States I271197
169 Mitchell, John Wesley  1832Indiana, United States I329762
170 Moneymaker, Stephen Carter  1900Indiana, United States I292951
171 Motsinger, Lucinda E  1849Indiana, United States I322286
172 Muse, Virgie  1909Indiana, United States I277097
173 Neaville, Walter Ashba  1 Feb 1873Indiana, United States I282182
174 Nelson, Rebecca  1819Indiana, United States I248270
175 Nester, Alfred Dale  6 May 1920Indiana, United States I253438
176 Newton, Tabitha Ann  Abt 1834Indiana, United States I254803
177 Noble, Matilda Ann  1848Indiana, United States I81686
178 Osburn, Mary Jane  8 May 1850Indiana, United States I361035
179 Owen, Delia  1822Indiana, United States I235923
180 Owen, James  Abt 1814Indiana, United States I235920
181 Owen, Nancy  Abt 1816Indiana, United States I235921
182 Owen, Rachael  Abt 1817Indiana, United States I235922
183 Owens, Elizabeth J.  1816Indiana, United States I333769
184 Owens, George Hunt  Nov 1860Indiana, United States I365942
185 Pardue, Abigail Maggie  May 1868Indiana, United States I6068
186 Pardue, Cora Ann  8 Mar 1871Indiana, United States I117983
187 Parsons, Rebecca  1834Indiana, United States I336525
188 Peden, Alonza  29 Mar 1870Indiana, United States I307542
189 Porter, William Thomas  4 Jul 1862Indiana, United States I248804
190 Prater, Agie  30 May 1905Indiana, United States I242745
191 Prather, Robert Hiram  13 Jun 1865Indiana, United States I303565
192 Pulliam, Malinda  Abt 1829Indiana, United States I381638
193 Pulliam, William  Abt 1793Indiana, United States I381637
194 Quakenbush, Ina  23 Oct 1883Indiana, United States I260789
195 Quinn, Martha  Abt 1805Indiana, United States I300652
196 Ramsey, Sarah Elisabeth  Abt 1842Indiana, United States I397754
197 Reed, Ora Ellen  1816Indiana, United States I262720
198 Reynolds, Goldie  28 Jul 1959Indiana, United States I349361
199 Richardson, Joseph W  11 Jan 1856Indiana, United States I404490
200 Ridgely, Mary Jane  2 Mar 1836Indiana, United States I249072
201 Ridgway, Loretta E  24 Feb 1861Indiana, United States I395390
202 Robinson, Benjamin H.  14 Oct 1837Indiana, United States I260028
203 Rodgers, Phebe  1831Indiana, United States I393235
204 Rowland, Sally A  1832Indiana, United States I305852
205 Rowlin, Nancy Ann  1836Indiana, United States I397518
206 Rutherford, Lula Gladys  16 Mar 1902Indiana, United States I286010
207 Sanders, Warren E  10 Mar 1896Indiana, United States I402170
208 Sergent, Linda Loise  16 Jan 1952Indiana, United States I406948
209 Shawhan, James Jarrell  11 Jul 1898Indiana, United States I265589
210 Shelton, Lavina Jane  Abt 1834Indiana, United States I377044
211 Singleton, Marilyn  19 May 1954Indiana, United States I301050
212 Skaggs, Cordia  2 Aug 1877Indiana, United States I273881
213 Skeen, Esther  Abt 1825Indiana, United States I270680
214 Skeens, Rosa Alaine  10 Mar 1950Indiana, United States I344913
215 Skidmore, C S  May 1843Indiana, United States I314843
216 Smith, Andrew  11 Sep 1866Indiana, United States I134312
217 Smith, Emmett Frank  30 Dec 1872Indiana, United States I115024
218 Smith, Gilbert  1874Indiana, United States I366405
219 Smith, John  1841Indiana, United States I245735
220 Smith, Margaret  6 Sep 1847Indiana, United States I374840
221 Smith, Milton F  11 Jun 1857Indiana, United States I395389
222 Smithwick, Patsy Laverne  15 Apr 1940Indiana, United States I402896
223 Sneed, Thomas J.  1855Indiana, United States I377330
224 Snyder, William R  Oct 1834Indiana, United States I260027
225 Sparks, Phoebe  14 Sep 1859Indiana, United States I313484
226 Speer, Sarah V.  1845Indiana, United States I238644
227 Speer, Serena I.  1848Indiana, United States I238645
228 Spencer, Alfred Deland  26 May 1828Indiana, United States I320002
