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Pratt, Elizabeth

Female Abt 1790 - 1827  (~ 37 years)

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Pratt, Henry
Male 1849-1934
Logan, Mary Ann
Female 1854-1926
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Pratt, Elizabeth
Female 1852-1924
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Pratt, Sally
Female 1850-1914
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Pratt, Martha
Female Abt 1858-Abt 1890
Hall, John Henry
Male 1851-1930
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Pratt, John B.
Male 1857-1936
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Pratt, Joel M.
Male 1859-Abt 1905
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Pratt, Stephen
Male 1862-1942
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Pratt, Hiram Jr.
Male 1866-1934
Cornett, Sally
Female 1869-1948
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Pratt, Hiram G.
Male 1828-1919
Campbell, Rhoda
Female 1824-1895
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Pratt, Juda
Female 1854-1938
Brashear, Robert H.
Male 1850-Yes, date unknown
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Pratt, Hiram
Male 1856-1856
Pratt, Lucinda
Female 1859-1943
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Pratt, Celia
Female 1862-1934
Farler, Elihue
Male 1862-1934
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Pratt, John C.
Male 1864-1945
Farler, Martha
Female 1870-1956
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Pratt, Eli B.
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
Fields, Martha
Female 1868-1956
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Pratt, Anna
Female 1868-1956
Fields, Green B.
Male 1880-1936
Farler, Grant
Male Abt 1868-Yes, date unknown
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Pratt, James D.
Male 1871-1945
Francis, Dulcenia
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
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Pratt, Sally
Female Abt 1873-1951
Pratt, Rhoda
Female Abt 1876-1913
Pratt, John M.
Male 1829-1924
Maggard, Henry
Male 1853-1947
Hays, Aletha
Female 1849-1921
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Tolson, William
Male 1851-1907
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Howard, William
Male 1858-1926
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Maggard, William
Male Abt 1861-1902
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Maggard, Moses
Male Abt 1863-Yes, date unknown
Maggard, Mary
Female 1855-1905
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Maggard, Samuel
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Louanna
Female 1831-1906
Pratt, Henry
Male 1809-1886
Gibson, Sarah
Female 1808-1833
Pratt, Ida
Female 1888-1951
Pratt, Steven S.
Male 1838-1897
Price, Jenny
Female Abt 1858-
Pratt, Nancy Ann
Female 1862-Yes, date unknown
Sparkman, Wesley
Male 1866-1937
Pratt, Henry
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Maggard, Lucinda
Female 1870-1960
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Pratt, Thomas W.
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
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Pratt, Celia
Female 1871-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Harriet
Female 1873-1875
Pratt, John C.
Male 1875-1943
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Pratt, Elhanon
Male 1877-1953
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Pratt, Cordelia
Female 1879-1959
Blair, William
Male 1883-1950
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Pratt, Jasper
Male 1881-1972
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Watts, Melvina
Female 1845-1881
Francis, Matilda
Female 1848-1892
Pratt, Susan
Female 1837-Yes, date unknown
Artrip, John W.
Male Abt 1868-1891
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Pratt, Rhoda
Female 1874-1875
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Pratt, Alexander
Male 1875-1963
Pratt, Daniel
Male 1877-1972
Pratt, Cullen
Male 1878-1969
Dyer, Callie
Female 1888-1988
Pratt, Theophilus Garriot
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Margaret
Female 1882-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Emma
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Cora
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Lula
Female 1889-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Arminta
Female 1890-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Luranie
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
Thacker, Mary
Female 1854-1946
Pratt, Elbert S.
Male 1884-1961
Hicks, Mary Beth
Female 1906-1975
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Allen, Florence
Female 1854-1914
Pratt, Miles
Male 1872-1957
Pratt, Rhoda
Female Abt 1876-1913
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Pratt, Elizabeth
Female 1844-Yes, date unknown
Pratt, Marinda
Female 1853-1908
Watts, Arminta
Female 1873-1911
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Watts, John H.
Male Abt 1874-Yes, date unknown
Watts, Sarah
Female 1877-1957
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Watts, Silas
Male 1879-1947
Pratt, Nancy
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
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King, Hasadore
Male 1880-1918
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Amburgey, Robert
Male 1888-1961
Bentley, Mary
Female 1895-1965
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Pratt, Minerva
Female 1853-1907
Hampton, Celia
Female 1811-1885
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Pratt, Elizabeth
Female Abt 1790-1827
Witt, Henry
Male 1788-1809
Huff, Fairlena
Female 1878-1916
Slone, John Boyd
Male 1875-1902
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Gibson, Ezekiel
Male 1875-1949
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Huff, Henry P.
Male Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
Hall, John
Male 1861-Abt 1890
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Vance, Mary
Female Abt 1867-Yes, date unknown
Pigman, John Cornett
Male Abt 1845-1893
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Hall, Harlan
Male 1861-1936
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Vance, William
Male 1863-Yes, date unknown
Pigman, Rosanna
Female Abt 1859-1936
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Hamilton, Martha
Female 1878-1968
Huff, Mary Ada
Female Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
Huff, Elizabeth
Female 1854-Yes, date unknown
Turner, Samuel P.
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Huff, William
Male 1820-Aft 1854
Slone, Nancy
Female 1823-1854
Huff, Thomas B.
Male 1819-1903
Hale, Ezelphia
Female 1822-1913
Huff, Susannah
Female 1820-1861
Huff, John Jr.
Male 1811-1895
Huff, Mary
Female 1836-1866
Huff, John
Male Abt 1770-Abt 1861