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Boggs, Abel

Male 1812 - Abt 1872  (59 years)

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Cox, Myrtle W.
Female 1881-1950
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Caudill, Walter
Male 1881-1883
Caudill, Alvin
Male 1883-1965
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Caudill, Irving
Male 1885-1913
Scaggs, Martin
Male -Yes, date unknown
Scaggs, Harlin
Male 1888-1951
Caudill, Lindsay
Male 1897-1988
Caudill, Mary A.
Female 1901-1999
Caudill, John M.
Male 1884-1960
Williams, Josie
Female 1890-1916
Royse, Hattie
Female 1899-1978
Caudill, Silas E
Male 1876-1950
Black, Christina
Female 1856-1924
Caudill, Abel E.
Male 1857-1937
Caudill, Bertha
Female 1896-1968
Holmes, David
Male 1875-1954
Caudill, Nell
Female 1898-1995
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Caudill, Allie
Male 1902-1975
Leming, Marie D
Female 1894-1977
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Caudill, Beray A
Male 1908-1970
Caudill, Geneva
Female 1913-1984
Mabry, Rosetta
Female 1886-1948
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Brown, Maggie
Female 1899-1977
Cox, Abigail B.
Female 1861-1917
Pratt, Elhanon
Male 1877-1953
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Smith, James B.
Male 1878-1966
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Sturgill, Rosa
Female 1887-1948
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Combs, Mary
Female 1895-1974
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Huff, Susan
Female 1857-1932
Huff, James Silas
Male Abt 1864-1932
Gibson, Orena
Female Abt 1851-Yes, date unknown
Huff, Alexander
Male 1890-1956
Blair, Arminta
Female 1899-1966
Huff, Troy
Male 1891-
Huff, Mollie
Female 1893-1975
Huff, Ida
Female 1895-
Huff, Mary
Female 1898-Abt 1993
McKinney, Tildon
Male Abt 1898-
Huff, Allie
Female 1900-1992
Sturdivant, Fred
Male 1903-Yes, date unknown
Moore, R. B.
Male Abt 1900-
Huff, Virgie
Female 1902-Abt 1986
Huff, Ranie
Female 1902-1983
Huff, Lina
Female 1906-1992
Madden, Susan
Female 1864-1914
Boggs, Elizabeth Annie
Female Abt 1839-Yes, date unknown
Huff, Charles
Male 1836-1903
Huff, Phoebe Jane
Female 1859-Yes, date unknown
Huff, Nathaniel
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
Huff, Margaret
Female 1895-1961
Huff, Dora Belle
Female 1886-1949
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Huff, Lafayette
Male 1884-1929
Huff, William
Male 1881-1957
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Stidham, Oliver
Male 1895-1967
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Amburgey, Lillie M.
Female 1909-Yes, date unknown
Amburgey, Abel
Male 1867-1930
Short, Mollie
Female 1877-1947
Greer, Telia
Female 1879-1961
Amburgey, Jesse
Male 1877-1879
Craft, Joseph C.
Male 1903-1969
Sparkman, John
Male 1862-1921
Covey, James E.
Male 1879-1953
Carter, Maggie Frances
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Carlos F.
Male 1910-1991
Martin, Ethel
Female 1916-1985
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Boggs, John S.
Male 1881-1957
Tignor, Hattie
Female 1885-1975
Combs, Douglas R
Male 1893-1965
Stacy, Pearlie
Female 1899-1989
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Combs, Mary
Female 1895-1974
Combs, Roscoe
Male Abt 1910-Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Susannah
Female 1867-1924
Combs, Jackson
Male 1871-1950
Boggs, Ira
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Elder Silas E.
Male 1845-Abt 1921
Cornett, Mary
Female 1844-1922
Eversole, Sarah
Female 1876-1949
Begley, Bessie
Female 1895-1923
Stewart, Sarah
Female 1854-1954
Boggs, Rebecca
Female 1885-1906
Boggs, Robert
Male 1875-Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Etta May
Female 1898-1988
Huff, Edmond Jeremiah
Male -Yes, date unknown
Devary, Ocie Bea
Female -Yes, date unknown
Melton, Gladys
Female 1915-2017
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Boggs, Flossie
Female 1907-1981
Wood, Shirley
Male -Yes, date unknown
Boyle, Kenneth
Male -Yes, date unknown
Harlan, Robert
Male -Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Jesse J.
Male 1910-1988
Combs, Alice
Female 1915-1994
Combs, Hester
Female 1913-2005
Combs, Nora Mae
Female 1879-1957
Boggs, Jesse A.
Male 1879-1957
Boggs, Mary C.
Female 1892-Yes, date unknown
Boggs, Henry Clarence
Male 1855-Bef 1900
Combs, Mary Ann
Female 1852-1930
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Boggs, Abel
Male 1812-Abt 1872
Maggard, Rebecca
Female 1821-Abt 1904