229 Stacy, Elizabeth  Mar 1835Indiana, United States I21609
230 Stacy, Judith  1830Indiana, United States I260424
231 Stacy, Mary Elizabeth  May 1837Indiana, United States I260423
232 Stacy, Silvia  Jun 1833Indiana, United States I260425
233 Stacy, Sintha  22 Jun 1837Indiana, United States I260426
234 Stanton, James Allen  3 Mar 1835Indiana, United States I104234
235 Stewart, Emmet N  1910Indiana, United States I309077
236 Stewart, Lola Marie  17 Oct 1885Indiana, United States I381875
237 Stoneking, Betty Jean  21 Apr 1929Indiana, United States I342306
238 Strohmeier, Tena Esther  24 Nov 1857Indiana, United States I352839
239 Stultz, Barbara  1888Indiana, United States I396953
240 Sullivan, James Ervin  Abt 1828Indiana, United States I230688
241 Sumner, Judah  Abt 1830Indiana, United States I7101
242 Sumner, Stephen  1835Indiana, United States I2664
243 Terry, Isaac  29 May 1820Indiana, United States I323200
244 Thacker, Mary Ann  1828Indiana, United States I92924
245 Traylor, Varena D.  Dec 1881Indiana, United States I277015
246 Triplett, Nancy  1823Indiana, United States I77625
247 Troutman, Patricia  29 Jul 1931Indiana, United States I391940
248 Tyson, Lucinda  1832Indiana, United States I394776
249 Underwood, Eliza Jennie  1863Indiana, United States I306247
250 Vanderwals, Jane Marie  1897Indiana, United States I304874
251 Vaughn, Leroy  9 Jan 1916Indiana, United States I272287
252 Walker, Thomas Leslie  28 Feb 1854Indiana, United States I313483
253 Walters, Mary  1869Indiana, United States I304879
254 Warren, Emma Alice  18 Jul 1859Indiana, United States I323348
255 Weinhardt, Emilie  14 May 1872Indiana, United States I396554
256 Wells, Desdemona Harriett  1 Feb 1875Indiana, United States I285651
257 Wetzel, Sarah Elizabeth  Aug 1867Indiana, United States I311163
258 White, Frederick Kopp  21 Apr 1897Indiana, United States I371837
259 White, George Benjamin  30 Jul 1839Indiana, United States I352838
260 Williams, Margarette  14 Sep 1902Indiana, United States I260739
261 Williams, Nancy  Sep 1825Indiana, United States I311777
262 Williams, William Henry  Abt 1843Indiana, United States I294325
263 Wilmore, Sarah  Abt 1840Indiana, United States I314669
264 Wilson, Sarah Jane  11 Jan 1831Indiana, United States I94573
265 Wilson, Theresa Isadore  22 Nov 1851Indiana, United States I322288
266 Wolfe, Mary A  1849Indiana, United States I271300
267 Woliung, Otto Ludwig  1 Jun 1885Indiana, United States I308279
268 Wooden, Nancy Jane  20 Jun 1826Indiana, United States I249071
269 Woodson, James Edward  28 Nov 1933Indiana, United States I380496
270 Wright, Amanda  7 Aug 1830Indiana, United States I233183
271 Wright, Arvin  10 Feb 1799Indiana, United States I239986
272 Wright, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1837Indiana, United States I249048
273 Wright, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Indiana, United States I233172
274 Wright, Emily  Abt 1827Indiana, United States I249043
275 Wright, Emsley  1811Indiana, United States I249063
276 Wright, Greenberry  11 Jan 1825Indiana, United States I356637
277 Wright, Lydia  12 Dec 1825Indiana, United States I233180
278 Wright, Mahala  Abt 1819Indiana, United States I249089
279 Wright, Nancy  9 Apr 1833Indiana, United States I233186
280 Wright, Polly Eliza  Abt 1818Indiana, United States I249039
281 Wright, Tabitha  3 Dec 1827Indiana, United States I249093
282 Young, Eli W.  1835Indiana, United States I93473
283 Young, John D  1836Indiana, United States I260429
284 Young, Martin S. E.  5 May 1849Indiana, United States I392631
285 Zenor, Nell Mae  4 Aug 1903Indiana, United States I303026


Matches 1 to 281 of 281

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Elizabeth  9 Jun 1970Indiana, United States I344906
2 Adams, Tollie Ray  2 Oct 1962Indiana, United States I78563
3 Addington, Hugh Jackson Jr.  4 Jul 1988Indiana, United States I134595
4 Akers, Frances  1870Indiana, United States I234174
5 Akers, Herbert  Oct 1984Indiana, United States I126156
6 Akers, Lois  25 Mar 2000Indiana, United States I78918
7 Allen, David  27 Mar 1934Indiana, United States I402783
8 Allen, Hazel  Indiana, United States I278359
9 Allen, James  Nov 1837Indiana, United States I31199
10 Allen, Malcolm  Indiana, United States I239272
11 Anderson, Pluma Jean  7 Aug 2005Indiana, United States I105712
12 Apple, Mary  8 Feb 1855Indiana, United States I130060
13 Armstrong, William Charles  1968Indiana, United States I86354
14 Bailey, Margaret  17 Apr 1939Indiana, United States I249738
15 Baker, Carrie Lee  4 Jan 2003Indiana, United States I11669
16 Baker, John Tildon  18 Oct 1941Indiana, United States I110526
17 Baker, Pallis Daniel  Indiana, United States I110697
18 Banks, Cuna Mae  4 Nov 2011Indiana, United States I105700
19 Banks, Joseph Patrick  11 Apr 1969Indiana, United States I103348
20 Banks, Pauline  21 Dec 1996Indiana, United States I113605
21 Barger, Retta  31 Jan 2009Indiana, United States I271810
22 Barker, Amanda Jane  22 Oct 1947Indiana, United States I81976
23 Batson, Mary  28 Aug 1871Indiana, United States I276869
24 Bell, William Wesley  29 Jan 1936Indiana, United States I81188
25 Bentley, Willie D.  1977Indiana, United States I5271
26 Bentley, Wilma I.  11 Feb 1991Indiana, United States I5280
27 Beuke, Gunter W.  Indiana, United States I380289
28 Blair, Edna L.  21 Dec 2013Indiana, United States I99607
29 Blair, Rex  19 Sep 2004Indiana, United States I85590
30 Blair, Warren G.  17 Sep 1983Indiana, United States I123001
31 Boggs, James W. R.  25 Aug 1954Indiana, United States I334915
32 Boggs, Janice Mae  27 Oct 2010Indiana, United States I386672
33 Boggs, Jesse A.  29 Dec 1957Indiana, United States I15118
34 Bolling, Mollie  1 Mar 1999Indiana, United States I322859
35 Bolling, Sarah  1863Indiana, United States I318657
36 Bowling, Louise  29 Sep 1988Indiana, United States I401088
37 Bradley, Silas  1977Indiana, United States I339560
38 Breeding, Jonah  7 Feb 1967Indiana, United States I100858
39 Breeding, Margaret Allie  Indiana, United States I133804
40 Breeding, Richard A.  19 Dec 2009Indiana, United States I122900
41 Brock, Ephraim  Indiana, United States I96269
42 Brown, Abijah  4 Apr 1867Indiana, United States I96128
43 Brown, Willie  25 Jul 1997Indiana, United States I260076
44 Buchanan, Walter Allen  1947Indiana, United States I10168
45 Burk, Samuel W.  28 Aug 1847Indiana, United States I239575
46 Burkhart, Henry  Jun 1982Indiana, United States I261055
47 Callahan, Dishman  Jan 1966Indiana, United States I252697
48 Campbell, Irvin  Dec 1985Indiana, United States I112355
49 Campbell, Robert  Indiana, United States I253050
50 Caudill, Angelina C.  1 Nov 1970Indiana, United States I81545
51 Caudill, Bonnie  14 Jul 2004Indiana, United States I32988
52 Caudill, Claude  12 Aug 1993Indiana, United States I128663
53 Caudill, Cora  22 Nov 2007Indiana, United States I251852
54 Caudill, Corbitt  11 Mar 1978Indiana, United States I257245
55 Caudill, Larry O'Neil  13 Dec 2010Indiana, United States I350481
56 Caudill, Lonnie  11 Oct 1982Indiana, United States I352106
57 Caudill, Thelma  1 Jul 1984Indiana, United States I35522
58 Caudill, William W  4 Feb 1982Indiana, United States I257389
59 Clark, Lawrence Ray  1938Indiana, United States I121277
60 Cochran, Hulda  2 Oct 1892Indiana, United States I127885
61 Collier, Delilah  6 Aug 1879Indiana, United States I31263
62 Collier, Stephen Patrick  11 Feb 1883Indiana, United States I76608
63 Collins, Newberry  5 May 1935Indiana, United States I30124
64 Combs, Alvin  5 Nov 1963Indiana, United States I77522
65 Combs, Eunice  21 Sep 2008Indiana, United States I349180
66 Combs, Henry Harrison  Aft 1850Indiana, United States I1223
67 Combs, Jeanette  5 Dec 1981Indiana, United States I107733
68 Combs, Lovel Young  23 Oct 2002Indiana, United States I256271
69 Combs, Nettie  May 1981Indiana, United States I76180
70 Combs, Ollie  Jul 1969Indiana, United States I100820
71 Combs, Ora Mae  13 Oct 2001Indiana, United States I100708
72 Combs, Patty  2009Indiana, United States I283859
73 Combs, Thelma Jean  31 Aug 2013Indiana, United States I271628
74 Conley, Mitchell  Indiana, United States I356883
75 Conway, William P.  23 Nov 1900Indiana, United States I383456
76 Cornett, Maxine  14 Jun 2018Indiana, United States I276347
77 Cornett, Nancy Lee  Indiana, United States I272885
78 Cox, David  1895Indiana, United States I121357
79 Craft, Earl  17 Aug 1974Indiana, United States I281592
80 Creech, Dorothy Marie  29 Sep 1995Indiana, United States I248475
81 Cundiff, Sarah  Mar 1975Indiana, United States I81603
82 Davidson, Reuben  9 Jun 1919Indiana, United States I402095
83 Davis, James  Abt 1866Indiana, United States I95399
84 Davis, William Howard  4 Dec 1988Indiana, United States I355523
85 Day, Lillian M  10 Dec 1989Indiana, United States I101642
86 Deal, Charlie  9 Aug 1905Indiana, United States I402369
87 DeLong, Isaac  8 Mar 1872Indiana, United States I387282
88 Dennis, Thomas  Indiana, United States I96515
89 Diamond, Daniel H.  Indiana, United States I294440
90 Dixon, Watson  3 Feb 1964Indiana, United States I76179
91 Doddridge, Donna Jean  31 Dec 2015Indiana, United States I276615
92 Dougherty, Carl Eugene  1958Indiana, United States I260369
93 Dougherty, Ruby Ruth  1966Indiana, United States I260371
94 Downing, Dennis  2 May 1837Indiana, United States I23309
95 Edwards, Lucy  1892Indiana, United States I367445
96 Eldridge, Claude  Indiana, United States I307824
97 Elliott, Michael  2003Indiana, United States I259959
98 Fields, Thelma  1 Feb 2011Indiana, United States I284040
99 Fleenor, Sarah Jane  1901Indiana, United States I361803
100 Fleetwood, James Thomas  1851Indiana, United States I94914
101 Fleetwood, Soloman  1851Indiana, United States I245729
102 Fouts, Dewey  1985Indiana, United States I394478
103 Fouts, Katie  1966Indiana, United States I279569
104 Fraley, Stephen  2001Indiana, United States I381508
105 France, Samuel Henry  20 Jul 1989Indiana, United States I110382
106 Fugate, Green Berry  Feb 1990Indiana, United States I397966
107 Fugate, John Wesley  9 Feb 1963Indiana, United States I308384
108 Fugate, Rudell  14 Jan 2005Indiana, United States I316403
109 Garrett, Polly Jean  10 May 1967Indiana, United States I405930
110 Gaunce, Elizabeth  14 Sep 1901Indiana, United States I383457
111 Gibson, Edith Carol Huffman Strege  Jan 1990Indiana, United States I259812
112 Gibson, Tina  Indiana, United States I356921
113 Gibson, Winston  28 Jul 1956Indiana, United States I6832
114 Gibson`, Luecreta  28 Aug 2015Indiana, United States I316382
115 Gilbert, Thomas  14 Jan 1849Indiana, United States I347247
116 Gilliam, John  7 Nov 1907Indiana, United States I376627
117 Halcomb, Louie Mae  9 Aug 2009Indiana, United States I352298
118 Hall, Essie  18 Aug 1995Indiana, United States I34705
119 Hall, Florence Lillian  8 Mar 2015Indiana, United States I106121
120 Hall, Grethel  1 Feb 1998Indiana, United States I76234
121 Hall, Harrison Bevins Jr.  20 May 1938Indiana, United States I3162
122 Hall, Herma  7 Apr 1980Indiana, United States I349360
123 Hall, Mary  27 Sep 1840Indiana, United States I292685
124 Hall, Rev. Willa Dean  10 May 2022Indiana, United States I269497
125 Hamilton, Claude  8 Jun 1962Indiana, United States I19498
126 Hammonds, Letishia  4 Sep 1987Indiana, United States I31350
127 Hampton, Alfred  20 Jul 1876Indiana, United States I127884
128 Hampton, William Riley  1971Indiana, United States I104353
129 Handlon, Melissa  1 Mar 1949Indiana, United States I273636
130 Haney, Chloe Jane  15 Aug 1964Indiana, United States I15125
131 Harshbarger, Anna  24 Feb 1909Indiana, United States I361696
132 Hashbarger, Elcana  1882Indiana, United States I361693
133 Henry, Richard Lee  10 Jun 1986Indiana, United States I114151
134 Hensley, Pauline  17 Sep 2022Indiana, United States I380284
135 Hickman, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1848Indiana, United States I380176
136 Hill, Hannah Jane  8 Sep 1867Indiana, United States I23707
137 Hodge, Fannie Elizabeth  10 Mar 1983Indiana, United States I349122
138 Howell, James H  20 Oct 1871Indiana, United States I74080
139 Hughes, Mary Louise  2 Oct 2017Indiana, United States I388770
140 Hunsucker, Catharine  20 Sep 1876Indiana, United States I362099
141 Ingram, Anne  1965Indiana, United States I238632
142 Ison, Cannie  17 Oct 1960Indiana, United States I102512
143 Ison, Gail  2010Indiana, United States I295290
144 Ison, James  4 Dec 1937Indiana, United States I31912
145 Ison, Robert  2011Indiana, United States I97539
146 Ison, Usley  29 Apr 1902Indiana, United States I27814
147 Jackson, Alma  28 Jul 2015Indiana, United States I403985
148 Jett, Stephen J  30 Mar 1917Indiana, United States I362121
149 Johnson, John Fitzgerald  5 Nov 1854Indiana, United States I382562
150 Johnson, Martha Elizabeth  12 Nov 1972Indiana, United States I280355
151 Johnson, Ora Albert  21 Apr 1971Indiana, United States I21857
152 Jones, Hillary M.  Indiana, United States I858
153 Jones, Levi Morris  5 Oct 1823Indiana, United States I855
154 Jones, Rachael  18 Feb 1944Indiana, United States I359286
155 Jones, Robert  28 Apr 1866Indiana, United States I359285
156 Jones, William  1826Indiana, United States I854
157 Kemp, James William  26 Sep 1927Indiana, United States I273635
158 Kidd, Carmel G.  3 Jun 2008Indiana, United States I85343
159 King, John  6 Feb 1869Indiana, United States I130059
160 Kiser, Hobert E.  2 Dec 2002Indiana, United States I275561
161 Lemaster, Mary Elwood  8 Mar 2005Indiana, United States I384415
162 Leming, Sarah E  1921Indiana, United States I331329
163 Lewis, Arlie M  15 Nov 1964Indiana, United States I272435
164 Lewis, James L  Indiana, United States I276447
165 Lewis, Sarah Jane  20 Dec 1884Indiana, United States I96127
166 Lovely, Irma Sue  15 Aug 2010Indiana, United States I328589
167 Lucas, Maggie  Apr 1979Indiana, United States I14741
168 Lucas, Susie  31 Oct 1994Indiana, United States I119421
169 Lusk, Gladys  22 Jan 2019Indiana, United States I394407
170 Madden, Gladys  28 Sep 1983Indiana, United States I269838
171 Madin, Ethel  15 Dec 1991Indiana, United States I396904
172 Majority, James  20 Dec 1970Indiana, United States I74093
173 Markham, Elmira A  1875Indiana, United States I363614
174 Mays, Brenton  26 Jan 1994Indiana, United States I72326
175 McDuffie, Wesley  15 Aug 1855Indiana, United States I79546
176 McFarland, Bruce Howard  23 Dec 2014Indiana, United States I293504
177 McGlammery, Sarah  1830Indiana, United States I250775
178 McIntire, Marguerite  5 Jan 1983Indiana, United States I72645
179 McIntosh, Vina  1 Jan 1997Indiana, United States I277300
180 McKnight, Nancy  1841Indiana, United States I28949
181 Mead, Ezecheal Lemar  8 Feb 1948Indiana, United States I242361
182 Mead, Millard  24 Sep 1858Indiana, United States I242362
183 Miller, Sarah  14 May 1911Indiana, United States I298456
184 Moore, John Monroe  2019Indiana, United States I300052
185 Moore, Mary Mcfarland  11 Feb 1855Indiana, United States I387283
186 Moore, Myrtle  30 Aug 1983Indiana, United States I114161
187 Morgan, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1978Indiana, United States I331340
188 Morgan, M  Aft 1825Indiana, United States I274891
189 Morris, Isabelle  Jun 1973Indiana, United States I351348
190 Mullins, Joab  Indiana, United States I71773
191 Mullins, Thomas Marion  2 Apr 1964Indiana, United States I14594
192 Neville, Jerome Bonapart  22 Apr 1898Indiana, United States I406983
193 Newsome, Benjamin Harrison  1977Indiana, United States I72646
194 Newton, Mary  1828Indiana, United States I73731
195 Niece, James F  18 Oct 1988Indiana, United States I316265
196 Nolan, Clara  11 Oct 1975Indiana, United States I258003
197 Osborne, Mary  14 Dec 1844Indiana, United States I6776
198 Osborne, Roxie Cline  Abt 1992Indiana, United States I241214
199 Osborne, William  Bef 1841Indiana, United States I119036
200 Parker, William S.  2 Mar 1855Indiana, United States I313003
201 Pasley, Elizabeth  Apr 1932Indiana, United States I361637
202 Patton, Polly  6 Jul 1977Indiana, United States I317110
203 Peacock, Willam  3 Jan 1907Indiana, United States I243109
204 Pedigo, George H  14 Feb 2022Indiana, United States I384162
205 Pennell, Susannah  Aft 1850Indiana, United States I75449
206 Perry, George Brinkley  1840Indiana, United States I292684
207 Pershing, Effie May  29 Oct 1973Indiana, United States I379737
208 Philbeck, Herman  23 Jan 1997Indiana, United States I124344
209 Phillips, William Richard  18 May 1973Indiana, United States I273618
210 Phipps, Maria  22 Jan 1869Indiana, United States I74842
211 Poe, Eva  25 Jan 1994Indiana, United States I79165
212 Poff, Samuel Wesley  7 Dec 1882Indiana, United States I242834
213 Pogue, Charles A.  23 Feb 1871Indiana, United States I347245
214 Quinn, Martha  Abt 1833Indiana, United States I300652
215 Ramey, Clara Marie  24 Nov 1981Indiana, United States I32572
216 Rasor, Edward  10 Jul 1992Indiana, United States I115415
217 Ratliff, Harvey W.  Indiana, United States I255237
218 Ratliff, Nana  Indiana, United States I255234
219 Redwine, Gordon Sevier  18 Feb 1943Indiana, United States I350679
220 Reynolds, Goldie  20 Oct 2016Indiana, United States I349361
221 Reynolds, Sara Isabel  Indiana, United States I336839
222 Riggle, Wayman  Bef 1880Indiana, United States I369048
223 Rose, Francis  22 Aug 1848Indiana, United States I94345
224 Salyer, Mildred Marie  Indiana, United States I281720
225 Saunders, Samuel Clarence  1931Indiana, United States I349871
226 Seiber, Philip L  Apr 1964Indiana, United States I322881
227 Sexton, Thelma  31 Jan 1995Indiana, United States I235279
228 Shelley, Mary Polly  1867Indiana, United States I361687
229 Singleton, Louise  7 Apr 1972Indiana, United States I283615
230 Skeens, Rosa Alaine  22 Mar 2016Indiana, United States I344913
231 Smith, Andrew  1916Indiana, United States I134312
232 Snyder, William R  1910Indiana, United States I260027
233 Sparkman, Sarah  14 Feb 1970Indiana, United States I32635
234 Sparkman, Troy  1 Mar 1975Indiana, United States I99929
235 Spears, Emma Jean  29 Jul 2011Indiana, United States I282626
236 Spears, Lucian C.  18 Jul 1978Indiana, United States I388835
237 Spears, Lucian C. Jr.  1993Indiana, United States I388840
238 Spencer, Ronnie L  5 Mar 2013Indiana, United States I265242
239 Stafford, Thomas  Indiana, United States I318635
240 Stamper, Ella  2015Indiana, United States I302804
241 Stamper, Hettie  7 Jan 1986Indiana, United States I263232
242 Stamper, Louanna  19 Mar 1948Indiana, United States I304293
243 Standifer, Edra  17 Feb 2001Indiana, United States I72317
244 Steely, William Gilbert  7 Dec 1934Indiana, United States I122133
245 Stewart, Jemima  10 Aug 1874Indiana, United States I346073
246 Stidham, Alvin Eugene  3 Jul 1981Indiana, United States I85753
247 Stidham, Goldie Lee  20 May 1999Indiana, United States I336719
248 Stidham, William Morris  19 Jan 1962Indiana, United States I388843
249 Sturgill, Norma S.  14 Nov 1982Indiana, United States I258001
250 Sumner, John  Aft 1830Indiana, United States I7131
251 Sumner, John White  2 Oct 1961Indiana, United States I72296
252 Tackett, Ruth  1973Indiana, United States I19479
253 Tackett, Sheridan  23 Oct 1978Indiana, United States I18108
254 Taylor, Ignatius  6 Oct 1868Indiana, United States I127876
255 Tidwell, Floyd  Indiana, United States I75495
256 Todd, Catherine  1860Indiana, United States I94915
257 Trent, Norma Jean  11 Sep 2015Indiana, United States I258405
258 Tuttle, Rachel  5 Aug 1975Indiana, United States I99930
259 Vance, Janice Percy  1 Nov 2011Indiana, United States I389353
260 Vance, Thurman  16 Aug 2003Indiana, United States I19573
261 Walker, Charles Kenneth  10 Feb 2015Indiana, United States I348630
262 Watts, George W.  11 Nov 1971Indiana, United States I24259
263 Weaver, William W.  Oct 1890Indiana, United States I406163
264 Webb, Elsie Valora  23 May 1999Indiana, United States I83761
265 Wedding, Thomas Alva  Jan 1969Indiana, United States I17787
266 Wells, Elizabeth  Aft 1850Indiana, United States I21528
267 Whitaker, Ardelia  Indiana, United States I253560
268 Whitaker, Elijah Combs  15 Nov 1979Indiana, United States I84424
269 Whitaker, Hardin  Indiana, United States I253561
270 White, Milton Hansford  16 Jul 1915Indiana, United States I77493
271 Williams, Ada Maxine  Dec 1998Indiana, United States I402554
272 Williams, Dianah  4 Nov 1973Indiana, United States I119852
273 Williams, Floyd Lee  1 Oct 1953Indiana, United States I73894
274 Williams, Oliver  6 Sep 1971Indiana, United States I77186
275 Wilson, Ernest  30 Aug 1984Indiana, United States I298637
276 Wilson, John A.  28 Jun 1867Indiana, United States I403992
277 Woodson, Tevis Roy  20 Jan 1986Indiana, United States I380497
278 Wright, James Benjamin  11 May 1873Indiana, United States I31200
279 Wright, Nancy  4 Nov 1890Indiana, United States I249061
280 Wright, William M.  Abt 1925Indiana, United States I391181
281 York, Nancy B  1845Indiana, United States I390281


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Caudill, Eva Violet  Indiana, United States I128599
2 Coldiron, William Leonard  Indiana, United States I115546
3 Fouts, Katie  1966Indiana, United States I279569
4 Kincer, Michael  29 Nov 1962Indiana, United States I394215
5 Lane, Easie Ann  Indiana, United States I299435
6 McGlammery, Sarah  Indiana, United States I250775


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addington, Jessee Howard  5 Apr 1907Indiana, United States I134578
2 Smith, Andrew  11 Sep 1866Indiana, United States I134312


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Burton, Fletcher  1870Indiana, United States I83775
2 Cowan, Jane  1870Indiana, United States I330722
3 Dickenson, Margaret  1870Indiana, United States I333170
4 Dickenson, Mary  1870Indiana, United States I333172
5 Green, Daniel  1870Indiana, United States I387767
6 Green, Elias  1870Indiana, United States I387765
7 Green, John  1870Indiana, United States I328442
8 Harshbarger, John  1870Indiana, United States I361691
9 Hashbarger, Elcana  1870Indiana, United States I361693
10 Kennedy, Julie Ann  1870Indiana, United States I378110
11 Maynard, Moses  1870Indiana, United States I94887
12 Mead, Allaphair  1870Indiana, United States I242356
13 Ring, Nancy  1870Indiana, United States I332091
14 Weddle, Corporal Arnold Leslie  1870Indiana, United States I322281
15 Weddle, McElvin  1870Indiana, United States I322280
16 Whitaker, William H.  1870Indiana, United States I361325


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Breeding, Margaret Allie  Indiana, United States I133804
2 Breeding, Richard A.  19 Dec 2009Indiana, United States I122900
3 Smith, Andrew  1916Indiana, United States I134312


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Collins, Orell T.  Indiana, United States I93155


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Cowan, John William  7 Nov 1811Indiana, United States I238388
2 Phipps, Isaiah  From 1861 to 1864Indiana, United States I74841


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Combs, Henry Harrison  1837–1838Indiana, United States I1223
2 Sparkman, Howard  Abt 1940Indiana, United States I34404


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dennis, Elizabeth Jones  1870Indiana, United States I96687
2 Hutton, Nancy  1870Indiana, United States I361324
3 Page, Lucy Jane  1870Indiana, United States I362409
4 Roberts, Rev. Archibald  Oct 1829Indiana, United States I30851
5 Stallard, Samuel  1870Indiana, United States I249998
6 Whitaker, Wilson  1870Indiana, United States I361323
7 Wilson, Theresa Isadore  1870Indiana, United States I322288


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Fogleman  12 Jun 1873Indiana, United States F130670
2 Ayers / Blevins  4 Aug 1951Indiana, United States F104879
3 Berry / Collier  9 Aug 1919Indiana, United States F51306
4 Bowen / Wright  1816Indiana, United States F144299
5 Coates / Hall  23 Jun 1928Indiana, United States F44119
6 Combs / Baird  27 Jul 1951Indiana, United States F158649
7 Combs / Brandhorst  18 Jun 1913Indiana, United States F145604
8 Combs / Cormican  Indiana, United States F145040
9 Combs / Oaks  23 Nov 1945Indiana, United States F140140
10 Combs / Ries  12 May 1936Indiana, United States F144895
11 Coomer / Hounshell  7 Jul 1931Indiana, United States F102638
12 Elliott / Branson  22 Jan 1942Indiana, United States F115089
13 Fields / Burke  28 Jan 1927Indiana, United States F118585
14 Fugate / McKay  1810Indiana, United States F103284
15 Holbrook / Ferguson  28 Jun 1950Indiana, United States F48169
16 Hudson / Green  14 Jan 1875Indiana, United States F159375
17 Justice / Ramey  20 Jun 1953Indiana, United States F167241
18 Kellams / Galloway  28 Nov 1877Indiana, United States F163333
19 King / Fritts  1905Indiana, United States F167163
20 Kutch / Wright  1831Indiana, United States F159618
21 Landers / Gibson  Abt 1822Indiana, United States F94278
22 Lawson / Kirby  16 May 1952Indiana, United States F158984
23 Majors / Adams  15 Apr 1950Indiana, United States F118781
24 May / Smith  1879Indiana, United States F153202
25 McCulley / Taulbee  28 Feb 1950Indiana, United States F169356
26 Moran / Caudill  Aft 1952Indiana, United States F140907
27 Pedro / Combs  6 Nov 1948Indiana, United States F140093
28 Pennington / Griffie  12 May 1956Indiana, United States F107194
29 Pigg / Damron  25 Jul 1933Indiana, United States F124672
30 Pratt / Thom  17 Jan 1953Indiana, United States F150497
31 Pulliam / Back  Abt 1828Indiana, United States F156494
32 Sergent / Hollan  1 Apr 1935Indiana, United States F48677
33 Smith / Stelzer  10 Feb 1954Indiana, United States F158977
34 Vanover / Chapman  1837Indiana, United States F94889
35 Vanover / McDaniel  15 Sep 1827Indiana, United States F159594
36 Wampler / Smith  4 Oct 1980Indiana, United States F101835
37 Williams / Brenner  26 Apr 1919Indiana, United States F36133
38 Williams / Gray  10 Jun 1913Indiana, United States F146981
39 Wright / Chandler  20 Oct 1934Indiana, United States F119298
40 Wright / Kutch  3 Feb 1826Indiana, United States F144133